Johnny Depp Preps For Lawsuit #2 As Verdict in His Libel Case Nears

Celebrity couples are known for making headlines, for the better or worse. Things usually get especially public in the midst of separation. But even for Hollywood standards, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s public divorce proceedings are especially intense. The pair of actors have been involved in a libel lawsuit for months, which will soon find its resolution. But just as one case is winding down, Depp is preparing for lawsuit #2, this time targeting Heard directly.

Bill And Ted Face The Music Broke A Surprising World Record

Along with Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves obviously reprising their respective roles, Bill and Ted Face the Music’s cast includes William Sadler as Death, Samara Weaving as Thea Preston, Brigette Lundy-Paine as Billie Logan, Kristen Schaal as Kelly, Erinn Hayes as Princess Elizabeth, Jayma Mays as Princess Joanna and Holland Taylor as The Great Leader, among others. Dean Parisot directed the movie, and original Bill and Ted writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon returned to pen the script.

The Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Reveals Why One Wild Character Couldn’t Make It Into The Movie

Of the many new characters involved in The Suicide Squad, we’re getting Bloodsport (Idris Elba), Peacemaker (John Cena), The Thinker (Peter Capaldi), Polka-Dot Man (David Dastmalchian), Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), Savant (Michael Rooker), King Shark (Steve Agee), Floyd “TDK” Belkin (Nathan Fillion), Weasel (Sean Gunn), The Javelin (Flula Borg), Mongal (Maylin Ng) and Sol Soria (Alice Braga). It also seems like the alien known as Starro might be involved.

How Long Will Keanu Reeves Play John Wick? Here’s What He Said

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Zack Snyder Reveals Why He Was So Ready To Finally Put The Snyder Cut Trailer Out There

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The DC Extended Universe is constantly keeping the fandom on their toes, especially with the myriad surprises that came this year. Perhaps the most surprising is the upcoming release of the Snyder Cut on HBO Max following the years of fan campaigning. Zack Snyder’s original vision for Justice League will finally become a reality thanks to four hour-long installments on the streaming service, and the visionary filmmaker recently explained why the cut’s trailer arrived so soon.

Janelle Monae’s Antebellum Reviews Are In, Here’s What Critics Are Saying

Antebellum focuses on Janelle Monae as a slave working in the pre-Civil War American South, thus the title of the film. However, if you’ve seen the trailers for the movie, you’ll know that there is a modern-day element to the film as well. How these two stories fit together is the puzzle the movie wants the viewer to try and solve, and while most critics commend the attempt, they also largely, as with Slashfilm, don’t think that the screenplay really works to put the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that works…

Jeff Goldblum Talks About The First Jurassic World: Dominion Scene He Shot With Laura Dern And Sam Neill

Jeff Goldblum’s comments to Insider seems to echo what Sam Neill previously said about the original cast’s role in Jurassic World: Dominion. It looks like the beloved original characters will have a significant role in Colin Trevorrow’s threequel, which should delight fans old and new. And if the actors started by coming face to face with a dinosaur on day one, there’s no telling what wild places our heroes will go.

Later in his same interview, Jeff Goldblum teased the quality if Jurassic World: Dominion, saying:

How Long Disneyland’s Actually Been Ready To Open

Between what Disneyland has learned, whatever work had been done in June ahead of the planned reopening, and the fact that Disneyland Resort simply isn’t as big as Walt Disney World, the turn around time between being given the ok and actually opening will probably be comparatively short. You can be sure that after being closed for nearly six months, the parks and hotels won’t be closed a day longer than is absolutely necessary.

Late Actor Chadwick Boseman Now Has The Most Liked Tweet Ever

Chadwick Boseman’s death clearly broke the internet, and it should be no surprise given how much the actor means to people. The late actor worked on a ton of high profile and acclaimed projects during his time in the limelight, including 42, Get On Up, Marshall, and Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods. Each of these projects specifically told a story of the black experience in America, and his iconography only increased once booking the role of Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tenet Got Off To A Solid International Start At The Box Office, And Wow

The top nation for Tenet, according to Deadline, was the UK which brought in $7 million, and which accounted for nearly three-quarters of all movie tickets sold last weekend in the nation. Korea, France, and Germany all put up comparable numbers. The numbers put up were especially impressive because even in nations where theaters are open, social distancing measures are put in place, which means theaters were only running at a fraction of capacity. Which makes the fact that some per-screen averages were actually on par with pre-pandemic numbers, though that was largely in smaller nations like Saudi Arabia and the Scandinavian countries, that much more notable.