Latest Mission: Impossible Set Video Highlights Epic Car Stunt

Are anyone else’s palms suddenly sweating? Because the above video shows how thrilling, but also how dangerous, stunt work on major blockbusters can be. Because while filming in the narrow streets of Rome, the little yellow car made a sharp turn that easily could have resulted in a collision. And this is all done with various cameras strapped to the car, which likely impedes the ability to see properly.

Jamie Foxx Has An… Interesting Response When Asked Whether Or Not He’s In Spider-Man 3

If? Does that mean there’s a possibility that he’s NOT in Spider-Man 3, or whatever Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures decide on calling it? That’s probably too aggressive of a stance. This does sound like “Actor Speak” for, “Hey man, I can’t tell you anything today.” Especially when Jamie Foxx follows it up with this reaction shot.

Latest Avatar 2 Set Photo Debuts New Location Designs

The world of Pandora was visually striking in the original Avatar, and audiences couldn’t get enough. And while attractions at theme parks helped to buoy excitement, that planet will be greatly expanded in Avatar 2. The sequel will follow up on the story years after the original, with the Na’vi tribes uniting when an old foe returns to the planet. A new set photo shows James Cameron presenting concept art, and you can check it out below.

How Star Wars: The Last Jedi Could Have Used Anakin Skywalker, According To Rian Johnson

At the same time, while Yoda was almost certainly the better choice for the scene, using Anakin Skywalker isn’t a completely out of left field idea. The scene is about Luke coming to terms with his failures as a Jedi, and there may be no single person in all of Star Wars who understands failure more than the man who became Darth Vader. It would have been interesting to see Anakin Skywalker speak to his son about all that. We could have really received some insight from Anakin himself about his decisions, looking back at everything that happened with a clearer mind. It’s a conversation some fans would probably still like to see.

Thor: Love And Thunder’s Natalie Portman Had An A+ Reaction To Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Shirtless Picture

Same, though. Chris Hemsworth is known for his superhero physique, with action roles like Extraction requiring a ton of difficult stunt work and fight choreography. Thor’s personality is as big as his biceps, so Hemsworth is usually often swoll when filming installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Meanwhile, Natalie Portman is all of us in the situation, as it’s likely easy to feel dwarfed by the 6’3 actor.

How Megan Fox Is Helping Machine Gun Kelly Work Through His Drug Abuse Issues

This past year has been rough for many of us but, for some, it’s been a year of discovery and personal breakthroughs. This has certainly been the case for Machine Gun Kelly, as the rapper and actor has managed to grow both professionally and personally. Aside from making a new movie, he’s also found a new love in Megan Fox, who he met while making said film. And according to the entertainer, she’s not only providing him with companionship, but she’s also helping him work through his issues with drug abuse.

Ryan Reynolds Releases Some Of Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded Love Story In Hilarious Ad

How good of a friendship is there between Deadpool star/marketing genius Ryan Reynolds and actor/musical hitmaker Taylor Swift? Well, they’re apparently chummy enough for Reynolds to not only use some of Swift’s iconic hit “Love Story” in a new ad, but it just happens to be a taste of the newly re-recorded version that Taylor is hard at work on right this very moment. Watch the sweetness of Swift meet the snark of Ryan Reynolds, in this very 2020 ad:

Kristen Stewart’s Happiest Season Is A Huge Hulu Hit, And Clea DuVall Had A Wonderful Reaction

Seeing a movie like Happiest Season get such a positive response and become the biggest “opening weekend” movie for Hulu is certainly a big deal. Hulu has always been the streaming service focused on TV, and original content in general has never been a massive selling point of the service, even though Hulu has certainly seen popular original products before. Perhaps Happiest Season‘s success could be the first of several original films that could end up on the platform, making movies in general a bigger part of the service, and giving it a better opportunity to compete with all the other streaming services in that category.

Justice League’s Joe Manganiello Reveals What Sofia Vergara Thought Of His Blue Mohawk

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The DC Extended Universe has had a unique life in theaters, which was started by a handful of early entries by director Zack Snyder. This includes the ill-fated movie Justice League, which was greatly altered after Snyder departed the set as a result of family tragedy. But the director’s vision will be revealed with the Snyder Cut on HBO Max, which has already seen a variety of actors return to set for reshoots. This includes Deathstroke played by Joe Managaniello. And the True Blood alum recently shared what his wife Sofia Vergara thinks of the wild blue mohawk he’s currently rocking as a result of said reshoots.

Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles 2 Ending: What Happened, And How It Fits The Christmas Spirit

While he tried, and failed, to pull off the ultimate plot against the Christmas establishment, Santa and Mrs. Claus still keep their arms open to their former elf’s return. Never failing to believe in him, they even do this shortly after another attempt to destroy the newly forged Christmas Star. Accepting their love, as well as his own personal fault, is all that Belsnickel needed to become an elf again. Reconciling with his own family, he’s allowed to rejoin the elves at the North Pole, smoothing things over once and for all.