6 Marvel Characters Timothee Chalamet Would Be Perfect To Play

Franklin Richards

In 1968, Reed and Susan Richards (or Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman) had a son they named Franklin, whom you might assume would have been born with a combination of super-elasticity, invisibility, and force field projection, which is certainly capable of. In fact, he is capable of anything you could think of, being an omega-level mutant with a nearly unparalleled arsenal of reality-altering abilities that make him one of the most powerful (and fearsome) individuals in the entire Marvel universe even at such a young age. 

I actually Timothée Chalamet should take the part only after the MCU introduces Galactus to see the god-like planet eater and Franklin, who are actually really good friends, interact on screen, which would be absolutely insane and wonderful to witness.

Back To The Future’s Bob Gale Explains The History Of The Trilogy’s Two Best Catchphrases

Despite all the insanity being thrown his way in Back to the Future, for the most part, Marty McFly was able to keep a cool head during that first movie, but being called a chicken in the sequels definitely caused some problems that could easily have avoided. Fortunately, by the end of Back to the Future Part III, Marty finally learned not get so worked up about that, as demonstrated by him avoiding the car accident that, in another timeline, was the inciting event that caused his life to go down the drain.

How Long The Batman Will Still Be Filming, According To Colin Farrell

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Warner Bros. has seen great success with its DC movies over the past few years. This includes the DC Extended Universe as well as standalone films like Joker. There are a variety of highly anticipated projects coming to theaters, especially Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Production for the blockbuster has recently resumed after a few delays, with the A+ cast returning to set. This includes Colin Farrell, who recently revealed how long he’s expecting to work on The Batman.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Has Been Delayed, But There’s A Silver Lining

If there’s something strange in the neighborhood, we’ve been told that if there’s anyone to call, it has to be the Ghostbusters. But even with that common knowledge in our minds and hearts, 2020 saw the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife pushed into the earlier end of 2021, with a March 2021 release date seeming to be set and sealed. However, as 2020 is indeed wild, and 2021 is getting closer by the day, we’ve seen the Jason Reitman directed legacy-quel handed another delay. But the silver lining is the new June release date happens to be a very special occasion for all Ghostbusters fans to celebrate.

There’s A Star Wars Reference In Small Axe That John Boyega Thought About Removing

Small Axe is a period piece that features five films focusing on London’s West Indian community between the 1960s to the 1980s. In Red, White, and Blue, John Boyega portrays the retired police officer Leroy Logan. After witnessing his father be assaulted by the police, Logan decides to join the police force to make changes. In 2001, he was awarded the MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II for putting anti-racist policies in place.

Jared Leto’s Joker Is Coming Back To The DCEU In A Huge Way

In 2016, eight years after Heath Ledger gave his Oscar-winning performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight, Jared Leto gave his take on the Clown Prince of Crime for Suicide Squad, the third DC Extended Universe movie. While Joker was frequently mentioned in this year’s Birds of Prey, Leto had yet to reprise the role nearly half a decade later, but it looks like that’s about to change thanks to Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Netflix’s American Murder: The Family Next Door Hit A Streaming Milestone

Documentary films, as well as documentary series like Making a Murderer have proven successful for Netflix, and most other streaming services, with the exception of Disney+ I guess, have joined the trend with their own options covering true crime events, serial killers, and whatever other twisted parts of the human condition might entice viewers. If nothing else this sort of production usually gives the story closure as the guilty party is usually known. Unlike something like Unsolved Mysteries, which by its very nature gives us stories that are missing resolution.

Mark Hamill Shares Lovely Photo Of Himself And Carrie Fisher On Her Birthday

Perhaps one of the best parts about the latest Star Wars trilogy was getting to see Carrie Fisher play Princess Leia again and appear, however briefly, with her co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. But she also worked with some newcomers, including Joonas Suotamo, the actor who took over as Chewbacca. Joonas Suotamo also honored Carrie Fisher’s birthday on social media:

Thor: Love And Thunder’s Natalie Portman Jokes About The Pain Of Working Out For Mighty Thor

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly growing, but the time between Phases has been unfortunately extended. Fans are eager to jump back into the shared universe ASAP, especially considering what little we know about the future projects. Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder will bring Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster and she’ll be given the power of Mighty Thor. And the Oscar-winning actresses recently joked about hating the workouts required to become a superhero.

Borat 2 Shock: Let’s Talk About Rudy Giuliani’s Controversial Scene

Now, the moment that looks most suspicious, and one that I assume will be discussed and debated for days. Rudy Giuliani lays back on the bed. He reaches his hands into his pants, and on subsequent viewings, it looks like he might be tucking his shirt back in. But before anything else can happen, Sacha Baron Cohen bursts back into the room, warning Giuliani that his “daughter” is only 15, and that she is too old for him. Naturally, Baron Cohen is wearing lacy underwear as he bursts in the room. This is Borat, after all.