How Tenet’s Time Inversion Works

Side B: Reverse Flowing Time

On Side B, it’s Side A that looks like it’s happening in reverse, but in actuality it’s you that’s inverted. Which brings up the reason those oxygen masks are needed, as once you’ve inverted, your entire body exists as an inverted machine. As such, the inverted membrane of your lungs cannot handle standard air, and you’ll need to reverted to breath normally. 

Tenet sums this up rather neatly in a piece of dialogue: “You’re inverted, the world isn’t.” So when The Protagonist saves Kat in inverted time, this creates the necessity to bring her to the Oslo Freeport to revert her back to normal. Not only does she not need the telling oxygen mask that would out her as another inverted version of herself, but she’d be able to speak normally. As such, the now reverted Kat 2.0 is now able to go to Vietnam, sans oxygen mask, and try to stop Sator from killing himself; while her original self goes on a trip with her son.

DeSaad: What To Know About Justice League’s Snyder Cut Villain

DeSaad Has Posed As Darkseid For Selfish Purposes

Heinously deceiving and causing pain to others is not the only reason that DeSaad uses his “shapeshifting” abilities, having also used them to further his own success. You see, while we may have referred to DeSaad as a “loyal” follower of Darkseid, that is not always the case, such as one occasion in which he took the form of his leader during his absence in order to assume control of Apokolips, a goal he has sought to achieve since he acquired citizenship on the planet. Of course, his tyranny was cut short by Darkseid’s return, which is really just the tip of the iceberg in their awkward relationship.

Netflix Becoming The King Of Forgotten Flicks As Nic Cage And Robert Downey Jr. Movies Hit Top 10

Both movies have high-profile casts and came out several years ago, with Due Date hitting theaters in 2010 and The Frozen Ground coming out three years later in 2013. Both also have in common that they were not super well-received when they first came out. Neither are bad movies, per se, and both have middling reviews on aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB. One major difference between the two movies is that Due Date was a wider release, The Frozen Ground never really got the chance to shine as it was sent to VOD in most places.

Netflix’s Locke And Key Ending Explained: What It Means For Season 2

Ellie Whedon Was Thrown Into The Black Door, Not Dodge

For a split second, it feels like the Lockes had successfully defeated Dodge, taken her body down to the Drowning Caves, and thrown it back into the Black Door. However, upon later inspection, it’s revealed that Dodge used the Identity Key to change Ellie Whedon’s appearance into the female version of Dodge. So, in effect, the Lockes threw Ellie Whedon’s body into the Black Door, not Dodge.

What it could mean for Season 2: Possibly, Nina Locke and Detective Matuku could continue to look for Ellie Whedon, but it will likely become very clear to the Locke kids that Dodge is still at-large and tricked them into throwing Ellie Whedon into the Black Door. With that information, they’ll likely have to find a way to get Ellie Whedon back while throwing Dodge back into the Black Door for real this time.

Could Wonder Woman 1984 Be Delayed Again? Here’s The Latest

Patty Jenkins’ sequel is definitely a film made for the big screen, but where theaters will be one month from now is pretty much impossible to predict for the time being. Theater chains are just getting going and starting to slowly open locations in select places across the U.S., depending on local guidelines. International markets such as China are starting to resume life as normal, with theaters now able to operate at 50% capacity.

Ray Fisher’s Justice League Tweet Confirms His Issues With DC’s Geoff Johns Still Stand

Geoff Johns has been part of DC Comics for over 20 years and has written titles centered on many of DC’s most famous characters, including Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and the Teen Titans. In addition to his Justice League contributions, Johns has also been a producer on all the DCEU movies from the last four years, as well as TV shows like Titans and Stargirl. In 2018, Johns stepped down as both President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment to focus more on DC creative endeavors, including writing the Green Lantern Corps script.

John David Washington Had ‘One Of The Greatest Days Of My Career’ Working On Tenet

At this point, Michael Caine is just as iconic in a Nolan movie as the filmmaker’s manipulations of time. The actor has been in every single one of his films since 2005’s Batman Begins, plus he’s simply one of the greats. In recent years though, Caine isn’t typically in a Nolan movie for an extended period of time, so Washington had the honor of having the scene to share with him. As he told it:

Henry Cavill’s Bond Chances Improving, And Honestly He Looks Good In A Suit

So, it’s easy to see why Cavill would be the likable choice. Plus, it’s always fun to do a little speculating, whether or not Henry Cavill could even be in the cards. The actor did, after all, already audition for Bond back when Daniel Craig was also auditioning. (In fact, Cavill was deemed too fat, per his own recollections.) Plus, he’s already gotten his spy on thanks to the underrated Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie from Guy Ritchie. Ultimately, the important thing here is that we’re getting close to the time we get to wave farewell to Craig and welcome in a newcomer. I can’t wait.

4 Things Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Does Better Than The Original

As shown early on, it looks like Zhou treated his daughter like his son, training her with the knowledge of a warrior. This only starts to bring “harm” to her when she becomes a woman and her mother talks with her husband, showing her distress about Mulan perhaps not finding a match. Zhou listens to his wife and goes along with it, leading to her being met by the matchmaker, but we learn it’s actually in her nature and upbringing to want to be a warrior like her father. And when she does, he realizes he shouldn’t have placed her in a box once she reached womanhood.

Cuties Director Has Received Death Threats Following Backlash Over Netflix Poster

If you aren’t up on the story, Cuties follows 11-year-old Amy, a Senegalese Muslim girl living in France, who joins a dance team called the “cuties,” despite her family’s traditional values. The film tackles themes of hyper-sexualization, but was not made to glorify or promote it in any way. The outcry came about because of the poster and not because people had seen the film or had the context of the imagery they were seeing in the marketing for Cuties, since the movie does not reach Netflix until September 9.

The streaming platform responded by changing the poster and issuing the following apology: