Rita Wilson Reveals How Battling COVID-19 Helped Her To Finally Understand Advice Her Parents Used To Give

Thankfully I’m doing really well and really healthy. I remember when I was growing up and my parents always used to say, ‘If you have your health, you have everything. When you’re young and you hear that, you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever.’ But now that you have your health and you’ve gone through a couple of things, you’re like, ‘Yes. that actually does mean something.’ You can pretty much handle anything if you have your health.

How Tom Holland Found Out Spider-Man Co-Star Jake Gyllenhaal Was Producing The Devil All The Time

Ok, so I’m pretty sure this proves those two are Hollywood soulmates. As Holland told EW, he signed on to the film before being aware that Jake Gyllenhaal was involved, and his co-star had no idea the Spider-Man actor was set to play the lead, Arvin Russell. Upon seeing the credits, one would imagine the pair tag teamed it together after networking on Far From Home, but it turns out it’s an old-fashioned coincidence.

Deadpool’s Morena Baccarin Gets Honest About Her Lack Of Screen Time In The Sequel

Now, that’s a classy answer. As Baccarin told ComicBook.com, like the fans, she too was bummed that Vanessa was left on the sidelines in Deadpool 2. However, she also felt it was a necessary sacrifice to be made within the context of the film’s premise. Without Wade Wilson witnessing the death of the love of his life, the events in the film would not have happened, nor would it have been as moving as it turned out to be. And hey, she made it out alive in the end anyways, right?

That Time Emma Stone Smacked Her Easy A Co-Star ‘Many Times’ While Filming The Fake Sex Scene

If you need a memory refresher, in Easy A, Olive and her best friend, Brandon (Dan Byrd), decide to stage a behind-closed-doors “sex scene” at a high school party after Brandon is bullied for his sexuality. Together, they make strange grunts, jump on the bed and smack each other to convince their classmates they just did the deed… and they totally buy it. Gluck reminisced on the scene with these words:

Of Course, The Internet Has Thoughts On Robert Pattinson’s Accent In The Devil All The Time

In The Devil All The Time, Robert Pattinson plays Preston Teagardin, arguably the film’s most detestable character. Though he is a pastor, his actions are cruel, predatory and manipulative — in other words, anything but holy. Despite Teagardin’s despicable persona, fans who watched The Devil All The Time were more immediately distracted by the British actor’s take on a southern accent.

Kang The Conqueror: What You Need To Know About The Potential Ant-Man 3 Villain

Kang The Conqueror Has Traveled To Many Different Time Periods and Dimensions

Created by the legendary duo comic book creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964, Kang the Conqueror (actually one of his many, many aliases) was born Nathaniel Richards in the 30th Century, but not in the Marvel multiverse’s primary reality. He originated from Earth-6311 reality, which, after centuries of warfare, was an idyliic and peaceful place thanks to the intervention of Nathaniel’s older, alternate self from Earth-616. However, the Nathaniel from Earth-6311 grew tired of living in this environment and used his Earth-616 counterpart’s time-traveling invention to take control of all history by jumping between multiple timelines, earning his new tyrannical identity.

Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. Discusses The ‘Upside’ Of The Movie Premiering on Disney+

A couple of days before the show premiered, Tommy [Kail] said, ‘Leslie, do you realize that more people are probably going to see you in this role this weekend then saw your entire Broadway run in the show?’ So the potential for that kind of scaling was hard for me to wrap my mind around on opening weekend, but I’ve certainly seen it since. Quite frankly, most of the people that are watching Hamilton on Disney+ are experiencing the show for the first time. It is their first experience of it. And the way that you can scale in that way with television or with these streaming platforms is, again, not anything we considered when we were preparing to open our off-Broadway show in 2015.

Young Avengers: 7 Signs The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Building The Fan-Favorite Team

At present, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a total of eight movies set to come out between now and July 2022 – but an interesting detail about that selection of titles is that the word “Avengers” isn’t mentioned in any of them. It’s surely a brand that the franchise isn’t discontinuing, but for now the studio is remaining secretive about their future plans for the superhero team. Naturally, the state of things has led fans to speculate wildly about what’s going on, and some ideas are pretty crazy, but one development that seems to become increasingly likely is the formation of the team called the Young Avengers.

Created by Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, the more youthful version of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was introduced in Marvel Comics in 2005, and while their group name is a bit silly, what is equally true is that the series brings together a collection of wonderful characters – including Kang The Conqueror a.k.a. Iron Lad, Kate Bishop a.k.a. Hawkeye, Elijah Bradley a.k.a. Patriot, Cassie Lang a.k.a. Stature, Teddy Altman a.k.a. Hulkling, Billy Kaplan a.k.a. Wiccan, Tommy Shepherd a.k.a. Speed, and Vision. In recent years there have been some moves made by the Marvel Cinematic Universe that suggest that we may see a live-action version of this team come together in the near future, and we’ve collected all the evidence of this unconfirmed development here for you to ponder: