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So This Is Why Chloe Bailey Is Wearing a Spoon Necklace at the 2021 VMAs

Chloe X Halle—sisters Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey—took on the red carpet at the 2021 MTV VMAs with clear eyes, full hearts, and a teaspoon. 

The always-chic R&B sister duo stopped to chat outside the awards show, where Chloe Bailey will be performing “Have Mercy,” her debut single as a solo artist. They were, as always, charming and gracious. 

And possibly, hungry. Around Chloe’s neck is what looks like—forgive me—a plastic passport pouch, the kind an anxious tourist might wear while driving a minivan into Canada. Encased in the pouch, what else? A tarnished silver teaspoon. The mind reels. The Twitterverse asks why. The stomach—every so subtly—grumbles. 

Some fan theories: 

Why did Chloe Bailey wearing a silver spoon as a necklace to the 2021 VMAs? Is it part of her new Etsy jewelry collection? We checked; it’s not. At press time, a Google for “Chloe Bailey spoon” turned up little in the way of history. It also doesn’t echo any of the looks in the (cutlery-free) music video for “Have Mercy.” 

Is Chloe Bailey making a statement about those who are born with a “silver spoon” in their mouths—an expression that refers to those who were born into wealth? Is she making an environmentalist nod to reusable flatware over landfill-bound plastic cutlery? Does it represent—as many on social media suggested—that she is a diva who plans to eat tonight? 


The explanation is more simple—she’s wearing a look from the Italian fashion house Marni. The spoon isn’t an additional accessory, it’s part of the outfit, which debuted in February 2021 as part of the brand’s fall-winter collection. L’Officiel reported at the time that Marni creative director Francesco Risso “presented the Fall/Winter 2021 collection via a series of videos where models shared in joyful meals together, a reminder of pre-pandemic life.” 

Thus, our answer: The spoon that hangs around Chloe’s neck is be a pandemic-era reminder of the simple pleasure of breaking bread with friends. Also, perhaps, the enduring joy of soup. 

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on Twitter. 

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