How Much Ryan Reynolds’ The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Could Make At the Box Office Opening Weekend, Despite Reviews

The Hitman’s Bodyguard was something of a surprise hit when it was released back in 2017. It made $176 million worldwide on a modest budget, and saw an opening weekend over $20 million domestically. By comparison, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is only projected to do $14-$16 million over its first five days of release, according to The Wrap. The movie opened this past Wednesday rather than the traditional Friday release, though we can expect the majority of its income to happen Friday-Sunday.

Dang, Apparently Adding Back Fireworks Made A Huge Difference In The Number Of People Who Wanted To Go To Disney World

Disney announced the return of fireworks to both Magic Kingdom and Epcot on July 1. And shortly after the announcement, reservations at the parks increased, making it a bit tougher to get into Magic Kingdom. Yesterday, according to WDWNT, Disney refreshed reservations, making more reservations at the parks available in July, but now, just a day later, Magic Kingdom is once again sold out for the first seven days of July for general ticket holders and those staying in Disney resorts. Annual Pass reservations are booked at Magic Kingdom for the first five days of July.

Why The Rock Could Come Back For Fast And Furious 10, According To Justin Lin

People come and go through the Fast and Furious saga, whether it’s characters on the screen, or filmmakers in the director’s chair. Justin Lin, for example, returns to the franchise after sitting out Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious, and he’s making sure that Sung Kang’s thought-deceased racer Han is able to come back to the mix. Knowing that the Fast saga is working its way to a two-part finale that is expected to close off this segment of the story, the ReelBlend podcast wanted to know if The Rock was on the “table,” so to speak, in terms of coming back for the conclusion, and Lin tells us why he thinks that’s possible in the exclusive clip above.

Mace Windu And 8 Other Star Wars Characters Who Should Have Appeared More In The Prequel Trilogy

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The Star Wars prequel films have aged like a fine wine… or maybe the adults who watched them as children have slowly dominated the majority opinion of the internet. In either case, people love the Prequel Trilogy, and the deep lore that has existed off screen. It’s all thanks to the movies and what they established with characters introduced in there, though it’s worth saying not all characters were created equal.

John Boyega Offers A+ Choice For Actors To Play Black Superman Calvin Ellis

Jonathan Majors As Superman

John Boyega’s other idea is Jonathan Majors, who has also been having a huge year in between his memorable roles in Lovecraft Country, Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and his upcoming villain role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Majors has already found his way into the comic book world by way of the MCU, but we’d take him in the DCEU as well as Calvin Harris. I’d argue Majors is actually the better pick for Calvin Ellis of the two – but, I burn for you too, Regé!

Lord Of The Rings’ Gimli Actor Reveals Gnarly Injuries From Middle Earth

Brett Beattie fought Orcs in Fangorn Forest, ran from Goblins in the Mines of Moria and brought down Wargs in Rohan, so it’s no surprise that he accumulated a fair amount of battle scars. In addition to the axe-induced brow injury, he also blew out both of his knees. At the time of Polygon’s interview, Brett Beattie had undergone three knee surgeries, but he’s kept a sense of humor about the situation:

Rob Zombie’s Movies Streaming: How To Watch House Of 1000 Corpses And More

Halloween (2007)

After spending 17 years in a mental institution for the murder of his stepfather, older sister, and her boyfriend when he was just 10 years old, Michael Myers (former professional wrestler Tyler Mane) returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, to reunite with his unwitting baby sister, Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton), and leaves a trail of blood along the way that his former psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) intends to stop.

Why Rob Zombie Fans Should Watch It: There are some audiences who still cannot understand why anyone would ever even consider doing a remake of one of the best horror movies of all time, but if you can find a way to set Rob Zombie’s Halloween apart from John Carpenter’s 1978 quintessential slasher classic, it does stand on its own as a relatively well-crafted, character-driven carousel of carnage.

Rent/Buy Halloween on Amazon.

Peter Rabbit 2’s James Corden Names The One Character He Really Wants To Play Again

Throughout Julia Donaldson’s two stories, The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo Child, the role of the Mouse is that of a trickster who somehow find himself avoiding danger. Creating what he thinks is a creature of pure fabrication, known as “The Gruffalo,” he eventually finds such a beast exists. In two different tales that see Gruffalo and Mouse crossing paths, James Corden’s vocal talents brought that character to life in the Oscar-nominated animated short, as well as its sequel, among a cast that also included Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson and the late John Hurt.

Shazam’s Jack Dylan Grazer Calls Fury Of The Gods His ‘Redemption’ For Freddy

Jack Dylan Grazer is being hard on himself – he was perfect as the awed-out kid and superhero superfan who watched as his friend Billy Batson became a buffed-up superhero… and then became one himself through Adam Brody’s spot on performance. When he left the premiere of Shazam! in Los Angeles back in 2019, he couldn’t wait for the chance to return to the role and now that he has it, he’s having the time of his life.