Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Tenet Shot Is A ‘Throwaway’ Shot Made Possible By New IMAX Cameras

One of my favorite shots in the film, which is a bit of a throwaway, is the shot looking down from the bow of the boat where you see the waves running backward… That was one where we were on this ice breaker, and we sort of thought, ‘Let’s try and get the camera out there somehow, and stick it to the side of the hull.’ And Hoyte and Ryan, our key grip, they found a little port hole in the bow of the ship, and they built a track so we could just roll [the camera] out and use a stick to sort of tip the camera down. It was [laughs], it was a very complicated shot to get, but it’s things like that that I don’t think we would have dared to do with those cameras when we were starting out with them on The Dark Knight. Just, over time and experience, you wind up using it like you would any other format, and that really frees you up.

Looks Like Universal Studios Orlando’s Attendance Is Off To A Strong Start For Labor Day Weekend

Among Universal parks’ current safety measures including mandatory masks, temperature checks and social distancing measures, capacity is also being limited as well. Today, the parks have reached their permitted capacity under safety guidelines, making for a particularly popular day to be at these theme parks. This is a three-day holiday weekend for many, prompting more trips to the theme park than usual.

Justice League’s Ray Fisher Responds To Warner Bros.’ Claims That He Did Not Meet With Investigator

As of right now, neither Warner Bros. nor WarnerMedia have responded to Ray Fisher’s recent comments. Before the studios’ most recent statement, the company had been relatively silent about Ray Fisher’s allegations. However, shortly after Fisher’s initial claims, Jon Berg shot down the allegations and claimed Fisher had an issue with saying Cyborg’s “Booyaa” catchphrase.

Superman’s Live-Action Costumes In Movies And Television, Ranked

6. Tom Welling – Black (Smallville)

I understand the irony of where I rank this costume despite my recent praises of comic book accuracy and how Tom Welling’s Season 9 outfit is clearly more faithful. However, I admire the black trench coat approach of this costume, which showed up in Season 9 of Smallville, more as it invokes a unique noirish detective quality and, practically speaking, blends in during nightly adventures far more effectively than a red leather jacket. Furthermore, and once again, it is better than a CGI Superman Returns suit.

Daisy Ridley Has A Lot Of Gigs Booked After Saying She Had Trouble Booking Gigs Post Star Wars

However, it appears that Daisy Ridley’s career drought was short-lived. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that she’s slated to star alongside Kristin Scott Thomas and Nina Hoss in the upcoming Women in the Castle. The film, based on a 2017 best-selling novel of the same name, will take place in post-World War II Germany and deal with the aftermath of Nazi occupation.

Mulan’s Behind-the-Scenes Script Changes Focused A Lot On Gong Li’s Villain

Lee touches on an additional scene with Xian Lang in which Mulan may have actually saved the witch somewhere in the film. During Mulan, there’s an interesting dynamic between the two women because Xian Lang sees herself in Mulan and warns her against how unforgiving the world of men is to women with power. Now, I’m curious as to where the script was going prior. There may have been intentions to make Xian Lang a more lighthearted character and make Bori Khan the even bigger baddie? Can’t wait for deleted scenes down the line!

Kevin Hart Explains Why He Didn’t Tell Anyone When He Got Diagnosed With COVID-19

It’s honestly hard to tell if Kevin Hart’s comments, which come via Page Six, were meant to be taken seriously. At first glance, one would think that Hart was trying to imply that his diagnosis may have been overshadowed by Hanks’. On the other hand, this could have all just been a self-deprecating joke on Hart’s part. If there’s one thing we know about the fan-favorite entertainer, it’s that he has no problem poking fun at himself in his comedy material or during interviews.

Resident Evil: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The 2002 Video Game Adaptation

Production Was Temporarily Halted Because Of The September 11 Attacks

By the time Summer 2001 was coming to an end, most of Resident Evil had already been shot, but members of the production crew and Milla Jovavich needed to go to Toronto to film the film’s closing moments (Alice waking up in a desolate Raccoon City), but shooting had to be postponed in the wake of the September 11 attacks. During a 2017 conversation with Thrillist, director Paul W.S. Anderson revealed that he was on a plane from New York to Toronto when everything went down. Like pretty much everything else at the time, Anderson said they cancelled the shoot and pushed it back about a month after everything settled down. But still, Anderson said the event had a huge impact on him and was one of the reasons the film dropped the Ground Zero from its original title.

Black Panther Producer Reflects On One Of Chadwick Boseman’s Final Acts Of Kindness

Nate Moore, one of Black Panther’s executive producers, said that his last interactions with Chadwick Boseman were mostly centered on fulfilling a request from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He said that given the current pandemic situation, it was a logistically difficult task. In retrospect, he was struck by how diligent the actor was, despite the unique challenges they faced:

Warner Bros. Responds To Ray Fisher’s DC Tweet, Says The Actor Isn’t Cooperating With Justice League Investigation

Since Ray Fisher first made his claims, neither Geoff Johns nor Joss Whedon have not spoken out publicly on the matter. However, Jon Berg did release a statement in which he shot down the actor’s claims, calling them “categorically untrue.” He also alleged that Fisher took issue with having to say Cyborg’s signature catchphrase, “Booyaa.”