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Ranking Miley Cyrus’s 10 Best (and Worst) Songs

I love Cyrus’s voice, but something about her delivery on “Someone Else” is off. When she wails on a song like “Midnight Sky,” it sounds powerful and self-assured. On “Someone Else,” it sounds more like a whine. 

6. “Forgiveness and Love”

“Forgiveness and Love” suffers from the same issues as “Someone Else.” Cyrus’s “moving” wails don’t quite land, and the production feels like a ballad caricature. It’s a low point on Can’t Be Tamed, my personal favorite Cyrus album. 

5. “Permanent December”

Full disclosure: I love—love—”Permanent December.” I’m a sucker for anything that uses excessive Auto-Tune. But I have enough critical distance to know this song may only satisfy my palette. Cyrus’s delivery, especially on the verses, sounds quite childish—which makes lyrics like “There’s sexy boys in every city” and “Don’t call me a lolita” all the more ick. Remember, she was 17. Who thought these lines were appropriate?!

4. “Love Money Party”

Bangerz has its moments, but “Love Money Party” is not one of them. The production is just too busy, which is saying something for this album. It’s the sonic equivalent of getting the drinking spins. 

3. “Milky Milky Milk” 

Remember Ross’s “sound” on Friends? That’s what I think of when I listen to “Milky Milky Milk.” 

2. “4×4” (featuring Nelly) 

“4×4” is “Hoedown Throwdown’s” drunk, belligerent cousin. Any fun this song could have supplied is buried by a relentless, honky-tonk beat. It’s kitschy, sure, but not enough to warrant “so bad, it’s good” status. 

1. “Dooo It!” 

“Dooo It” is the thesis statement for Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. If you don’t like it, this album probably isn’t for you. Cyrus’s warped vocals sound like they were recorded through a paper cup, and the production is wobbly and disorienting…and not in a fun way. Straight up, this song makes me nauseated. 

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