Star Wars’ George Lucas Weighed In On The Infamous Han Shooting First Scene

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The Star Wars franchise has entertained moviegoers for decades, with the galaxy far, far away being passed down among generations. But regardless of how much the property has changed over the years, there’s one debate that continues to plague the fandom. Namely, who shot first? Was it Greedo or Han? This discussion is a deep dive into Harrison Ford’s character, and George Lucas himself recently weighed in on the hotly discussed subject.

Kristen Stewart’s Happiest Season Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

A top notch cast, with a love story for the ages, and a Christmas rom-com worthy of a Nancy Meyers comparison? That’s starting to make Happiest Season sound like the hot and heartwarming ticket for this year’s yuletide. And you won’t have to wait too much longer to see it, as director Clea DuVall’s festive offering will be home for the holidays when it debuts on Hulu, November 25th. Though the film will still be theatrically distributed internationally, so check your local listings extra carefully. And be sure to check out our 2020 release schedule, for all the movies that still intend on making it to theaters throughout the rest of this year.

Elektra: 5 Reasons Why You Should Give the Oft-Forgotten Marvel Movie Another Chance

Quite recently, I wrote an article comparing the Kingpin from the 2003 Daredevil movie, and the Kingpin from the Daredevil TV show, and it got me thinking—What about Elektra? Because yeah, she was in both the movie and the TV show as well. That’s why I decided to highlight the Jennifer Garner Elektra movie, because honestly, I feel like a lot of people forget that movie even exists.

Now, let me be clear. I don’t really think Elektra is a “good” movie, per se. It has a lot of problems, and one might even argue that it’s Marvel’s version of Catwoman, meaning that it’s really campy and bad. But I don’t think that’s the case. In fact, even though I don’t think Elektra stands with the likes of, say, any of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies or some of the X-Men movies (I mean, I definitely think Elektra’s better than that Godawful first Wolverine film). I certainly think that the Jennifer Garner superhero film is a lot better than most people make it out to be and I have 5 reasons why you should give it another shot. Oh, and spoilers up ahead.

Tom Holland And Daisy Ridley’s Chaos Walking Trailer Is Here And It Looks Wild

You would think that any movie starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley would be a high demand movie on the fast track to the theaters, and yet, the production of Chaos Walking, a post-apocalyptic drama starring the heroes of Star Wars and Spider-Man has had a rough road to public exhibition. However, the movie is finally on its way, and we all finally have a first look at what exactly Chaos Walking is all about and what it’s all about looks mildly insane. Check out the first trailer above.

In the trailer, we see Daisy Ridley crash land on a planet that is inhabited only by men. Not only that, the men of the world have a strange affliction that results in all their thoughts being broadcast out loud for others to hear. Ridley’s character is an anomaly both for now being, one assumes, the only woman on the planet, and the only person who can keep her thoughts to herself. This makes her somewhat dangerous, leading Tom Holland’s character to try and protect her from those that would do her harm.

For those familiar with the YA novel The Knife of Never Letting Go, this will all be expected, but for those of us who haven’t read it, everything about this movie looks bonkers. I mean that it in a good way.

More to come…

Florida Man Goes All ‘Florida Man’ At Walt Disney World, And LSD Is Involved

Walt Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on earth, but apparently, even during a global pandemic there are going to be people who cause trouble in the park rather than simply enjoy the experiences. There have been some pretty wild stories about the various ways that people have gotten themselves expelled from the resort, and, if you were curious, yes, tackling a security guard while LSD is one of the things that will get you permanently trespassed.

Tombstone Ending Explained: What Happened To Each Main Character

Allie Earp (Paula Malcomson)

Allie Earp, played by future Deadwood star Paula Malcomson, is last seen leaving Tombstone with her husband, Virgil, following the assassination of Morgan Earp and not long after her own husband was targeted and left with a paralyzed arm. The real Allie Earp remained with Virgil Earp until his passing in 1905, and she would follow more than 40 years later at the age of 97 or 98.

Those are just some of the real-life characters who played a prominent role in the events of Tombstone. With so many more to explore like Henry Hooker (Charlton Heston), Billy Breakenridge (Jason Priestley), Sheriff Johnny Behan (Jon Tenney), and numerous others, it’s never a bad idea to go back and look at the lives and times of those who were turned into some of the most iconic western characters in the past 30 years.

5 Reasons Why Dredd Is, And Probably Always Will Be, My Favorite Comic Book Movie

Dredd Is An Honest To Goodness “Day In The Life” Story Rather Than Some End Of The World Event

This might actually be my number 1 reason why Dredd is my favorite comic book movie, but I love how the events in this story are really just a day in the life of a character rather than some super major event. The whole conflict essentially takes place in one apartment complex called Peach Trees, and by the end of the film, his shift is over, and I love that.

The movie is similar in a lot of ways to the badass Indonesian movie, The Raid, in that Dredd has to get to the top of a building. But I think this makes for a thrilling action movie, and one where the stakes can still be super high for the characters, even if the story is relatively small. It’s all self-contained and it’s brilliant, and I really hate that we never got a sequel, because I would love to see where Dredd and Anderson’s stories could go from here.

Gal Gadot And Patty Jenkins Share Their Thoughts About Wonder Woman 1984’s Unique Release Plan

Since the decision is also a first for major big-budget releases, a number of fans are concerned as well. Most notably, the global fans of Wonder Woman have been left hanging with this announcement. Right now, theatrical and streaming plans are solely for people living in the U.S., and if audiences in other countries have to wait, there is the looming fear of spoilers and pirated copies reaching them. Additionally, HBO Max doesn’t currently offer 4K.

12 Cute Christmas Movies To Watch Streaming For Free

Mixed Nuts (Tubi)

Nora Ephron directed this 1994 Christmas Comedy starring Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, Juliette Lewis, Adam Sandler, Liev Schreiber, and Rita Wilson. Mixed Nuts tells one wild Christmas Eve story as employees at Lifesavers, a suicide-prevention hotline, deal with their own problems and a few odd characters they encounter that night.

Mixed Nuts is definitely one of those movies that leave a lasting impression for its wackiness and cast of quirky characters. If you want to enjoy something a little different than the usual holiday storylines, then Mixed Nuts might be the right flavor for you.

Stream it on Tubi here.