Why Disneyland Will Hate To Wait After California Releases Theme Park Guidelines

Disneyland Resort and the state of California have been involved in a war of words in recent weeks as the theme park has been asking for the opportunity to reopen, and the state has been in no hurry to let theme parks reopen. Today, the long-awaited guidelines for theme parks were released by the state, which is the important first step that parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood will need. However, those guidelines indicate it’s still going to be a while before those parks are able to open.

In a webcast from CHHS Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly, the doctor revealed that there will be two different sets of guidelines, one for “small” theme parks, and one for all others. Small parks will be able to open when their respective counties are in the “orange” tier of COVID-19 exposure, which is the second from the bottom of the color-coded system. Large theme parks, which one assumes must include places like Disneyland, will need to be in the “yellow” tier of exposure, which is the absolute lowest level. Currently, Orange County is in the “red tier” which is two tiers above where it will need to be

The Wicked Movie Just Hit A Major Setback

Movie musicals are a tried and true genre in the film world. These types of flashy projects have historically become critical and box office darlings, earning Oscar attention in the process. Just look at movies like Chicago, Les Miserables, and West Side Story. The next of these big screen adaptations is Universal’s highly anticipated Wicked movie, although it’s already facing a major set back.

One Trial Of The Chicago 7 Actor Admits To Bringing A Fart Machine To Make Frank Langella Angrier In The Courtroom

Well, that’s certainly one way to get under Frank Langella’s skin. And, from the way it looks, it worked. Just by watching the movie, Frank Langella’s portrayal of the judge is nothing less than a furious, obtuse, and bigoted man doing everything he can to undercut the defense from winning the trial. Those close up shots certainly made Frank Langella look like he was going over the edge and that final scene had him so mad, I’m surprised he didn’t break his own gavel.

See What Bryan Cranston Could Look Like In The MCU As Fantastic Four Villain Doctor Doom

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever expanding place. And with no signs of slowing down, plenty more iconic characters will be making their debut in the behemoth property. Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox opens up the possibility of heroes like the X-Men and Fantastic Four to finally join the MCU, a prospect fans are thrilled about. The latter team has been the subject of much fan casting, and a new piece of fan art imagines the great Bryan Cranston as the villainous Doctor Doom.

James Redford, Filmmaker And Son Of Robert Redford, Dead At 58

Born David James Redford, and, as seen above, often going by the nickname Jamie, he was the third of four children Robert Redford had with his former wife Lola Van Wagenen (the couple’s first child, Scott, passed away of sudden infant death syndrome two and a half months after being born in 1959). Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and film from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and later earning a master’s degree in literature from Northwestern University, Redford eventually became a filmmaker, although he primarily worked on documentaries.

Wait, Is The Batman Referencing Other DC Superheroes?

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Over the past few years Warner Bros. has seen success with its various DC properties. And there are some very exciting projects coming down the line, especially Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The Bruce Wayne solo flick is currently in the midst of filming, with some updates about the mysterious movie coming as Chicago is transformed into Gotham City. One of these reports from the ground may even hint at other heroes being references in The Batman.

There’s A New Superhero Named Apple-Man, And His Trailer Is Outrageous

There are a bunch of different support levels for the Kickstarter campaign, and perks include everything from meeting the cast to having a role in the movie to being an associate producer. The film also stars Ivanna Onufrriichuk and Veronika Regasse-Ostrovskaya with voice over work from Call Of Duty veteran Stefan Ashton Frank. Everyone involved looks and sounds like they had a great time shooting these scenes.

From a project to pass the time during quarantine to the potential for a full-fledged movie, Apple-Man is having a moment right now, and if you want to join in, head over to the Kickstarter.

Someone Made The Snyder Cut Trailer Into A Retro Video Game, And You Have To Hear The Music

Whether you were one of the people who was invested in making Zack Snyder’s Justice League happen or not, it’s no less exciting, and bizarre, that the thing is actually happening. Even if other movies were coming out on schedule, the new version of Justice League would still be a much talked about production, and you can tell by the way that fans are getting excited that many can’t wait until 2021, and so those fans are grabbing hold of whatever they can.

Could A Star Wars Lightsaber Destroy Alita: Battle Angel’s Blade? Unfortunately, Mark Hamill Can’t Answer Yet

The question still remains though: does Luke’s lightsaber or Alita’s blade win in a hypothetical fight? Well, it all depends on who’s quicker on the draw really, as the Damascus Blade does have a special ability: it uses the energy from her Berserker body to generate a plasma corona. So if Luke strikes before Alita can get that charge up and running, the blade might be cut like hot butter. But if Alita uses Panzer Kunst fighting abilities to outmaneuver Luke, she could potentially cut the Jedi, with or without plasma energy running through it, and strike a crushing blow. While, like Mark Hamill himself, we don’t have a definite answer on the final result of this battle, we do have more information on how everyone can see Alita: Battle Angel again, and on the big screen.

Bette Midler Announces Fun Hocus Pocus Reunion, But What Does That Mean For A Sequel?

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Cult classic movies have a unique life with audiences, often starting with box office disappointment before eventually becoming a beloved part of film history. That was exactly the case with 1993’s Hocus Pocus directed by Kenny Ortega. The movie became an iconic piece of the Halloween festivities now, and fans are hoping the Sanderson Sisters will return for a big screen sequel. Bette Midler recently announced a cast reunion, but what does that mean for the possible follow up movie?