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Hulu’s Run Ending Explained And Why That Wild Twist Makes Sense

She is there to visit a bed-ridden Diane and tells her about her young child who is currently learning to walk and clues the audience in that she also knows her own biological parents. It sounds like she got to go to the University of Washington after all, works with kids and overall has a happy life. But, somehow she’s still here visiting her lifetime abuser and calling her mom. She has a round of pills hidden in her mouth. She tells Diane she loves her and to “open wide” just before the credits roll. Uh… what? Chloe, sweetie, just move on with your life!

It’s a twisted ending. The story ends in revenge long after the events of the film. Chloe has not moved on, emotionally anyway. She visits her once a month to torture her with her life outside their isolated world she created and gives her the same muscle relaxers that still plagues her life today.

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