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Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Tenet Shot Is A ‘Throwaway’ Shot Made Possible By New IMAX Cameras

One of my favorite shots in the film, which is a bit of a throwaway, is the shot looking down from the bow of the boat where you see the waves running backward… That was one where we were on this ice breaker, and we sort of thought, ‘Let’s try and get the camera out there somehow, and stick it to the side of the hull.’ And Hoyte and Ryan, our key grip, they found a little port hole in the bow of the ship, and they built a track so we could just roll [the camera] out and use a stick to sort of tip the camera down. It was [laughs], it was a very complicated shot to get, but it’s things like that that I don’t think we would have dared to do with those cameras when we were starting out with them on The Dark Knight. Just, over time and experience, you wind up using it like you would any other format, and that really frees you up.

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