F9’s Vinnie Bennett Shares The Secret To Doing A Good Vin Diesel Impersonation

While F9 also saw Vin Diesel’s own son, Vincent Sinclair, briefly playing an even younger Dominic Toretto, it was Vinnie Bennett’s version we primarily spent time with in the latest Fast & Furious movie’s flashbacks. Along with showing specifically how Jack Toretto (played by J.D. Pardo) died in that race in 1989 after hearing about it back in The Fast and the Furious, these flashbacks also revealed how Dom and his brother Jakob (played by John Cena as an adult and Finn Cole as a teenager) became estranged and provided a peek at Dom’s stint in prison, where he met future crew members Tego Leo and Rico Santos.

Spider-Man 2’s Sam Raimi Reacts To Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus Returning In No Way Home

While Sam Raimi currently holds the keys to the Doctor Strange kingdom in the MCU, like the rest of us, he’ll be enjoying Spider-Man: No Way Home simply as a viewer. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been informed about some details being kept from the general public given that both No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness involve other realities. More importantly, Benedict Cumberbatch is reprising Strange in the next Spider-Man movie, with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker asking the sorcerer to magically make the public forget he’s Spidey, only for something to go wrong with the spell, resulting in the multiverse being opened up.

I’m Your Man’s Dan Stevens Finally Found A Challenge Harder Than Waltzing In Stilts In Beauty And The Beast

Acting as one of the initial moments in I’m Your Man’s courtship between human and machine, Dan Stevens and Maren Eggert’s first dance sees Tom showing his prowess on the floor. It isn’t too long before the robot becomes a bit overwhelmed and ends up malfunctioning, which sends him in for some quick repairs. Thankfully, Mr. Stevens’ thought processes didn’t get overloaded in a similar capacity, but the scene was a challenge nonetheless.

10 Fun Halloween Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Hocus Pocus (1993)

Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick.

Hocus Pocus follows a trio of comedic witches, who are inadvertently resurrected by a teenager in Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween night. Now, the witches want to take the souls of all the children in the town to gain as much power as possible, so now it’s up to the teenagers and their friends to try and stop them.

When it comes to movies that people re-watch all the time around this time of year, Hocus Pocus is definitely the one I hear about the most. I don’t know whether it’s the brilliant comedic timing of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, or the amount of quotable moments, or even the heartwarming story, Hocus Pocus has found its way into the hearts of many people. Plus, there’s a talking cat – how can you not love it?

Hocus Pocus itself is going to be getting a sequel on Disney+, so between anticipating that and Halloween, now’s a perfect time to watch or revisit the movie. 

Stream Hocus Pocus on Disney+.
Rent Hocus Pocus on Amazon.

George Clooney And Brad Pitt Are Reuniting For A Movie With Spider-Man: No Way Home Director

Details about the movie itself are being held close to the vest, but the movie is apparently about two “lone wolf fixers” who get assigned to the same job. That premise alone could bring together the kind of winning dynamic the pair have showcased before not only the Ocean movies, but the Coen Brothers 2008 movie, Burn After Reading.

How Quantum Of Solace Defined The Daniel Craig Era Of James Bond

When we last left James Bond, 2006’s Casino Royale had introduced us to the Daniel Craig era, and all that it stood for. Breaking box office ground with what was then the most successful 007 movie to date, the way forward could have gone anywhere. Bond was at a crossroads, with tradition and innovation beckoning on either side of the fork in the road. For better or worse, 2008’s Quantum of Solace took the latter path, blazing a trail that defined the Daniel Craig era of James Bond. Though recent marketing and fan feedback have made this the Craig film “we don’t talk about,” that’s an unfair image.

While it’s likely you’ve seen Quantum of Solace, in the event that you haven’t, major spoilers ahead!

Anna Kendrick Recalls The Pitch Perfect Moment She Got ‘Stuck’ As Rebel Wilson’s Friend For Life

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The Pitch Perfect trilogy enjoyed a lot of success in the 2010s. It took over pop culture with hit songs, an a capella craze, internet challenges and much more. But the one thing that stuck around long after the trilogy ended was the bonds formed on the set. Of course, the sisterhood from the films carried over to real life. A prime example of that bond is Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson (aka Beca and Fat Amy). The two co-stars have remained incredibly close since starring in the first Pitch Perfect film. Almost a decade after meeting each other, Kendrick took to social media to celebrate her friendship with her former Pitch Perfect co-star.

Dear Evan Hansen Ending: What Happens, And How It’s Different From The Broadway Show

Evan eventually returns home, and reunites with his mother Heidi. Julianne Moore’s matriarch tells him she loves her son no matter what with the heartbreaking song “So Big/So Small.” Ben Platt’s character admits to his mother that his fall out of the tree was actually a suciide attempt. And to make sure the Murphys are left alone, he posts a public confession and apology online, before going back to his regular, isolated life. Evan once again sits alone at lunch, and finishes up his high school career quietly.

Aquaman 2: A Longtime DC Villain And Key Recast Among Lost Kingdom’s Latest Casting Update

Starting off, Indya Moore, who starred as Angel Evangelista in the FX series Pose, has been tapped to play Karshon, who’s been a Green Lantern adversary for decades in the comics, but can easily be thrown into Aquaman’s corner of the DC universe. For those unfamiliar with the character, Karshon was once a regular tiger shark, but after being bombarded by radiation, it rapidly evolved into an intelligent humanoid predator with psionic powers. It’s unclear if this transformation will be retained for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, or if Karshon will simply be one of the “regular” underwater-dwelling humanoids in the DC Extended Universe.