Top Gun: Maverick’s Miles Teller Has Seen The Movie And Talks Emotional Payoff

Should someone mention the title of director Tony Scott’s ‘80s action-drama Top Gun in polite conversation, “the need for speed” almost immediately comes to mind. The film’s legacy has banked heavily on Tom Cruise’s bravado, and the slick period-appropriate storytelling that’s kept it at a legendary status to this day. However, there’s one hidden asset that the film’s sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, seems keen to cash in on. The first big hint towards that assumption comes from one of the film’s stars, Miles Teller, who has seen the film and feels like it delivers a pretty emotional payoff fans will really dig.

Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale Has A Poker Mistake That Still Makes The Director Laugh

In the grand scheme of the story, even Martin Campbell admits that Casino Royale’s costly poker mistake has no bearing towards what happens. Bond tips his dealer generously, gets whipped around a little bit, and ultimately sets off on a quest of heartbroken vengeance just the same. However, it’ll be hard not to look at that moment after learning the facts behind it and have a bit of a laugh ourselves. You can get in on the unintentional laughs by watching Casino Royale, which is currently available for streaming on Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

Cool Back To The Future Gift Ideas For The Time Travel Fan In Your Life

A Back To The Future Hill Valley Cookbook For The Kitchen

If you are looking for a book about Back to the Future that’s more than just a collection of facts about the movie or essays on all the theories surrounding the events, then the Official Hill Valley Cookbook is perfect for the kitchen or just their bookshelf. The cookbook, which was released in October 2020, contains 65 recipes from the “past, present, and future” that either come from Back to the Future or are inspired by movie. One of the coolest things about the cookbooks is the way it is split into different eras from all three movies, including 1985, 1955, 2015, alternate 1985, and 1885. With mini pizzas from Back to the Future Part II‘s 2015, and a pie that looks like a Flux Capacitor placed on top a clock, there’s plenty to try.

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Croods 2 Box Office: How Much The Movie Made Opening Night In Theaters Over Thanksgiving

That’s pretty impressive for a movie that was once rumored to be cancelled in production, thanks to Dreamworks Animation’s tumultuous history throughout the last decade. But with The Croods: A New Age under the auspices of Dreamworks’ parent studio Universal, it seems that the project not only found its feet, but according to Deadline’s numbers, also found its audience. The same of which could be said for almost the entire run of films in theaters now. Among the titles that were mentioned as seeing a bump in their Thanksgiving portfolio were the other family comedy on the market, The War With Grandpa, as well as Liam Neeson’s action thriller Honest Thief. Though Universal was probably smiling extra hard yesterday, as they had two other films see fortune smile upon them, with both slasher-comedy Freaky and the emotional drama Let Him Go both receiving their own increases.

Why It’s OK To Root Against Amy Adams’ Hillbilly Elegy Character, According To The Cast

There comes a time, in every abusive relationship, where the person on the receiving end has to stand up for themselves and say, “Enough is enough.” As Ron Howard notes, there’s a pivotal scene in Hillbilly Elegy where the older J.D. (played by Gabriel Basso) has to make a tough decision between his future, and the past that’s anchoring him in Kentucky. Howard notes that every audience member is going to bring their own baggage to the film, but in terms of the J.D. versus Beverly debate, he had this to say:

Andy Samberg Has Some Blunt Thoughts For Academy Members Mad About Diversity Standards

But as Samberg points out, diversity hiring behind the scenes could easily meet the requirements that have been laid out by the Academy for a movie that considers itself an Oscar contender. Productions need to meet two of the four announced Standards, and only Standard A addresses lead acting roles, main plotlines, or 30% of an ensemble cast. Standard B gets into leadership roles at the producing studios, encouraging more diverse hiring at the top levels. Standard D, meanwhile, gets into representation in marketing, publicity and distribution. Like Samberg notes, those should be very easy to attain.

Halle Berry Actually Responded To Rumors Saying She Is ‘Bad In Bed

The John Wick franchise actress revealed she was in a relationship in September of this year, though his feet, at least, were spotted on her Instagram account over the summer. Since then, Halle Berry has been more comfortable spouting affections for her musician boyfriend, recently noting that things were really going well between the two of them.

Mission: Impossible 7’s Hayley Atwell Details Safety Protocols And Seems To Have The Best Time Filming

Whether it’s fun or safety, Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 sound like they’ve been rewarding experiences for the entire cast, Hayley Atwell included. Considering the delays and worries the world of entertainment has been subjected to through current events, those rewards are especially enjoyable, as they keep the wheels turning for the future of this storied espionage franchise. We may have to wait a little longer than anticipated to see the results, but if this behind-the-scenes dedication is any indication, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Batman Gift Ideas For Any Fan Of The Dark Knight

In fact, the selection of great Batman gifts can actually be a little overwhelming and there is so much time during the holidays to find exactly what you are looking for. Allow us, if you will, to help assist in you in your quest by narrowing down your search our picks for the best options available. The following are 12 epic products that your favorite Batman-loving friend or family member not only deserves, but might actually need right now, such as this particularly timely and quite necessary item.

Turns Out, Kristen Stewart Was The Big Rule Breaker On The Twilight Set

Nikki Reed, who played Rosalie Hale through the movies, really, really wanted to keep a particular souvenir from the set, but she’s a big rule follower and says she really struggled with how to get away with it. That is, until she talked to her co-star Kristen Stewart, who not only convinced her it was a rite of passage to nab something from set, but actually did the dirty work for her when it came to sneaking off some baseball shoes.