Chris Evans’ Latest Post-Captain America Follow-Up Is Again Heading To Netflix

Chris Evans has signed on to join Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, a star-studded comedy from The Big Short and Vice filmmaker Adam McKay, per Deadline. The production is currently already underway in Evans’ hometown of Boston with a seriously impressive line-up of actors part of the film. Like, it Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Himesh Patel, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi and Matthew Perry in its impressive lineup. Yes, really.

Here’s How Disney Is Handling Theatrical Features In 2021

Last week Warner Bros. dropped a bombshell on the movie business when the studio announced that its entire 2021 theatrical slate would see day-and-date releases on the company’s streaming platform, HBO Max. The first question that everybody asked was how other studios might respond, and since Disney already had a major Investor Day planned for today, the industry waited to see what would happen. Now Disney has taken the stage, and as expected, begun to give us a lot more detail about how the studio will handle theatrical releases going forward, including the first 2021 theatrical film that will be released on Disney+ and in theaters on March 5, 2021.

Raya and the Last Dragon will be a Premiere Access product, like Mulan, meaning there will be an additional fee attached to it beyond simply having a Disney+ subscription. Whether the film will cost the same $29.99 price tag or some other amount is unknown. Exactly what’s happening with the rest of the 2021 film slate has not been detailed, but based on statements, it appears that Disney is not taking a “one size fits all approach” in the way that WB has. For Disney, some films will still be theatrical only, others might end up in theaters and on Disney+ together, and some may get shifted to Disney+ exclusively. 

Rumors had been going in both directions prior to this announcement. Some were claiming that Disney would follow WB and put everything on Disney+ in 2021 at the same time it hit theaters, perhaps with a Premium Access price tag, like Mulan or perhaps not. Other rumors claimed that Disney was going have faith in the traditional theatrical model, at least with some films. The only thing that was certain was that Disney would say something. Theater chains, guilds, and more, including director Christopher Nolan, have made their unhappiness with the WB plan known, so Disney was going to need to take a stand.

Keep reading here as we’ll continue to update things here as more details are revealed during Disney’s Investor Day event. 

More to come…

12 Citizen Kane Behind-The-Scenes Facts To Know Before Watching Netflix’s Mank

Citizen Kane Allegedly Had A Scene Removed For Fear Of Everyone’s Safety

One behind-the-scenes fact about Citizen Kane is so scandalous, Welles never publicly discussed it for fear of his own life. Welles removed an affair scene from Citizen Kane, allegedly, because it seemed to be a thinly veiled reference to a murder that allegedly occurred on William Randolph Hearst’s yacht. Hearst allegedly discovered Marion Davis and Charlie Chaplin having a romantic encounter on his yacht, and when he tried to shoot Chaplin, he killed producer Thomas H. Ince. The official story at the time was that Ince died of a heart attack, and it is worth noting Welles’ silence on the story was related to a widespread rumor many people knew. In either case, it’s a large part of why the scene was cut from the movie.

The Green Hornet Reboot Just Took A Big Step Forward With Some Jurassic Park Talent

Back in April, it was announced that Universal Pictures is partnering with Amasia Entertainment on the Green Hornet reboot, which is officially titled The Green Hornet and Kato. Now THR has dropped the news that David Koepp will pen the screenplay, although no details were provided about his take on the Green Hornet mythos will differ from what we got in 2011. Along with writing the first two movies in the Jurassic Park/World franchise, Koepp’s other notable credits include Carlito’s Way, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and, most recently, You Should Have Left, which he also directed.

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How Michael Bay Ended Up Co-Directing Chunks Of Songbird

In the course of researching for my interview on behalf of Songbird’s release, I’d discovered that Michael Bay’s involvement with the film reached a little further than I’d expected. When the time came to discuss the film with co-writer/director Adam Mason for CinemaBlend, I needed to ask him more about the work that Bay had done with the film, and he gave me a lot of insight into that particular aspect. Mason began his story with just how, and why, Michael Bay became a fixture on set:

Mortal Kombat Producer Apologizes After Teasing A Movie Update That Never Came

Given Warner Bros.’ recent announcement about its future releases, Mortal Kombat will presumably be released on HBO Max simultaneously with its theatrical release. When that might be is a mystery, as its intended date was pulled in response to the pandemic. Some fans are also curious if the movie could end up getting release entirely on the streaming service, but there’s been no official word.

The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan Responds To Tom Hardy Claiming Bane Was Based Off The Director

Anyone familiar with traditional depictions of Bane knows that The Dark Knight Rises took some creative liberties with the character, from him wearing that mask to diminish the agonizing pain he constantly dealt with, to how he was an excommunicated member of the League of Shadows. So with such changes, it was bound to happen that Tom Hardy’s Bane would be influenced by some unexpected sources. While Christopher Nolan says he didn’t intentionally infuse this version of the character with some of his own traits, he acknowledged that as with past characters, it could have happened unintentionally on his part and also through some individual choice from the actor.

Daisy Ridley Is Reteaming With Disney For The First Time Since Star Wars

If Daisy Ridley does come on board, and if the movie is set for Disney+, we could hear more about the project as early as later today. Disney is having a major Investor Day event this afternoon that will focus on the company’s various streaming platforms, and that’s expected to include revealing new projects, so Young Woman and the Sea could get a shoutout as an upcoming Disney+ Original Movie during the presentation. . Even if the project is still a couple years away, everything that Disney+ announces as an original project is something can help build or retain subscribers, which makes it important to Wall Street.

The Important Lesson Jay Reeves Learned From Ray McElrethbey While Prepping For Safety

Detailing the 2006 events that saw Ray McElrethbey needing to take care of his younger brother Fahmarr, after his mother was entered into a drug rehab program for 30 days, Safety tells this story with warmth and heart, as well as some humor. Basically, if you love stories like Remember The Titans, The Rookie or Miracle, you’ll probably get a lot out of director Reginald Hudlin’s film. Which is a good thing, as Hudlin teamed with producer Mark Ciardi, the man who helped make some of those movies happen at Disney. His decade-plus quest to make this specific story landed the project at Disney+, which is a crucial part of how Safety got made in the first place.