Who Is William Bowery? Taylor Swift Confirms Joe Alwyn Helped Write Songs On Folklore

Folklore: the long pond studio sessions features performances of every song on Taylor Swift’s new album, recorded at the Hudson Valley studio. In between songs, Taylor sits with producers Jack Antonoff and The National’s Aaron Dessner and they talk about the conception of the songs and how they each came together, passing music and lyrics back and forth remotely during quarantine. Joe Alwyn wasn’t in attendance for the filming of the Disney+ film (that we saw, anyway), but during the conversation about “Exile,” Taylor finally confirmed that yes, William Bowery is Joe Alwyn.

Apparently, The Favourite actor is quite the piano player, and when Taylor heard him singing the first verse of what would become “Exile,” she was “entranced.”

Netflix’s Christmas Chronicles 2: Kurt Russell’s Prep For Santa Claus Sounds Wild

It just goes to show dedicated Kurt Russell is to his craft, and for the current generation of children, there’s a strong chance he could become their Santa Claus, like how Tim Allen was the Santa for many ‘90s and 2000s kids thanks to The Santa Clause. It’s definitely his most family-friendly project of late, with the last closest thing being Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where he played Ego the Living Planet, the main antagonist. Russell’s other recent credits include The Hateful Eight, Deepwater Horizon and The Fate of the Furious.

One Of Doctor Strange’s Trippiest Moments Got The Comic Treatment, And I Can’t Look Away

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a well-oiled machine over the past decade and change of filmmaking, featuring a ton of iconic characters from the page. One of the most unique heroes to join the fray is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, who is expected to have a major role in the next slate of movies. Strange’s powers have featured some of the MCU’s most trippy visuals, one of which was recently given the comic book treatment. And I can’t look away.

A Key Spider-Man 3 Contributor Has Confirmed Their Involvement In Tom Holland’s Latest

Heading HOME again, eh? Is Michael Giacchino getting cute, and doing his best Tom Holland impersonation by revealing what the title of the third Spider-Man movie will be? Unlikely, as a Tweet would be too obvious of a place to reveal what the subhed of Spider-Man 3 will be. However, we do expect it to involve the word “Home” somehow.

James Gunn’s Farewell To Retiring Disney Imagineer Behind Guardians Of The Galaxy Disneyland Ride Will Give You All The Feels

Of course, with all the successes, Joe Rohde’s legacy will also have one unfortunate mark on it. Disney’s Animal Kingdom marquee thrill ride, Expedition Everest, has the the largest animatronic ever created by Disney, and for most of the ride’s life, the Yeti has not moved. A problem in with the way the foundation was poured has meant that if the Yeti is given its full functionality, the ride could shake apart. Rohde continually tried to find a way to fix the Yeti, but no solution that doesn’t involve taking the entire thing apart and rebuilding it, has even been discovered.

Why Kristen Stewart And Mary Steenburgen Could Barely Get Any Work Done On The Set Of Happiest Season

As Mary Steenburgen mentions, she was thrilled to join the impressive company of actors that Clea Duvall assembled for Happiest Season. Tons of familiar faces are feature in the new Christmas movie, including Mackenzie Davis, Victor Garber, Aubrey Plaza, Ana Gasteyer, and Dan Levy. But it was her special relationship with Kristen Stewart that singlehandedly ruined takes while filming Happiest Season.

Halloween Legend John Carpenter Is A Gamer, And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

2020 has been a hell of a year that has led to many people largely isolating themselves at home. This has led to a need to keep one’s self entertained, frequently through the use of TV, movies, or video games. If you’re in need of something new to play now because you’ve played everything else you own, there’s always the newest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I haven’t actually played it yet, I’m taking that perspective from one of the masters of horror, who is also a master gamer. John Carpenter says the new AC is pretty great, and fans are going a little wild.

Channing Tatum Shaved His Head After Wrapping The Movie Dog, Check Out His New Look

Channing Tatum’s upcoming movie Dog is also notable because he’ll be making his directorial debut on the project. Tatum has seemingly learned from the best during his long career in film, after working with iconic directors like Quentin Tarantino (Hateful Eight), The Coen Brothers (Hail, Caesar!), and The Wachowskis (Jupiter Ascending). We’ll just have to see what he brings to the table, and how much audiences falls in love with the movie’s title character.

Lily James Knew Married Co-Star Dominic West Long Before Their Romantic Weekend Jaunt

In The Pursuit of Love, Lily James is set to play lead character Linda Radlett, a flighty young woman growing up in Pre-World War II London, who misses the boat on love. In the project, Dominic West, who is 20 years her senior, will play Uncle Matthew, Linda’s eccentric uncle and caretaker. In an interview with The Guardian, James touched on her prior professional relationship with West, also mentioning a lively exchange from their upcoming project.

Clifford The Big Red Dog First Look Is Big, Red And Filled With Puppies

On top of the release of their first teaser for Clifford The Big Red Dog, Paramount has also released details on the film’s story. And just as you’d expect, adventure is in the cards when young Emily Elizabeth (The Christmas Chronicles 2’s Darby Camp) sees her small red puppy turn into a massive creature of lovable proportions. New York City will be their playground, as she and her uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) are set to go on “an adventure that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat.”