Extraction 2: The Russo Brothers Reveal When The Netflix Sequel Is Aiming To Shoot

Fans are also eager to see if more of Tyler Rake’s backstory is revealed in Extraction‘s upcoming sequel. We met a few characters from the protagonist’s life in the first movie, including David Harbour’s backstabbing Gaspar. Additionally, it’ll be interesting if the relationship with Golshifteh Farahani’s Nik Khan, is further expanded in the developing movie.

The Batman Set Photo Reveals More About The Setting Of Robert Pattinson’s Movie

Matt Reeves’ The Batman has been a blockbuster plagued by obstacles. Some of them have been COVID related… ok, fine. All of them have been COVID related, as the production has seen delays, and the movie’s release date has shifted more often than the studio likely would prefer. But the additional time afforded to the blockbuster means that the creative team has been able to pour more manpower into the design of the Gotham City that we will see in this standalone film, and we now know that a portion of the film will take place in the winter. The Long Halloween vibes, DC fans?

Taylor Swift Confirms Joe Alwyn Helped Write Songs On Folklore

Folklore: the long pond studio sessions features performances of every song on Taylor Swift’s new album, recorded at the Hudson Valley studio. In between songs, Taylor sits with producers Jack Antonoff and The National’s Aaron Dessner and they talk about the conception of the songs and how they each came together, passing music and lyrics back and forth remotely during quarantine. Joe Alwyn wasn’t in attendance for the filming of the Disney+ film (that we saw, anyway), but during the conversation about “Exile,” Taylor finally confirmed that yes, William Bowery is Joe Alwyn.

Apparently, The Favourite actor is quite the piano player, and when Taylor heard him singing the first verse of what would become “Exile,” she was “entranced.”

Bill Murray’s Brother Who Inspired Caddyshack Is Dead At 76

Ed Murray became a caddy at the age of 10 and introduced the game to the family. Ed received the Evans Scholarship in 1963, a housing and tuition scholarship given specifically to golf caddies, which allowed Ed to attend Northwestern University. It was this element which helped to inspire the plot of Caddyshack, as the character of Danny Noonan wins a golf tournament for caddies that awards him a scholarship. However, being a Caddie was a part of the lives of all the brothers, and in 2015 all of them were inducted into a Hall of Fame specific to the occupation.

The Croods 2 Voice Cast: Who’s Voicing Each Character In The Croods: A New Age

Emma Stone (Eep Crood)

Once again playing Ugga and Grug’s eldest daughter, Eep, in The Croods: A New Age is Emma Stone, the Oscar-winning star of La La Land, Birdman, and Superbad, her feature film debut. Eep is, essentially, the actress’ biggest animated voice acting to date, having previously played Australian Shepherd Mazie in Marmaduke, Lois Lane on Robot Chicken, London Tipton’s dog Ivana on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Black Widow’s David Harbour Discusses Red Guardian’s Captain America-Like Origins

I mean, how cool is that? It looks like Red Guardian has been given his own dose of the super-soldier serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America in The First Avenger, so we should expect some badass action from David Harbour. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the same notoriety as Chris Evan’s signature character, which should make for an interesting character.

Uncle Frank Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Amazon Prime Movie Stars Before

Alan Ball’s Uncle Frank, the latest original film to hit Amazon Prime Video, features an outrageously talented cast full of recognizable faces… but many of them are also stars that the average viewer might not be able to specifically name directly off the top of their head. Audiences likely recognize Paul Bettany, but others might have you saying, “I know them, they were in that thing,” while drawing circles in the air trying to think.

It’s in aid of that particular process that we are here to help. Rather than scramble around the internet and sift through full resumes, we’ve put together this feature to highlight the best known works of the Uncle Frank cast. There are a lot of names to discuss, so let’s dig in!

The Best Romantic Comedies To Watch During Christmas (And Where To Watch Them)

If you don’t have a holiday tradition that involves watching romantic comedies, now is the perfect time to start one. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hallmark, Lifetime, and many other premium channels and streaming services offer a variety of romantic comedies that make it easy to binge these movies during the Christmas season. Romantic films may not fall precisely into the Christmas movies standards, but they have some of the key elements of the holidays: love, hope, and big gestures of affection.

For this list, I picked romantic comedies that involve the Christmas season but aren’t considered Christmas movies, like You’ve Got Mail, or Bridget Jones’s Diary. Both films at one point reach the Christmas holiday but that’s not the main focus of the film. I have also included some that are considered Christmas movies, like Last Christmas and The Best Man Holiday. This list consists mostly of well-known films, instead of some lesser-known romantic comedies or Christmas movies, because they’re some of the best romantic comedies, and they’re easier to rent or stream online.

The Surprising Way Paul Bettany Related To Uncle Frank’s Story

Uncle Frank boasts an absolutely outstanding collection of character actors in its ensemble, with the aforementioned Paul Bettany, Sophia Lillis, and Peter Macdissi joined by Margot Martindale, Steve Zahn, Stephen Root, Judy Greer, and Lois Smith, and it is now available for your viewing pleasure. Subscribers can check it out exclusively on Amazon Prime, and be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for information about all of the new releases arriving in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Fast And Furious’ Ludacris Explains Why He’s ‘Not Sad’ About The Franchise Ending

As Ludacris noted, while he made his Fast & Furious debut in 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious, it wasn’t until 2011’s Fast Five that he became a regular player in the franchise, with Tej Parker filling the role of mechanic and tech guy. Assuming Tej isn’t killed off in F9 or Fast & Furious 10, he’ll have participated in seven Fast & Furious movies total, which is nothing to scoff at. And of course, extra time with Tej means more opportunities to watch him mess with Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce, the team’s resident joker.