One Thing Death On The Nile’s Armie Hammer Was Bummed To Find Out After Signing On

That’s right. Although the movie is centered on a plot taking place in Egypt, Death on the Nile does not actually take place there in real life. Armie Hammer talked about how he was given a “false bill of goods” by the filmmakers, thinking he’d be traveling over to Egypt for the role. However, the movie was mainly filmed over in England at Longcross Studios in Surrey.

Sherlock Holmes 3: 7 Quick Things To Know About The Robert Downey Jr. Movie

It seems like it has been forever since we last saw Robert Downey Jr. take on the role of the world’s most decorated fictional detective in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. Since the 2011 followup to the 2009 box office smash hit Sherlock Holmes, there have been quite a few ups and downs with the third movie in the franchise, but now that Downey is no longer a regular player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it finally looks like we’re going to see Sherlock Holmes 3, with a different director and possibly even a new location.

And although production or even casting (besides Holmes and Watson) has gotten underway at this point in time, there are still quite a few things going on with the threequel. With that in mind, here are seven quick things to know about Sherlock Holmes 3.

A Massive James Bond Rumor Might Have Been Confirmed By The Latest 007 Video

Speculation is the one word we’d like to leave you with in closing, as the world of spies is always full of secrets waiting to be revealed. Even if the truth turns out to be something way different, or absolutely spot on, we still don’t know everything about No Time To Die just yet. We’ll get to partake in that particular experience rather soon, as the movie is currently slated for theatrical release in the U.S. on November 20, though that might change, along with the theories we’ve laid out above. But whenever news breaks and plans shift, you can be sure we’ll report back with the details.

Sounds Like Jennifer Aniston Really Jumped In Quick To Do That Fast Times Reunion With Brad Pitt

Julia Roberts also moved quickly on starring in the project, playing Stacy Hamilton, the sister of Brad Hamilton, the character Brad Pitt portrayed during the table read. Pitt and Aniston seem to be on good terms, since the former specifically called out the latter at the start of the virtual meeting. Check out their cute exchange here:

Christopher Nolan Cut A ‘Sickening’ Death Scene From The Dark Knight Rises To Avoid A Possible NC-17 Rating

Released to the public on July 20, 2012, The Dark Knight Rises was the most commercially successful movie of the Dark Knight trilogy, raking in approximately $1.081 billion. And while views will differ on the movie’s quality compared to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, overall it was met with a lot of positive reception, ranking at 87% among critics and 90% among audiences on Rotten Tomatoes.

10 Super Controversial Movies That Have Come Out, Including Netflix’s Cuties

Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (1975)

Kind of sort of based off of a book by Marquis de Sade, Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, is about some “gentlemen” who kidnap 18 teenagers and basically have their way with them, torturing them sexually, emotionally, physically, you name it. The director, Pier Paolo, was murdered three weeks before its release, though not because of the content of this film. In the end, the movie is an allegory for fascism’s ultimate intention.

Yes, DC Is Already Selling Merchandise With Michael Keaton’s Batman, Because Why Not?

Still, with other heroes from elsewhere in the DC multiverse expected to show up alongside these Batmen, it’s looking like The Flash will be quite the cinematic event. Furthermore, this may not be Michael Keaton’s swan song as Batman, as it was reported that he could end up serving in a “mentor capacity” in other projects, such as Batgirl. However, that tidbit of news came out before Ben Affleck’s Batman return was announced, so if plans are made to feature more of Batfleck in the DCEU, it’s unclear if that will interfere with what was being hashed out for Keaton.

I Went Back To A Movie Theater For The First Time Since March, And It Was Weird

Of course, this brought me to the concession stand. This was tough because I love my movie snacks. Ever since I was a kid, popcorn has been an intrinsic part of every movie visit. I could eat a four-course gourmet meal, and if I was seeing a movie afterward, I would still grab a small popcorn. But popcorn meant eating, and eating meant taking off my mask during the movie, something I wasn’t entirely comfortable doing. I felt like if I was going to spend two hours in a theater, the least I could do was keep my mask on. I compromised by grabbing a drink, I don’t drink much soda outside of the movies anymore, and knew I could slip the straw under my mask without removing it entirely. I brought my own reusable silicone straw to the theater with me to avoid unnecessary waste.

Hear Me Out: Tom Holland’s The Devil All The Time Could Have Been Totally Different With One Minor Change

The Minor Change That Could Have Altered The Devil All The Time’s Outcome

Arvin Russell’s fate seems to be tied all the way back to a decision his father, Willard (Bill Skarsgaard), made back in his youth. Choosing to marry the waitress he fell for, Charlotte (Haley Bennett), rather than the woman his mother pledged him to, the ill-fated Helen Hatton (Mia Wasikowska), a series of events take place that lead to Helen dying at the hand of her eventual husband/aspiring faith healer, Roy (Harry Melling), and Willard grieving for a wife who dies after a battle with cancer. But if Willard had married Helen, things would have turned out rather differently.

Melissa McCarthy Being Sued For $10 Million Over Movie That Only Did OK In Theaters

Kowalski is now claiming that her idea was taken by the agency, and turned into the film Life of the Party, the film’s writing credit is given to Melissa McCarthy, who would also star, and Ben Falcone, who would also direct. They are both also named in the suit along with Warner Bros, and producer Brett Ratner and his RatPac label, though Deadline points out neither Ratner nor RatPac were producers of the film, so their inclusion in the suit is a mystery.