The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now – September 2020

However, in many ways, is it not a blessing to have plenty of films to choose from that you could watch at a moment’s notice? Of course it is! But, that being said, we still have empathy for those cinema obsessive who often struggle with indecision.

That is where we can come in. To make sure your next massive movie binge on Amazon Prime is just what the doctor ordered, the following is a whopping selection of 24 movies that we believe are guaranteed to have you cheering from the privacy of your own home.

Explosive No Time To Die Trailer Is Wall-To-Wall James Bond Action

James Bond is back… and for Daniel Craig, it’s going to be the last time. No Time to Die will be the fifth and final go around for the physical and dominant actor in the role. And it’s very befitting that the full trailer for his last adventure is wall-to-wall action and knuckle-crunching carnage. Here’s the final trailer for No Time to Die.

Mulan’s Disney+ Release Just Took An Interesting Turn

If you’re not a Disney+ subscriber and would like to check out Mulan, word is you will be able to save $7 and gain access to the movie for $30 now through Apple, Google and Roku. In these instances, it has not been made clear how long the movie will be available to you. What do you think? Has this information swayed your plans for this weekend? Vote in the poll below and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more movie news.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2 Is Getting Down To Work As Crew Member Teases The Sequel

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 marks Octavio E. Rodriguez’s second time working on a Spider-Man project, as he previously was a storyboard artist for an episode of the animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man. But that’s just the tip of Rodriguez’s extensive animation background, with his other notable credits including Johnny Bravo, CatDog, America Dragon: Jake Long, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Monsters University, Coco and Incredibles 2. So he’s definitely a welcome addition to the Into the Spider-Verse 2 festivities.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Some of the silver linings out of this, and I’m always trying to look for silver linings when challenges come my way, is generally, babies and little children can often have little to no symptoms at all. So for our babies, Jazzy and Tia, they had a little sore throat the first couple of days, but other than that, they bounced back, and it’s been life as normal. Happy babies running around and playing, but we have isolated ourselves as a family, it’s what we had to do. It was a little bit different for Lauren and I. We had a rough go, but we got through it, and again, we got through it as a family. We are stronger, we are better and we did it together.

One Twilight Star Is Ready To Reprise His Role ‘In A Heartbeat’ So Bring On Midnight Sun Rumors

I’ll count that as a hard ‘maybe.’ As Peter Facinelli told People, he’d be up to putting on those fangs again for another project set in Stephenie Meyer’s world; the only problem is he’s afraid he would show his age, and vampires don’t particularly do that. It’s crazy that it’s been almost 10 years since a Twilight movie came out. So his point is valid, but my guess is most fans wouldn’t particularly care if an extra wrinkle or two showed up. Also, remember Vampire Baseball? There’s not enough of that in the world, honestly…

Why Noah Segan Believes A Good Death Scene Is Super Important To Horror Movies

Whether it’s a horror movie or a Western adventure, there are expectations that both genres carry with them every time they hit the screen. Noah Segan knows those preconceptions, as a fan and a professional, and he plays them to the hilt in his role of Truman in The Pale Door. Which is a good thing, because not only does it have you rooting for his character up until his supposed death, it’s also enough to convince a viewer that he might not have died in his tussle with a witch. After all, if it’s a true horror movie, there’s one rule that definitely plays in this scenario: characters are never truly dead, unless you see a body; and even then, there’s always room for interpretation.

The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now – September 2020

Back To The Future Trilogy (1985 – 1990)

Starting with Back to the Future in 1985, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), and their trusty DeLorean time machine travel through space and time on adventures that take them to the 1950s, forward to the 21st Century, and way way back to the 1880s, all while trying to get back to the 1980s in Robert Zemeckis’ classic trilogy.

Stream _Back to the Future _here, _Part II _here, and _Part III _here.

Mulan Star Reveals Her Male Look In The Movie Was Really Convincing

Mulan’s core story has always been compelling. Following a daughter who disguises herself as a male soldier to save her father, it creates quite a bit of tension in the story, as one of the biggest challenges for Mulan is to convince the men around her that she’s just like them. But this didn’t seem to be much of a problem for the production’s makeup and costume department, as Mulan star Yifei Liu revealed recently that her male look was very convincing.

Jumanji’s Awkwafina And Karen Gillan’s Upcoming Action Movie Has Taken A Big Step Forward

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios has acquired Shelly, which started to be shopped around back in late June. It’s unclear whether Shelly will get some kind of theatrical release or if it’ll solely be distributed on the Prime Video streaming, but either way, this is a big step forward for the project. Amazons Studios’ recent distributed features include 7500, My Spy and Chemical Hearts.