Get ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’ Star Lara Jean’s Style Without Looking Like A Teenager

Lara Jean approaches Valentine’s Day fashion with the zeal of—it must be said—a boyfriend girl. She is a sexy human Hallmark card, and to that, we say—good for her! “When Jenny and I were swapping mood boards, one of the ones that were on her mood board was this 40’s style, empire waist Chain of Hearts dress made by HVN for Opening Ceremony, which was not current season. We couldn’t find it anywhere and I spent so many nights online searching designer resale until I finally found it on a website out of France, Vestiaire Collective. Her shoes are a red patent leather Oxford lace-up from Gravity Pope.”

Red Heart Print Wrap Midi Dress



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Arche Angaya ankle boots

Gravity Pope


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The Pinterest-y Baking Fit

Photography by Bettina Strauss/Netflix 

Lara Jean’s baking outfits are an exquisite combination of Etsy, Anthropologie, and Little House On The Prairie chic. Sadly, the apron is available only to the craftiest among us. Carson handmade it from a retro 1950s pattern, then hand-dyed it blue. The pink blouse is from Free People and the hair bow is from Simon’s.

Shirred Perfection Top

Free People


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Extra large blue-purple scrunchie



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Maison Gold Oval Locket Necklace

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Ruffled Crop Top

Forever 21


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The Hollywood Starlet Moment

Photography by Bettina Strauss/Netflix 

In the final scene of the movie, our heroine puts on an evening gown, curls her hair, and lays in the snow. Carson confirms that, as a costume designer, this was very hard to accept. “The dress is a J. Mendel, a red carpet gown. It just created such a beautiful silhouette and became a fantasy, magic, romantic gown on her, it was so lovely,” she says. “We also needed to cut it shorter for Lana, because it had been on, I think, a six-foot model initially. So I took the bottom tier of ruffle and draped it across her shoulders and attached it to the front, making it reminiscent of a 1950s neckline to give it a touch of vintage and to make it Lara Jean. There were only one of these dresses existing—there were no more available—and we needed her to dance and make snow angels in it. It was like gold. We like to put it in lockdown at night.” Carson paired the gown with a pair of nude suede heels from Aldo.

Off the Shoulder Evening Dress



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Whether you’re studying for your pre-calc exam or considering opening a sensible mutual fund, go forth to the paradise of feminine details and vintage-accented boots! Well-tailored driving coats, spangly hair clips, ruffle-covered gowns, and patent leather Mary Janes are in your future.

Jenny Singer is a staff writer for Glamour. You can follow her on Twitter.

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