Upcoming Chris Hemsworth Movies: What’s Ahead For The Thor Star

What If…? – 2021

Before Chris Hemsworth returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thor in 2022’s Thor: Love and Thunder, he will be lending his voice to his most famous character in the Disney+ series, What If…?, which will provide for all sorts of hypothetical situations involving everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes and villains similar to those found in the line of comics of the same name. It hasn’t been revealed the exact story in which Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will take part in the animated series, but there was an issue in the comics that focused on Jane Foster becoming Thor. Sound familiar?

According to IGN, What If…? was initially set to premiere on Disney+ in summer 2021, but that could change considering Marvel Studios has been pushing back all of its live-action releases (both film and television) in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Candyman Director Nia DaCosta Explains How She Wants To Get ‘Inside The Head’ Of Audiences

Having only one feature film under her belt with Little Woods, Nia DaCosta is a relatively new voice in Hollywood, but she’s set to make a big splash with the latest Candyman. Regarding the sequel, DaCosta recently explained how she has every intention of getting “inside the head” of audiences, hoping they walk away from the film disturbed.

Bad Hair Star Reveals Why Hulu’s New Movie Reflects Real Hollywood Experiences For Black Women

Justin Simien assembled an all-star cast to bring Bad Hair to life. The movie stars Elle Lorraine as its protagonist, and the cast is rounded out by names like Vanessa Williams, Jay Pharoah, Lena Waithe, Laverne Cox, Kelly Rowland, Usher, and Nicole Byer. It arrived on streaming just in time for Halloween, which should help bump the viewership.

6 Questions We Have After Borat 2

That said, I do see hope in the franchise in actress Maria Bakalova, who shined in her role as Tutar. If Sacha Baron Cohen would allow it and if Bakalova was willing, I think she’s a relatively fresh face that could pull off some stunts similar to how Baron Cohen did, in the beginning, to more effectively fool the general public and make the third potential entry in this franchise happen. Obviously this second film ends in a way that a third movie is not absolutely necessary, but it’s a shame to believe a franchise that offers such a unique look at American life could be at an end with this movie.

How Jason Aldean Responded After Maskless Disney World Picture Went Viral

The negative response eventually led to Jason Aldean removing the image from Twitter, but not before he responded to some of the criticism. In one response, he made it clear that everybody in his family was wearing masks as expected, and that they were only briefly removed for the picture. And based on the tone of the response, as reported by Taste of Country, Aldean didn’t care for all the negativity, saying…

Star Wars Reveals The True Origin Of The First Order

As seen in The Force Awakens, The New Republic was eventually wiped away entirely once Starkiller Base destroyed its capital planet, Hosnian Prime. By the time The Rise of Skywalker rolled around, The First Order merged its forces with Palpatine’s to form The Final Order, and it looked like this dictatorship would finally take control of the entire galaxy and rule it as a Sith Empire. Fortunately, the remnants of The Resistance were aided by last-minute reinforcements and were able to bring down The Final Order for good, meaning the galaxy is once again at peace… for now.

Kristen Stewart References Are all Over The Craft: Legacy, And There’s A Great Reason

Kristen Stewart’s star power obviously rose when starring in the Twilight movies, with countless eyes on her work and relationship with Robert Pattinson. Since then the 30 year-old actress has gone on to work in a variety of acclaimed projects, with her status as an icon only growing. And since the coven of The Craft: Legacy are so young, it would make sense that they were brought up on K. Stew on the big screen.

Parasite Director Explains How Mad Max: Fury Road Influenced The Oscar-Winning Movie

At first blush, it’s hard to imagine Mad Max: Fury Road, a non-stop action movie, having inspired Parasite, a dark comedy. But, according to Bong Joon-ho on his Criterion Commentary (via Indiewire), the first time he watched Mad Max: Fury Road, he cried and felt a huge connection with the film. The way Fury Road was made left a big impression on him. Here’s what he said:

More Disney Theme Park Layoffs Leave The Future Of Many Attractions In Doubt

Recently Disney announced that, due to the economic situation in the division that handles Parks, Experiences, and Products, 29,000 layoffs would be necessary. However, not all those layoffs took place at once, and the most recent round hits Walt Disney’s World’s entertainment options quite hard, as now many cast members who performed in the various live-show attractions throughout the parks have been let go, leaving fans to wonder when, or if, we’ll ever see some of these shows again.