5 Reasons Why A Rick And Morty Movie Should Happen

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When you go through a year where major franchises are largely on the sidelines because theaters are closed, and you’re stuck watching mostly television, crazy ideas can pop up. Then again, it’s not so crazy to suggest one of America’s most popular animated series gets its own movie, even though Rick and Morty is in the midst of a very successful run on Adult Swim.

6 Reasons Why Sleepless In Seattle Is A Perfect Christmas Movie

Meg Ryan And Tom Hank’s Chemistry

If you’re going to spend an hour and a half to two hours watching people fall in love, then you at least want them to have good chemistry. There is a reason Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan appeared in multiple movies together: they have great on-screen chemistry. They are a classic movie pairing because they work and you want to see them together.

Even though Sleepless in Seattle is about Annie and Sam’s love story, they barely share screen time, but the few times they are together, you get giddy and want them to work out. Any romantic movie, whether it’s a Christmas one or just a normal one, fails or succeeds by the main actors’ chemistry.

Because Ryan and Hanks have such great on-screen chemistry, it sparks the feeling of holiday romance, whether you have someone or not during the holidays, Ryan and Hanks make you want to be in love, or appreciate the one or ones that you love.

Wait, Is Candyman Bringing Back Another Original Character?

“Her” being Virginia Madsen, according to the legendary horror icon. Funny enough, the exclusive was snatched by the nine-year-old host of the Rocking With Jam Man show. (He does know Candyman rated R, right?) Tony Todd definitely made it sound like it’s possible for Helen to make a comeback, as he remains in contact with his co-star, yet in the previously mentioned rumor, it’s Cassie Kramer who will be playing Helen in the upcoming Candyman.

How Henry Cavill’s Superman Will Change In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

That looks to be the main difference we can expect in Superman’s journey during Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but it’s not the only one. For example, during Superman’s rampage post-resurrection, the Snyder Cut trailer indicates that Lois Lane will make her way to the battle on her own after seeing Clark in the sky, as opposed to Batman specifically bringing her in as part of his contingency plan. Also, during his battle with the League, don’t expect Supes to ask Batman if he bleeds, an off-putting callback to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that Joss Whedon threw in. Jay Oliva has also described Superman’s behavior towards the end of the Snyder Cut as being “unhinged,” indicating that he’ll be way more of a badass when he comes to blows with Steppenwolf.

Kristen Stewart Recalling Teaching Dan Levy How To Do Beer Tricks On Happiest Season Is Delightful

Stewart: Of all the things that we did, ‘Hey Dan, give me an anecdote, what did you guys do on set?’ Well, we exchanged our favorite books, we talked about Autobiography of Red, Kristen taught me how to smash a beer on my head [and then drink it].

Levy: We’re like at the end of the night, anyway Kristen asks me if I’d like to participate in something which was the preface for this whole thing. And I said, ‘Sure.’ The idea is once you agree to it you have to do it. And you basically smash like a beer can on your head until it cracks open and then you chug the beer. And I tried it once, hit my head and was just like, ’This is not for me.’ Kristen of course does it flawlessly, finishes the beer, and I’m left holding a beer in my hand, like well this is why I wasn’t popular in high school.

6 James Bond Questions We Have About The Project 007 Video Game

How Long Are We Going To Have To Wait For Project 007 To Arrive?

At this moment, Project 007 is in “active development,” which, much like the world of the movies, means that the groundwork is being done in terms of everything that needs to be assembled. The game’s look, feel and storyline all need to be ironed out before we can even hope to see a glimpse of what awaits. But just how long is the entire process going to take before we have an idea on when to expect Project 007 on shelves? Admittedly, it’s best not to push these sorts of matters too hard, as even with a target date announced, the project could pull a Cyberpunk 2077, or worse, a Duke Nukem Forever, and see the game pushed back from an initial target. That being said, an entire console generation has passed without a major James Bond title released, and the sooner we know more about what to cautiously expect, the better.

Looks Like Black Panther 2 Has A Date To Begin Filming

The Black Panther II update also mentions a possible newcomer to the cast. Tenoch Huerta of Narcos: Mexico fame is in talks to play one of the villains in the movie, which will also star Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Angela Bassett. Word on the street is Wright’s Shuri could have a “prominent role” in the sequel, but that’s purely outside speculation at this point.

Amy Adams Wonders If The Snyder Cut Of Justice League Has ‘Expanded The Universe’

Abysmal. Aliens stealing husbands? Who thought that was funny?

You can almost see the relief on Amy Adams’ face knowing that her character arc is back in the hands of the filmmaker who launched Lois and Clark in this universe. And she also seemed very interested in learning more about the Release the Snyder Cut movement, an active group of which she was unfamiliar. When I brought up the work of the fandom, Adams said to me:

I had no idea there was a movement. … I’m fascinated with that, how sort of this internet movement happened.

She needs to get her hands on my book, Release the Snyder Cut. It explains what happened in the movement, telling the behind-the-scenes story of how Zack Snyder’s fans got the director’s cut of Justice League released. The book is up for pre-order right now, and will be on sale on February 15.

Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Explains Why The Rise Of Skywalker Gave Rey The ‘Perfect Ending’

Considering how a little over three decades passed between Return of the Jedi’s release and when Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford reprised their respective Star Wars roles in The Force Awakens, perhaps something similar could happen decades from now with Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac. By that point, these three actors, wherever they are in their careers, might be game to explore older versions of the characters. And yes, technically that would be a continuation of the Skywalker Saga, but those extra stories could be seen as more of an epilogue.

Christopher Nolan Reveals The Advantage His Dark Knight Trilogy Had Over Recent Superhero Movies

The director of three Batman movies, Christopher Nolan, recently spoke at 92Y in New York, in support of the new book, The Nolan Variations by Tom Shore. As one might expect, Nolan’s trilogy, which is still incredibly popular, was a big part of that conversation and among the director’s other comments he explained (via Indiewire) that there were two things his trilogy had which were major advantages. One was a significant amount of creative freedom, as Nolan was approaching the Batman story in a unique way. The second advantage was the ability to take his time. As Nolan explained…