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Jennifer Aniston Says You Shouldn’t Expect a Memoir From Her Anytime Soon

Glamour: Alex gets a dog this season. For a minute there, I thought it was one of yours in real life.

Jennifer Aniston: No, but boy, that dog named Benny—I fell so madly in love with this animal. This dog was like a human and a stuffed animal dog. You can do anything with him. His most favorite thing was to lay in a bed and just be rubbed. He’d be waiting to come on set, and you’d find him in a different person’s lap. He was like a therapy dog for our crew, which we really needed it at that point. It was so lovely to have that angel dog there.

In an early scene, we see you in the snow chopping wood. I have to say, you were giving Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV a run for his money. Was that you or a stunt double?

It was me. That was during a time when I had a 9-mm bulging disc, too. So I basically had two takes in me to get that swing in. And then they had a wonderful stand-in to do some of the big, wider shots.

I’m so sorry you went through that.

Thank you, I know; it was crazy. And then a month and a half after that 9-mm bulging disc that I had to get an epidural for, I was rear-ended on the 405 freeway at rush hour at 55 miles an hour. It was one of those crazy ends to the year. But I’m all healed. Healed, and ready to go.

I’m glad you’re doing better now. And speaking of going through a lot, we learn that Alex is writing a memoir during her time away from The Morning Show. Is that something you would ever want to do—write about your life experiences? 

Nope. I say that now, but you know, cut to four or five years from now, and I might be like: I’m going to write a memoir! But I’m still living it. I have nothing to memoir about just yet.

I think you have amazing life stories already, but I understand that.

There’s a lot when you think about it, but I still feel like I just got here.

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