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F9 Director’s Cut Introduces Jordana Brewster’s Mia Much Earlier In The Film

The second time we see Mia in the Director’s Cut is the first time we see her in the theatrical cut. So when watching the Director’s Cut, Mia thanking Letty for keeping her up to date is much more emotional. But it’s also worth noting what the additional scene says about Dom. In the first scene, he was not sure that Jakob was involved, he only suspected. He may have rationalized not telling Mia until he was sure. But the second scene takes place after he was sure, and it’s clear he only told his crew about Jakob because they physically saw him. It seems he had no intention of sharing this with anyone but Letty. And that begs the question of why. We know his history with his brother isn’t good, and it’s a lot to process emotionally alone.

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