Spider-Man 3: 6 Questions We Still Have About The Tom Holland Marvel Movie

Who Is The Villain Of Spider-Man 3?

Right now, we know of one actor who has been cast as a villain in Spider-Man 3, but even that casting comes with a lot of questions, so let’s start there. In October 2020, it was reported that Jamie Foxx would be joining the untitled third Spider-Man movie, with the news stating that he would be playing Electro in the film. That might sound familiar to Spider-Man fans, because Foxx played Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, directed by Marc Webb.

So that’s odd. Will Foxx be one of the first characters to cross from one Spider-Man franchise to the other? And how would that even be possible? The news has many Spider-Man fans speculating on the introduction of the Multiverse concept (which we will be talking about in a later section), but it’s also possible that Foxx is playing a different version of Electro. He did state, in a social media post that was quickly deleted, that his Electro would not be blue in this movie, so that’s a hat tip.

The Craft: Legacy Reviews Are Up, See What Critics Are Saying

The term “cult classic” gets thrown around a lot and its meaning has changed somewhat over the years. For the most part, it now means any movie that was not widely embraced during its initial release but has found a loyal and vocal audience in the time since. Usually, that audience slowly grows over time as new generations discover the film for themselves. Such was certainly the case with 1996’s The Craft. The movie always had some elements worth celebrating, but it’s one of those movies that even if you’ve never seen it, you’re probably familiar with it, because you know people who love it.

The Witches: 9 Differences Between The Anne Hathaway Movie And The Roald Dahl Book

Bruno Is Reunited With His Parents In The Book

In the book, Bruno’s parents are pretty awful, and Bruno isn’t that likable himself. His parents are portrayed as pretty stuck-up, unlikable people and Bruno is a brat. The movie takes a more sympathetic portrayal of Bruno and his parents aren’t around enough to dislike them.

In the movie, he stays with Daisy, Grandmother, and the Boy, but in the book, Grandmother gets Bruno’s parents to understand what happened to him, and in the commotion of the witch-to-rat transformation, she forces them to take him. Later, Grandmother and Boy discuss that Bruno probably meets a gruesome fate.

They believe that his parents won’t just accept their new mouse son and speculate that he might be drowned by them eventually. Clearly, leaving Bruno with his mean parents may be a little too dark for a movie aimed at families.

Borat 2’s Rudy Giuliani Scene Nearly Fell Apart Due To Technical Difficulties

Can you even imagine the perfect terror that he experienced at that moment? His blood must have turned ice cold in an instant. Not only was the fate of Borat 2‘s big climax at stake, but he also had to feel responsibility for the safety of the young woman who plays his daughter, actress Maria Bakalova. Thankfully it all worked out thanks to the battery-saving powers of airplane mode (again, can you imagine the stress of switching that on and off hoping that the cue isn’t missed?), and the rest is now cinema history.

Anne Hathaway Gushing About Back To The Future Will Make Your Geek Heart Soar

It’s true. Once you start talking about Back To The Future, there’s just too much to talk about. It really is a perfect film. The comments come after CinemaBlend asked Hathaway what her favorite of the three movies is. Hathaway instantly jumped to the original 1985 movie that takes Marty McFly back to the ‘50s to meet his parents while they are in high school. After being in the wrong place in the wrong time, he has to help set them up before he can return to the ‘80s.

Jennifer Lopez Has An Action Wedding Movie Coming Out, And The Title Is A+

In the film, Jennifer Lopez and Armie Hammer will star as Darcy and Tom, who we will meet while they are already having trouble getting their “very opinionated familes” on board for their big destination wedding – an event that is starting to give both of them cold feet. When uninvited and armed guests show up and start making demands, the couple must act together to try and save everyone’s life, and in the process respark their love for one another.

Celine Dion Is Preparing To Make Her Acting Debut With Outlander Favorite Sam Heughan

Set to be directed by Grace Is Gone‘s Jim Strouse and written by Lauryn Kahn, the film will tell the story of a young woman who is still emotionally suffering following the tragic death of her fiance. In order to try and cope, she begins sending text messages to his old number – but then she discovers that the number has been reassigned to a man in her town who happens to be grieving a similar loss. Per the trade, there will be a heavy Celine Dion influence on the story, as the two characters find inspiration in her music (and presumably this means that Dion will be playing herself). And while it’s not specifically stated in the trade report, we can assume that Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan will be playing the male and female leads.

5 Things We Learned From Tom Holland’s Uncharted Photos

The beauty of Uncharted, like Indiana Jones before it, is that it finds clever ways to mix fact and fiction. I have no doubt the filmmakers will do that for this movie. They could easily intertwine Magellan and Elcano’s voyages with myths about buried treasure, hidden artifacts, and who knows what else. In the end, it’s a clever idea to focus on Magellan’s voyage in this Uncharted movie since that is, in a way, a prequel to Sir Francis Drake’s voyage. And, if I were a betting man, I’d wager they’ll likely find a way to connect those two as well, but we’ll just have to wait and find out as more about the movie is revealed.

How Popular Borat 2 Was Compared To Mulan, According To Data Researchers

That being said, that has also been alternative reporting of the figures. Variety has numbers provided by TV analytics provider Samba TV, and they say that Mulan played in 1.2 million households vs. Borat 2 playing in an estimated 1.6 million. Those are vastly different stats than those above, but that’s very much a side effect of the more privately controlled distribution model.

Kate Winslet Drops F-Bomb While Explaining Why Her Friends Should Never Watch Contagion

Kate Winslet played the Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer Dr. Erin Mears in the film among an all-star cast that also includes Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Marion Cotillard. Surprisingly, Winslet apparently has yet to see the entire movie herself, and she has developed a particular reaction to pestering from those close to her who find themselves triggered by Contagion‘s content: