Justice League’s Ray Fisher Claims DC Boss Has Issues With Joss Whedon As Well

If you aren’t up on how the film came together, Joss Whedon stepped in to complete Justice League in time for its theatrical release, after Zack Snyder departed the project following a family tragedy. Extensive reshoots resulted in a vastly different movie, and Ray Fisher is now alleging abusive behavior also went unchecked throughout the process of completing the film. He recently took to social media again, this time claiming that DC boss Walter Hamada acknowledged poor behavior happening at the time.

Console Wars: 6 Quick Things To Know About The Nintendo And Sega Feud Before The CBS All Access Documentary

Nintendo, on the other hand, released is Nintendo 64 console between 1996 (Japan) and 1997 (North America), which would later outsell the Saturn 33 million to 9 million by the end of each console’s life. Sega followed up the Saturn with a last-ditch effort, the Dreamcast in 1998, but by that point, the damage was done and the console failed to sell as well as its competitors and got out of the console business in 2002. Nintendo would go on to release the GameCube in 2001, the Wii in 2006, WiiU in 2012, and the Switch in 2017.

This is all just a small portion of what you can expect to see when Console Wars premieres September 23 on CBS All Access.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Actress Felicity Jones Pays Tribute To Late Justice With Sweet Message

After Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday, September 18, tributes to her life and her impact poured in from around the globe. While many celebrities and public figures sent their condolences in the wake of the news, one with an especially personal connection to the Supreme Court Justice also weighed in. Felicity Jones, who portrayed Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a biopic, offered her unique insights into her legacy.

The Cool Way Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Co-Star Josh Hutcherson Helped Kickstart Her Acting Career

Josh Hutcherson started acting back in 2002, nabbing his first high-profile role when he was about twelve for The Polar Express with Tom Hanks. As the actor continued to gain recognition in early movies such as Kicking & Screaming, Little Manhattan, Zathura, RV and Bridge to Terabithia, a young Jennifer Lawrence took notice. They say it’s easier to picture yourself somewhere when you know someone doing it, and Hutcherson making his way into her local paper was enough to have her talking to her parents about it.

Upcoming Zendaya Movies And TV: What’s Ahead For The Spider-Man Star

Dune – December 18th, 2020 (Post-Production)

Dune, Frank Herbert’s massive tome of a novel, hasn’t found the easiest filmmaking processes. There’s even a whole documentary about one famous filmmaker’s failed attempt to bring it to the silver screen. David Lynch succeeded — if to mixed results — with his 1984 film, but now Denis Villeneuve will make an admirable attempt to bring Herbert’s words to the screen.

With an all-star cast that includes Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Oscar Isaac, Stellan Skarsgard, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, and Charlotte Rampling in addition to Zendaya, Dune is set to be another enormous blockbuster from the revered director, though it’s hard to know if we’ll actually get a chance to see it this year. While we got our first glimpse at footage courtesy of an intriguing new trailer, the movie’s release date, December 18th, is tentative in a fluid release calendar.

Why I’m Probably Going To Visit Disneyland When It Reopens

Disneyland has been closed since March. As I write this, we have hit six months since Disneyland Resort closed its doors as a result of the global pandemic, and while the Downtown Disney District is open once again to limited crowds, the theme parks and hotels have announced no plan for reopening. While it feels like a reopening announcement might be coming soon, it seems equally likely we could see the resort, as well as places like Universal Studios Hollywood, remaining closed for a few more months. The closure was the right decision at the time, and it likely still is the right decision now. Having said that, yeah, I think I’ll probably be making plans to visit Disneyland pretty soon after it reopens, whenever that happens.

What’s Going On With The DCEU’s Cyborg Movie

There has been quite a bit of mystery and intrigue (or, more accurately, uncertainty and frustration) surrounding the DCEU in recent years. While at least one question has been answered with the confirmed existence and upcoming release date of the Snyder Cut, we cannot say the same about a once proposed film about Cyborg, which would see Ray Fisher would reprise his Justice League role as the lead.

Rita Wilson Reveals How Battling COVID-19 Helped Her To Finally Understand Advice Her Parents Used To Give

Thankfully I’m doing really well and really healthy. I remember when I was growing up and my parents always used to say, ‘If you have your health, you have everything. When you’re young and you hear that, you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever.’ But now that you have your health and you’ve gone through a couple of things, you’re like, ‘Yes. that actually does mean something.’ You can pretty much handle anything if you have your health.

How Tom Holland Found Out Spider-Man Co-Star Jake Gyllenhaal Was Producing The Devil All The Time

Ok, so I’m pretty sure this proves those two are Hollywood soulmates. As Holland told EW, he signed on to the film before being aware that Jake Gyllenhaal was involved, and his co-star had no idea the Spider-Man actor was set to play the lead, Arvin Russell. Upon seeing the credits, one would imagine the pair tag teamed it together after networking on Far From Home, but it turns out it’s an old-fashioned coincidence.