Upcoming Nicolas Cage Movies And TV Shows: Joe Exotic, Willy’s Wonderland, And More

Prisoners of the Ghostland – Post-Production (TBA 2020/2021)

Telling the tale of a notorious criminal who must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl, Prisoners of the Ghostland is another genre-bending horror-thriller starring Nicolas Cage. Directed by veteran filmmaker Sion Sono (Why Don’t You Play In Hell?), it’s expected to be a delirious, style-heavy feature, which should play well with Cage’s rambunctious acting theatrics. But that’s me assuming.

We haven’t seen any footage from the upcoming film, though we know that Sofia Boutella, Ed Skrein, and Nick Cassavetes round out the cast. It’s currently in post-production, though its release date remains undetermined. It’s possible that it might get a late 2020 release, either through a film festival or a digital release, but it’s more likely that Prisoners of the Ghostland will be unveiled sometime in 2021. In any case, here’s hoping it’s another wacky Nic Cage movie!

How Dylan O’Brien’s Impeccable Social Network Parody Came Together

Sarah is so particular about getting it exactly right and honoring it to a T, which I’m really weird about too. So, on that one take with the tears, I thought I went too far and I was surprised that she used it. When she sent me the cut, I was like,’Oh, you used the tears take.’ And she was like, ‘I’m not going to not use that.’ (Laughs.) And then, the conversation ended there. Sarah’s really funny like that. She’s a very specific filmmaker, and when she has an idea, she sticks to it, which I completely respect. Yeah, I definitely got into it. (Laughs.) I think it was just fun to do after not doing much for a little while.

Insane No Time To Die Stunt Created By Daniel Craig Needed James Bond, A Motorcycle, and 8,400 Gallons Of Cola

Cobblestones are apparently pretty slippery generally, so the film crew had to device a way to make them stickier. Enter: Coca-Cola, which for a price did the trick. Apparently, the production spent €60,000 or more than 70K in U.S. dollars to pull off the one quick stunt, with stunt head Lee Morrison revealing that 8,400 gallons of the brown stuff was also used.

Anyone Else Hate That Last Courtroom Scene In Netflix’s Trial Of The Chicago 7?

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the sentencing scene in The Trial Of The Chicago 7. Basically, after months of real time trial and two hours or so of runtime for viewers, five of our title seven (not including Bobby Seale since he wasn’t a defendant at that point) are convicted and ready for sentencing. The truly outrageous Judge Julius Hoffman (who was apparently like that in real life) tells Tom Hayden he can offer a brief statement in the defense of all five. Instead, in a moment that sort of happened in real life but much earlier in the trial, he has the names of deceased Vietnam War soldiers read into the record.

The judge apparently stopped the display after only a few names were read in the real trial when it happened prior to the sentencing phase. He tries to do the same in the movie, but Hayden keeps talking while everyone stands up and cheers. The other defendants get excited. Jerry Rubin raises his fist. Eventually others join him. The audience in the courtroom stands up and applauds. The buttoned up squares angrily storm out. David Dellinger’s kid climbs on his chair. Even the US Attorney Richard Schultz (the lead prosecutor), who is portrayed as a somewhat sympathetic figure, rises to honor the fallen soldiers in a moment that is clearly meant to be the film’s emotional crescendo.

Is There A Harry Potter Reunion On The Way? Here’s What Tom Felton Says

It is too early to say who might be available to participate in a reunion, but the cast is huge. And regardless of who shows up, with eleven years of memories together, they’ll likely have plenty to talk about. Of course, if a virtual reunion doesn’t work out this year, there’s an even bigger anniversary coming up in 2021. Next year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, so it is a huge milestone for the film franchise. Hopefully by then, the pandemic will be less of a threat and an in-person reunion will be feasible.

Dick Johnson Is Dead: 6 Heartwarming And Heartbreaking Moments In The Netflix Documentary

Make no mistake about it, Dick Johnson is Dead will absolutely break your heart into a million little pieces, but after each scene showing an emotional breakdown or whenever the documentary’s subject forgets something, it is followed by a heartwarming, hilarious, and sometimes otherworldly scene that fills your heart and mind with joy and wonder. Through short vignettes about her father’s slipping mental capacity, dramatized and over-the-top death scenes filmed with stuntmen, and some of the craziest dance numbers you’ll see in a documentary about dementia, it’s really something to behold. Here are just a few of those moments.

Dwayne Johnson Shares Update On Black Adam, Red Notice And Other Movies He’s Filming

Dwayne Johnson is one of the busiest actors in all of Hollywood, meaning that he has plenty of projects on his plate over the next several years. Among those big-screen productions are Netflix’s Red Notice and Warner Bros. and DC’s Black Adam. Both projects have seen delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to some questions about the progress of both films. Well, Dwayne Johnson, being the transparent social media presence that he is, has provided some clarity on how things are coming along.

Honest Thief Box Office: Liam Neeson Action Takes The Top Spot On A Quiet Weekend

It may also not be much longer that the film keeps showing up in the Top 3. In addition to new releases continuing to hit theaters (more on that in a minute), there is also some significant money being made by high profile and seasonal friendly re-releases. Tenet, in truth, only barely held on to its third place position, as screenings of Henry Selick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas made $1.3 million. Showings of Kenny Ortega’s the modern Halloween classic Hocus Pocus have also continued to sell a good number of tickets, adding $765,000 to its lifetime earnings.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat: 7 Amazing Moments To Remember Before The Sequel

The National Anthem

When Borat begins his special appearance at a Virginia rodeo, things actually start out on a pretty good foot. The crowd doesn’t fully grasp parody in the immigrant’s support of the Iraq War, calling it America’s “War of Terror” and calling for President George W. Bush to drink the blood of Iraqi citizens, but things fall apart quickly when he starts singing the national anthem. The audience is with him at the start as he replaces the words of Francis Scott Key with the lyrics from the Kazakhstan national anthem, but he loses them pretty damn fast when he starts talking about all other countries being run by little girls and railing on international potassium exports. 

Of course, the bit also has the perfect punchline with the flag-waving man on horseback falling to the ground in the background.