12 2020 Netflix Movies That You Really Need To Be Watching

The Willoughbys

It’s always a bit of fun to see dark humor make its way into the animated film realm, and Kris Pearn, Cory Evans, and Rob Lodermeier’s The Willoughbys is most definitely a standout in that realm in 2020. Based on the Lois Lowry book of the same name, it centers on a group of brothers and sisters who become fed up with their emotionally abusive and terrible parents and create a plan that will send them on what is hopefully a deadly adventure. It’s kooky and weird, and at times hilarious, and sports an excellent voice cast including Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews, Martin Short, Jane Krakowski, and Ricky Gervais.

Scott Pilgrim’s Mary Elizabeth Winstead Reveals Why She Almost Quit Acting

As it turns out, Mary Elizabeth Winstead did not quit acting in order to learn to make latte art. Next up we’ll see her in another badass role in Kate, a flick from Cedric Nicolas-Troyan which will feature the actress playing an assassin who gets poisoned and has 24 hours to seek vengeance before her ultimate end. Like so many films in 2020, that one’s heading straight to Netflix. While we wait, you can take a look at what all is hitting the subscription streamer coming up with our Netflix schedule.

The Internet Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Asking Jennifer Garner If She’s Pregnant

If you look carefully, it actually seems to be a small “person” pumpkin inside of a larger “home” pumpkin, but a lot of people went directly to a bun in the oven, noting, “Does this mean there is a little Jennifer?” and other nosy comments of that nature, including some stuff about the actress’ weight. Still, even the more reasonable pregnancy-related responses mentioned things like “I thought this was a pregnancy announcement for a second.” So, you can see how confusion reigned supreme with Jennifer Garner’s fanbase.

Treasure Planet: How One Former Disney Animator Really Feels About The Infamous Disney Bomb

As Glen Keane says, the movie was written off as a loss by Disney after only a couple of weeks, which was basically the company admitting that it thought the movie was bad. Treasure Planet didn’t have the greatest opening ever, but after Disney itself gave up, so did the audience. The film is still the biggest financial flop in Disney Animation history.

Is Borat 3 Coming, And Could We Actually Get It Fairly Soon?

Warning: some spoilers for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm are in play. If you haven’t seen that cultural learning showcase just yet, turn back if you’re looking to keep it spoiler free.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, or as it’s more readily and easily been identified, Borat 2, somehow took the world by surprise. In quick succession we went from hearing whispers that a Borat sequel was actually filmed to the knowledge that Prime Video had bought the film for distribution, and this past weekend’s release shows that the public is, at the very least, ready to discuss the fallout of another Borat adventure. But recent developments have left a pretty big question lingering in the sequel’s wake: could we get another movie with Sacha Baron Cohen’s iconic prankster; and if so, when could Borat 3 happen?

Mahershala Ali Explains His ‘Connection’ To Original Blade Actor Wesley Snipes

Naturally, it also helped that Mahershala Ali was also a Marvel Cinematic Universe alum, as he actually played the role of Cottonmouth on the Netflix series adaptation of Luke Cage. When you’re already in the Marvel family, it doesn’t hurt to ask what other openings are available, especially when Blade is on the books to come back. Those ideas in motion, Ali asked his agent to see what the status was on the dormant intellectual property, and he told that part of the story through the following remarks:

Jason Aldean Deletes Maskless Disney World Pic, But Not Before Universal Studios Threw Some Shade

On the one hand, Jason Aldean and his family did have masks, and only removed them briefly. At the same time, the optics of the situation aren’t great. While a family photo of everybody masked might not look good on the living room wall, it would send the right message to social media. And that’s certainly why we’re seeing this critical response.

The Matrix 4: Keanu Reeves’ New Haircut Is Going To Make Fans Very Happy

Keanu Reeves was recently seen outside, giving his girlfriend Alexandra Grant a kiss. In a photo taken of him, he’s carrying two bags and dawning a new haircut—a buzz cut, to be exact. That could only mean one thing really, he’s been unplugged from the Matrix and woken up into the real world. After all, Neo rocked that short look throughout the first movie.

Jamie Foxx’s Sister Is Dead, See His Beautiful Tribute

In a year of great loss and tragedy, the passing of a loved one can be even more devastating to anyone who has to endure such sadness. Actor Jamie Foxx is the latest person to share such pain with the world, as he announced that his sister, DeOndra Dixon, has passed away at the age of 36. To commemorate her life, Foxx posted the following tribute to his late sister’s memory:

Hugh Grant Wants A Sequel To Notting Hill With Julia Roberts, But Fans May Not Be Happy

OK, way harsh Hugh. Anyone else hear the faint sounds of hopeless romantics everywhere pouring a glass of wine? The actor did say he is interested in returning to his 1999 role of William Thacker, but as long as the movie dispels some of the unrealistic expectations about relationships in the process. It’s just a good old fashioned rom-com Hugh, just let us have this.