Will The Suicide Squad Include Reshoots? Here’s The Latest From James Gunn

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While various movies have been delayed due to global health issues, anticipation for franchises like the DC Extended Universe are still at a fever pitch. One of the projects audiences are most excited about is James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which will be a reboot/sequel to David Ayer’s 2017 original film. The Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker has been teasing the contents of his mysterious blockbuster, and he recently addressed the possibilities of reshoots.

Two Wild Frozen Spinoffs The Once Upon A Snowman Directors Really Want To See

The Frozen franchise actually came in pretty hot when the first film hit theaters back in 2013. Since then, the series has steadily been growing, with a sequel and various shorts that tell unique stories within the growing universe. For instance, the latest short film, Once Upon a Snowman sheds light on Olaf’s early moments after being brought to life by Elsa. The franchise is definitely going at full speed, and fans seems to want more adventures from this world. But what are some of the things that the creatives behind the franchise would like to see? Well, Once Upon a Snowman’s writing and directing duo have some pretty wild ideas.

Joe Manganiello Got A Wild New Haircut For Snyder Cut Reshoots, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

A years-long campaign to release the “Snyder Cut” has in fact resulted in quite a bit more than that. We won’t really be getting Zack Snyder’s original plan for a theatrical film, but rather a multi-episode series of Justice League. To make this happen, Warner Bros. isn’t simply spending money on finishing up incomplete digital effects, but will actually handle some additional photography, requiring basically everybody involved in the movie the first time around to get back into their superhero garb.

Why The Greatest Showman Lyrics Are So Important To Tyler Perry

The distinction is one the mogul earned in 2020 after hitting billionaire status and absolutely crushing it with his new studio environment, which not only incorporates his own projects but also has become a prominent place for Black creators to make new shows and movies. In October of 2019, in fact, when he opened Tyler Perry Studios’ big filming center in Atlanta, Perry actually hired Morgan James to perform “This is Me” for a large crowd that included his mentor Oprah. So, it’s seemingly been his anthem for some time now and a song he holds near and dear to his heart.

Watch Tom Holland Hype Spider-Man Fans Up As Spider-Man 3 Begins Filming

And yet, surprisingly, we know little about a superhero movie that’s about to go into production. Usually, by this point, we might know the full cast of the sequel, as well as the movie’s title. Tom Holland is usually good about leaking titles of the movies, so hopefully once he’s on set, he’ll record a video giving away the name of the film, so we can really ramp up speculation.

Why Sacha Baron Cohen Was ‘Concerned’ When It Came To Borat 2’s Controversial Rudy Giuliani Scene

Sasha Baron Cohen, who plays Borat, and Maria Bakalova, who plays his daughter, recently appeared on GMA and Cohen explained that he was hidden close by, and monitoring Bakalova and Guiliani while they were in the hotel room together. He was ultimately responsible for what happened on the set and he took that responsibility seriously. According to Cohen…

Friday The 13th And 5 Other Horror Movie Franchises Stephen King Should Take Over

The Conjuring Universe

Another revived Hollywood trend with a few creative hiccups is the shared cinematic universe concept, which is what unexpectedly happened with James Wan’s fact-based haunted house flick The Conjuring. The initial film has been followed by sequels and spin-offs that, with a few debatable exceptions, only declined over time regarding believability and genuine suspense. Believe it or not, many Stephen King stories were inspired by actual people, places, and events that he morphed into horrifying fantasies, such as Colorado’s Stanley Hotel that sparked the idea for The Shining, or serial killer John Wayne Gacy inspiring Pennywise’s clownish appearance in It. Maybe instead of aiming to recreate the paranormal careers of Ed and Lorraine Warren, King would be able to craft wholly original horror tales that only thematically tie into real-world situations, which would potentially open up a whole new world of creative freedom for the future of the Conjuring Universe.

Why We Didn’t See More Divergent Movies

How Many Divergent Movies Have We Seen

The Divergent series tracks the journey of Tris Prior, a young woman living in a dystopian society that divides its society into five factions. Tris learns she is “Divergent,” someone who has attributes aligning to multiple factions, but chooses to join the Dauntless or “brave” faction and hide her identity. The movie franchise started on a fairly high note with 2014’s release and made relatively good money at the box office. But following Harry Potter and Hunger Games, the series didn’t exactly distinguish itself on the big screen with some familiar concepts about being sorted in houses and secret revolutions and such. But otherwise, Neil Burger’s Divergent was solid.

How Back To The Future’s Doc Would Respond To Marty Destroying His Massive Amplifier, According To Bob Gale

This attitude could go a long way in explaining why it is that Doc doesn’t berate Marty about the blown amplifier when they meet up later that night at the Twin Pines Mall to run tests for the DeLorean Time Machine. However, there is another funny possibility to consider, and one that I offered to Gale: it’s possible that Doc never actually saw the destruction. He was clearly busy on the day in question preparing for his big experiment, and while he must have ducked home at some point just to get the plutonium in the case under his bed, it wouldn’t be out of character if he was so excited about his big night that he didn’t even notice that his home had been destroyed.