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It’s A Wonderful Life: 12 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Classic Christmas Movie

The Bank Kiss Was Impulsive And Not In The Script

Oftentimes, the best movie moments happen at the moment. A spontaneous decision happens, something that wasn’t written or planned, and it’s sealed on film and made an everlasting part of cinema history. That’s the magic of the movies, and there are millions of examples to be found. One such example is in It’s a Wonderful Life.

During the scene where the bank threatens to shut down Building & Loan on George and Mary’s wedding day, one character makes a modest loan of $17.50. An overjoyed George Bailey impulsively kisses her, and apparently, this decision wasn’t made prior to shooting. Or, at least, Ellen Corby, the actress playing this loan-seeking bank resident, didn’t know that was the plan. Therefore, the characters’ surprised reactions was the real deal. Nothing phony about it.

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