Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Celebrates 50th Birthday With Bikini Pic And Uplifting Message

Anyway, whether or not Padma was drunk on the beach, 50 looks good on the TV host. I can’t wait to see her back on my TV soon. Luckily, she’ll be back at some point. Hulu renewed Padma Lakshmi’s Taste The Nation early in August for a second go of 10 episodes. Top Chef is also likely to be renewed over at Bravo, though the network has not officially announced Season 18 yet.

Bill And Ted Face The Music’s Best Song Ever Is Actually Set To A Beatles Track

*The following contains minor spoilers for Bill and Ted Face the Music. *

Bill and Ted Face the Music tells a story decades in the making, where our two titular heroes finally work to create the iconic song which will bring the world together, as foretold by the future. That meant that everything in the film was building to the big musical moment, and it truly needed to be something special. Of course, actually trying to create the greatest song ever would have been a herculean task, and director Dean Parisot admits that in the end, they didn’t really try to do that, but the movie did start in the perfect place for a movie trying to do something special with music, The Beatles.

Star Wars’ John Boyega Explains How Racial Backlash Changed His View Of The Franchise

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Despite Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker arriving in theaters nearly a year ago, it’s still hard to believe that the Skywalker Saga is done. While the galaxy far, far away will continue to expand through live-action shows on Disney+, the franchise as we know it has come to an end. This has freed up the schedule of stars like Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, although the latter actor recently explained how racial backlash against him ultimately soured his feelings about the franchise.

One Of Disneyland’s Highly Anticipated Attractions Has Been Delayed

A delay of some kind was almost inevitable considering we’re approaching the six month anniversary of Disneyland closing and there’s no real expectation as to when the park might open. California appears to be getting ready to try and start reopening things again, a new set of guidelines and criteria have been set out by the state for other businesses, but theme parks have largely been left out in the cold. There are no specific guidelines for what they need to reopen yet, and odds are they will be among the last places to open to the public simply because they draw in so many people.

Netflix’s The Boys In The Band Trailer: Ryan Murphy Brings Beloved Play To Life With A Killer Cast

As a group of friends gather to celebrate a very special birthday, The Boys in the Band starts to unravel the fabric of the entire group. Revelations and surprises are in order, with one hell of an assortment of actors on deck to bring this classic to life once again. What’s better, the entire cast from the 2018 Broadway revival, including Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto, and Andrew Rannells, are reprising their roles under the supervision of their stage director, Joe Mantello.

The Best Sad Dramas To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Marriage Story (2019)

What does a marriage falling apart look like? Well, you have an uncomfortable front row seat in this recent Noah Baumbach film starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. The two of them are good people, but they’re heading in totally different directions in their relationship.

Marriage Story is sad because you, as a viewer, know what will save their marriage, but you have to watch helplessly as they struggle and never find a way to make it work. It’s tragic, but it’s real. Sometimes, given the personalities, there’s really nothing a couple can do to make it work, even if they really do, and always will, love each other.

Stream it here.

What Movies To Watch If You Like The Stranger Things Cast

Natalia Dyer – Yes, God, Yes (Amazon Rental)

Sadly, Natalia Dyer hasn’t gotten enough time to shine on Stranger Things. She’s a clear talent, though she can be overlooked in the popular Netflix series. Whenever she gets a chance to prove herself, Dyer is an exceptional talent, as was the case with Karen Maine’s appealing directorial debut, Yes, God, Yes, from earlier this year. The personal, reflective indie from the Obvious Child co-writer is meticulous in its period recreation, recapturing the look and feel of its time. 

A young, sheltered early 2000s Christian teen comes to terms with her budding sexuality in a strict, ultra-conservative environment. Dyer’s bright eyes, inquisitive facial features, and intentionally demurred body language do wonders to reveal the insecurity and introspection of its inquiring, soul-searching protagonist. It’s a charming, winning star vehicle for this undervalued actress.

Rent It On Amazon here. Also Currently Available On Virtual Cinemas.

New Mutants’ Henry Zaga Had A Freaky Experience On The Movie’s Super Creepy Set

In order to provide The New Mutants with a proper atmosphere, the production made a real effort to find a special place to shoot the film, and the team ended up finding a great one. The majority of the comic book movie was shot at the Medfield State Hospital outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and part of the charm of the place is the fact that it used to be a real psychiatric facility. It ended up being a great setting and environment for the feature, but apparently also an effectively creepy one, as I learned talking to star Henry Zaga last week.

Real-Life Archaeologist Reveals What Indiana Jones Gets Right And Wrong About The Field

In other words, Indiana Jones gives her line of work a bad name. He is often seen stealing artifacts and messing with the natural states of ancient remains. Fast-forwarding to The Last Crusade, when Harrison Ford’s Indy is teaching his college students, Alexandra Jones does agree with his comments about archaeology being rooted in “fact” rather than truths. But once his friend Marcus comes in with stolen artifacts to show him, we’re back in unethical territory. You can check out the real Dr. Jones discuss archaeology movies below: