Arnold Schwarzenegger Provides Update On His Condition Following Second Heart Surgery

The aortic valve helps blood flow out of the heart through the rest of the body. A faulty one can lead to aortic stenosis, a disease that prevents the valve from opening fully and reduces the correct blood flow to one’s heart into the rest of your body. Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually born with aortic stenosis, leading him to replace his pulmonary valve back in 1997 before the 2018 replacement.

6 Marvel Characters Kristen Stewart Would Be Perfect To Play


I was, personally, not a big fan of Elizabeth Banks’ commercially underwhelming 2019 soft reboot of Charlie’s Angels, but was at least impressed by the performances from its trio of lead of actresses, especially Kristen Stewart. I would love to see her make a second attempt at the role of a kick-ass secret agent, such as Sage – a telepathic mutant whose additional skills in hacking, piloting, and martial arts coaxed Professor Xavier into enlisting her help in covertly keeping tabs on his enemies. 

This Marvelous badass made her live action debut in the short-lived Fox series The Gifted, but has yet to be given the big screen treatment, and giving Stewart the role in a future MCU X-Men movie would be killing two birds with one stone.

Upcoming Cate Blanchett Movies: What’s Coming Next For The Mrs. America Actress

With two Oscars to her name, and several other accolades to boot, Cate Blanchett is undeniably considered one of our finest working actresses. In movies both big and small, as well as the new limited series Mrs. America, the award-winning actress has often demonstrated her incredibly dynamic and adaptable talents, proving herself willing to tackle many different on-screen personalities with gusto.

That tradition is set to continue with many exciting new projects in her future, including two upcoming Guillermo del Toro pictures (one of which is Netflix’s animated Pinocchio), a new Adam McKay film, a video game adaptation, and more. Certainly, Blanchett’s well-distinguished, well-recognized acting chops will stand out in any type of project — be it a blockbuster or prestige drama. So, we should expect only the best from Blanchett.

If you’re a big fan of Cate Blanchett, like I am, here’s what you can look forward in the near future.

Black Adam’s Aldis Hodge Shares How He’s Preparing To Play Hawkman

Whoa, he’s really reading up! The actor took to his Instagram to share the stack of JSA comics he is deeming his “weekend homework.” The issues he’s getting himself into are Geoff Johns’ The Power of Legacy from the early ‘00s, the new Hawkman run Awakening and The Golden Age, among others. It’s nice to see the proof that Aldis Hodge is serious about delving into Carter Hall’s decades-long journey in the comics before crafting his own iteration of the hero.

Jurassic World: Dominion’s Legacy Actors Unite For A Sweet Photo As Filming Restarts

Sam Neill also shared the photo with fans on his personal Instagram account, and offered a bit more context about its significance. At first glance, the photo feels like nostalgic perfection, because it offers one of the first glimpses we’ve had in decades of the actors who brought Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm to life. But the background, which shows that the trio are standing in front of the Richard Attenborough Stage at Pinewood Studios, makes the photo that much more poignant.

11 Netflix Movies To Watch If You Like Sci-Fi Thrillers

I Am Mother (2019)

In a bunker located underneath an uninhabitable planet Earth, an android (voiced by Rose Byrne) programmed for repopulation instead raises one girl (Clara Ruggard) it creates on its own as daughter into her teens, at which point her bond with her “Mother” and everything she knows is put into question by an unexpected visitor (Hilary Swank).

Why It Is A Great Netflix Original Sci-Fi Thriller: To summarize what makes I Am Mother such an interesting and thrilling experience without giving too much away, think of it as Moon meets 10 Cloverfield Lane, with a dash of Blast from the Past.

Stream I Am Mother on Netflix here.

Josh Gad’s Daughter Had An A+ Response To Disney+’s Once Upon A Snowman

I recently had the opportunity to attend a press event for Once Upon a Snowman, during which co-directors/writers Trent Correy and Dan Abraham spoke about teaming up with Josh Gad for the new short film. While discussing his work with the actor, Correy couldn’t help but recall a hilarious encounter he had with Gad’s young daughter at the film’s wrap party, because it was there that he learned her thoughts on the short:

Sacha Baron Cohen Also Comments On Borat 2’s ‘Fascinating’ Rudy Giuliani Scene

In Borat 2, actress Maria Bakalova adopts the persona of Borat’s 15-year-old daughter and attempts to engage Rudy Giuliani in a, um, private conversation following what he believes to be an interview. Late in the film, the former New York City mayor and current lawyer for Donald Trump is seen entering a hotel room with her on the auspices of sharing a drink. He can be seen laying down on a hotel bed and reaching into his pants before Borat bursts into the room.