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Celebrity Moms On the “Me Time” Rituals That Help Them Unwind

“I run on the treadmill while playing a game on my phone to help me unwind. I follow that by spending a little time in a steam room. And beading is also therapeutic for me.” 

Christina Milian stars in the reality series Really, Truly, Maybe with Christina Milian, a KIN Original Series

Cara Buono

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

“I’m a morning person so I make that my me time. I go for a run or bike ride before the sun comes up. I avoid checking emails or social media to keep my mind clear. I love the stillness and the connection with the promise of the day. When I get home, I’ll make an oat rose latte. I make Illy espresso in a stovetop espresso maker, warm up oat milk, add raw honey and a teaspoon of rose water and stir. I’ll then turn on the Netflix ‘fireplace’ and read a book or just enjoy more tranquil time and delicious coffee.” 

Cara Buono stars in Stranger Things on Netflix, which is currently filming its fourth season

Gina Torres

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“I can’t remember a time when the country as a whole was being asked to manage not just an economic storm, but an emotional and spiritual one as well. My self care always starts from the perspective of nurturing my youngest self. What brought me joy then often gives me joy now. Making my favorite meal—Picadillo—like my mom used to and sharing it with people I love. Or losing myself in a great musical movie such as On The Town or Neptune’s Daughter. And having a dance-off with my daughter after dinner. Every day you wake up with breath in your lungs is a day to celebrate and find your joy.” 

Gina Torres can next be seen in the FOX series 911: Lone Star

Genevieve Padalecki

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“It’s challenging to find time to unwind, but what’s helped me keep my sanity is getting lost in a book. I have really enjoyed reading Lisa Donovan’s memoir, Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger, David Chang’s Eat a Peach, and Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson. If the kids are around, puzzles are a great activity we can do together. (Like the Jiggy x I Am A Voter puzzles.) But sometimes if I am feeling angsty, I will literally lock myself in my closet, turn on some Lord Huron, have a glass of wine, and journal without giving a f*ck. It’s the release of the day onto a piece of paper that is really helpful. I also have a tendency to remove myself from situations when I can’t think, so I’ll go hiking and get back to my senses. Being out in nature helps center me.” 

Genevieve Padalecki can next be seen in Walker on The CW; she is the founder of the lifestyle site Now & Gen

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