Upcoming Anya Taylor-Joy Movies: What’s Next For The Queen’s Gambit Star

The Sea Change – TBD

Back in February 2017, Deadline reported that Anya Taylor-Joy was just one of the names being tied to the film adaptation of Elizabeth Jane Howard’s 1959 acclaimed novel The Sea Change. According to the report, the movie will center around a group of people who are re-evaluating loss, love, and the human connection after coming to a remote island off the coast of Greece. Taylor-Joy is to play a curious and outspoken young woman whose life is thrown upside-down as the two other people in the group, a married couple to be played by Mark Strong and Kristin Scott Thomas (who is to make her directorial debut), overcome years of turmoil in their marriage.

At the time of the film’s announcement, Kristin Scott Thomas, who recently appeared in the Netflix adaptation of Rebecca, told Deadline that she wanted to make a movie that explores the thrills and difficulties of love in a way that has depth, humor, and beauty. There haven’t been any further announcements regarding The Sea Change in nearly four years now, so unless something major happens following Anya Taylor-Joy’s successful run on The Queen’s Gambit, this one may be dead in the water.

Following AMC Deal, Universal Is Partnering With Another Major Theater Chain

For those unfamiliar with what Universal and AMC hashed out, movies from the former studio only have to play for 17 days in the latter’s theaters, rather than the traditional 90 days. After that, Universal can provide said movies, from both the main Universal branch and Focus Features, as PVOD rentals, and AMC would receive a share of that revenue. Universal’s arrangement with Cinemark works similarly, albeit a bit more focused. Cinemark will play Universal and Focus titles opening upwards of $50 million at the domestic box office for 31 days, while movies opening under $50 million only play for 17 days.

Silver Lining: Stephen King Movie Takes Big Step Forward Just A Few Days After The Outsider Gets Cancelled

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is a survivor tale/psychological horror novel that follows a nine-year-old girl named Trisha McFarland who gets lost when she goes out hiking with her brother and recently-divorced mother. A clever kid, she uses he smarts to survive, and keeps her sprits up listening to a baseball game featuring her favorite player, pitcher Tom Gordon, on her Walkman, but her problems become exponentially greater with time, and making matters worse is that she begins to have what seem like hallucinatory visions in the forest.

Will Anthony Daniels Ever Retire His C-3PO Character? Here’s His Honest Answer

Anthony Daniels appearance in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is minimal, but that makes the appearance feel that much more special. Based on what we’ve seen of Tales of the Galaxy’s Edge a VR experience based around the theme park land at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it appears he’ll be a bigger part of that, though possibly not as much as we first thought, as at least part of the game has promised to be the first official look fans have had of The High Republic, the new era of Star Wars storytelling which is set hundreds of years before the prequels, and as such, it would take a pretty massive retcon to put 3PO there.

Judd Apatow Is Making A COVID Comedy For Netflix

That’s not to say Netflix and Judd Apatow have always seen eye-to-eye on things. Last year, when word got out that Netflix was experimenting with a “player control,” allowing users to speed up the video, many directors and filmmakers, including Judd Apatow weren’t having it. Judd Apatow took to social media to voice his displeasure with the technology, saying he’ll “call every director and show creator” to fight them on it.

No Big Deal, Just Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Pausing Their Feud To Hang Out While Filming

Feuds are like songs: sometimes you need to take a simple, but effective breath before heading over to the next note. If you don’t breathe just right, you run yourself down, and then the song is ruined. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that professional feuders Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have paused their endless squabble, while filming for a very good cause. And you can see what that moment of peace looks like, below:

How To Watch Alexandra Daddario’s Big Michael Bay-Produced Pandemic Movie

Set in 2024, Songbird, which was directed by Adam Mason, is set in a world where the world is entering its fourth pandemic year due to COVID-19 having mutated into an even more dangerous strain. In the U.S., those who are infected are taken to quarantine camps, where they’re left to either forcibly get better on their own or die. The story follows KJ Apa’s Nico, a motorbike courier who’s immune from the virus and races across Los Angeles to save his girlfriend, Sofia Carson’s Sara (from whom he’s had to stay physically distanced) after she’s believed to have become infected.

Bella Thorne Wears Leather Lingerie And Hops Into A Tub To Promote New Song For Only Fans

Bella Thorne has had a wild few months on Only Fans. Initially, she made a killing on the platform, raking in several million right out of the gate. Yet, it came with controversy after she seemingly promised nudes and didn’t deliver, which subsequently caused Only Fans to set guidelines which impacted sex workers. But she stuck it out on the platform, recently enticing people to join her account via leather lingerie and a bubble-filled bathtub.

Original Scream Writer Reacts To Scream 5’s New Directors

Well, that’s certainly a hopeful message. Because while Kevin Williamson isn’t involved in the writing of Scream 5, he seems to have faith in the duo of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Considering Wes Craven’s legacy and the writer’s own relationship with the late director, this is high praise from a key collaborator. We’ll just have to wait until the next movie arrives in 2022.

The Now-Hilarious Concern The Studio Had When Vince Vaughn Signed On For Old School

It was Old School, though, that set the comedy course for Vince Vaughn. Afterward, he appeared in more comedies, like Starsky & Hutch, Dodgeball, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Wedding Crashers, and he later re-teamed with Jon Favreau in Couples Retreat. Of those comedies, he’s said Wedding Crashers might get a sequel, as they’re in early talks with a “pretty good” idea.