Crew Member Shot By Police, Others Held At Gunpoint While Working On Andrea Riseborough Movie Geechee

What exactly happens right now is anyone’s guess. Lantica, which operates the shooting location in the Dominican Republic, has requested a full investigation from local authorities. It’s unclear how long that might take, and it’s also unclear whether the actors or crew members will be comfortable returning to the island to shoot. Production could always choose a different Caribbean island or try to find US or Mexico-based locations that can pass the eye test, but that could be complicated based on what has already been filmed.

Love, Guaranteed’s Damon Wayans Jr. Reveals The Wild Story Behind Meeting His Own Wife

Some minor spoilers can be found in this paragraph! In Love, Guaranteed, Susan and Nick meet over a cup of coffee as he ardently feels the need to inform her that pumpkins spice does not, in fact, feature real pumpkin. They continue an awkward walk to an office building where it becomes clear Nick is actually there to meet Susan, his lawyer, as he has plans to sue a dating website that “guarantees love.” Needless to say, that’s not remotely similar to the story of how Damon Wayans Jr met his wife. In a recent interview he detailed:

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6 Classic Bill And Ted References To Look Out For In Face the Music

The word “Station” is used several times throughout Bogus Journey as a sort of exaltation, long before we ever know where the word comes from. It’s implied that everybody uses the word in the future, but nobody is using it in Face the Music. That is, until the end of the film, when, as Bill and Ted are about to head off into the infinite universe, rapper, and part-time quantum physicist, Kid Cudi, randomly drops a “Station!” on Bill and Ted. They respond in kind. It’s nice to see the aliens were not forgotten.

Mission: Impossible 7 Director Christopher McQuarrie Announces Start Of Filming With Breathtaking Photo

The Mission: Impossible franchise is notorious for its epic stunts and choreography and, since the first installment, Tom Cruise has continued to up the ante, with plenty of help from director Christopher McQuarrie, of course. Well, now it looks like McQuarrie has come up with new ways to keep that tradition alive for Mission: Impossible 7, as he’s announced the start of shooting with an amazing new photo.

The Usual Suspects Ending: Everything Leading Up To That Big Reveal

What Were Keyser Söze’s True Intentions?

When Verbal tells the story about Keyser Söze killing his entire family, and then hunting down all the men that contributed to their death and tried to bring down his empire, he mentions Söze killing thieves who stole from him. When McManus, Hockney, Keaton, Verbal, and Fred Fenster (Benicio del Toro) first meet Kobayashi, he mentions all the ways they have each stolen or stopped some form of Söze’s business.

I believe that that part of Verbal’s story is true (except the part involving him of course). He targeted these four men because they have hurt his business and he wants to kill them, and get rid of them as nuisances. I also believe that Keaton was involved because he knew he could pin everything on him.

First Look At David Fincher’s Netflix Film Mank, AKA The Movie That Put Mindhunter Season 3 On Hold

The first images from David Fincher’s Mank are truly a sight to behold. The shots from the period piece reveal a number of the film’s stars, such as Gary Oldman’s Herman Mankiewicz, Amanda Seyfried’s Marion Davies and Lilly Collins’ Rita Alexander. Seyfried shared the photos on Instagram, and you can check them out below:

Tenet Box Office: Christopher Nolan’s Thriller Debuts Modestly As Theaters Start To Reopen

And to state the obvious, now that analysts have witnessed what Tenet was able to do in its debut weekend, there will be continued scrutiny in the weeks ahead to determine what kind of legs the movie has. Will people continue to go see it as it continues to play on the big screen, or will the numbers ultimately be frontloaded?

Fantastic Beasts’ Dan Fogler Responds To Rumors Of A Major Harry Potter Character Appearing In The Franchise

Thus far in the Fantastic Beasts series, we’ve seen a few key Harry Potter players show up. While the spin-off series has helped flesh out the backstories behind villains like Grindelwald and Nagini, the most direct connection between the two franchises has been Albus Dumbledore — Hogwarts’ beloved headmaster and one of Harry Potter’s magical mentors.