Wait, Could The MCU Be Tying Scarlet Witch Closer To The X-Men?

The Wakanda Files also notes how Wanda and Pietro’s bodies have ionized nervous systems, so rather than the Mind Stone bequeathing these two powers from scratch, it’s more like it awakened something within them. In Scarlet Witch’s case, “neural electric interfacing” allows her to create and manipulate energy, use telekinesis and see into people’s minds to plan “suggestive thoughts.” That already makes her a powerhouse right off the bat, but the scientists who studied her believed she was only just starting to tap into her true potential.

The Craft: 6 Things To Remember About The Original Before The Craft: Legacy

The Power Of Four

In The Craft, Bonnie (Neve Campbell), Nancy (Fairuza Balk), and Rochelle (Rachel True) had already been practicing magic when the film starts, but they couldn’t really tap into their powers until they got a fourth member. Sarah (Robin Tunney) moves to LA, and the magic really starts. The film has many references to why four witches are needed. One reason is so that they can all represent a location: west, north, east, and south.

It’s also mentioned throughout the film that the number four correlates to the four major elements: water, fire, earth, and air. It seems that The Craft: Legacy will also continue this theme of the power of the four because in the trailer, it’s mentioned that when Lily (Cailee Spaeny) arrives, they have their fourth witch.

Netflix’s The Old Guard Was Even More Popular Than We Realized

Based on the comic series of the same name by writer Greg Rucka and artists Leandro Fernández, the plot centers on a group of immortals who have spent their thousands of years of life on Earth trying to do as much good as they can for the world. It makes for a hard, secretive life, but things get even harder when, almost simultaneously, a new immortal wakes up in the world, and the group is set up by an ex-CIA agent. The impressive cast includes Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts, Luca Marinelli, Marwan Kenzari, Harry Melling, and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the release was met by acclaim from both critics and audiences alike.

Alita: Battle Angel’s Latest Billboard Plug For The Re-Release Is Here, But That’s Just The Beginning

While the image is not quite clear, you can see the digital billboard designed to prop up Alita: Battle Angel’s big return displayed proudly on Twitter. Positioned in Orlando, Florida, near an AMC Theatres location and the Walt Disney World Resort, this reminder is now operating to draw fans old and new to the big homecoming Alita has earned through her tireless fandom. However, the other two promises of that particular round of funding Alita: Battle Angel awareness have also been fulfilled. On the more charitable side of things, that donation to Feeding America went through, just as promised. Fitting in with the usual methods of promoting this cult favorite 2019 film, but doing some good in the process, the donation came out to $1,050 being given in the name of feeding the less fortunate.

Back To The Future Writer Reveals One Scene That Makes Him ‘Cringe’

Not too many. I’ll tell you, though, the thing that aggravates me every time I see it is, and, again, we ran out of time, we didn’t have time to perfect the special effect, in the Johnny B. Goode scene, when Marty starts to be erased from existence and there’s the shot where he looks at his hand, and there’s a hole in it, it really wasn’t supposed to be like that. Everybody else is kind of just fading out of existence, and why is there this hole in his hand? That, we were up against a deadline. We just didn’t have time to have ILM do a rethink on that and figure out a better way to do that. That would be the main, number one thing that makes me cringe.

Get Shorty’s Lead Role Was Written For Danny DeVito, And Only One Major Change Was Made For John Travolta

In celebration of Get Shorty’s big 2020 anniversary, I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Frank earlier this year, our conversation reflecting on the entirety of the experience making the film, and part of our conversation was dedicated to the evolution of Chili Palmer. Starting at the start, I asked if the screenwriter had specifically written the role with the intention that Danny DeVito would play it, and his answer was absolute:

Upcoming Anne Hathaway Movies: The Witches, Sesame Street, And More

Untitled Abby Kohn/Marc Silverstein Romantic Comedy – TBA (Announced)

Anne Hathaway is a romantic. Or, at the very least, she knows how to appeal to romantics. The A-list actress has starred in a variety of romance-based movies throughout her varied and distinguished career, including One Day, Becoming Jane, Love and Other Drugs, The Devil Wears Prada, Brokeback Mountain, Valentine’s Day, Song One, Nicolas Nickelby, and, yes, The Princess Diaries films, to some extent. Now, she’s set to star in — as well as produce — another romantic comedy from screenwriters Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein (He’s Just Not That Into You). It’ll be a contemporary comedy that explores the dating world wherein technology rules everything. Details are otherwise limited.

It’s unclear who’ll direct, though Kohn and Silverstein recently helmed 2018’s I Feel Pretty. There haven’t been any developments on this project since 2017, however, so it’s unclear if it’s still happening.

Why Disney’s Plan To Focus On Streaming Makes A Lot Of Sense

Disney’s Approach To Theaters Was Already Changing

While not every year of the last several has been a box office record year, it’s difficult to argue that the theatrical movie business has been doing quite well, at least from the studio side of things. However, the interesting trend that we’ve seen over the years, and more from Disney than any other studio, is that these huge box office numbers have been put up by fewer and fewer movies. Even in the mid-1980s, Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s strategy of “base hits,” not “home runs,” meant seeing more movies released in theaters, and as long as each one, or most of them, were modest hits, the studio blossomed.

That Time Jamie Lynn Spears Auditioned For Twilight While Pregnant

Once upon a time, the Twilight film franchise was just a twinkle in the eye of Hollywood. Before the roles went to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (now lovingly known as a R-Patz and K-Stew) and the films became a monstrous hit on the big screen, a lot of famous actors were almost cast in the central roles including Jamie Lynn Spears of Zoey 101.