It’s The End Of An Era With Trailer For Netflix’s To All The Boys: Always And Forever

As you can see in the trailer above, it’s quite a last hurrah too, as Lana Condor and Noah Centineo’s adorable high school sweethearts are going to prom, as well as on a senior trip to New York City, together. But there’s one pretty big question that hangs in the balance as the end of their senior year looms near: will Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship survive after one of them doesn’t get into Stanford? Admittedly, that last hook to the To All the Boys: Always and Forever trailer sucks the air out of the room, whether you’re a fan or a newbie.

Now F9’s Vin Diesel Has Finally Touched On All The Space Rumors

Whether or not the Fast & Furious family will end up in space in F9 or not, this certainly indicates that going to space is something that could happen. If not in the next movie, then in one of the others that are already planned to follow this one. Whether a story idea leads the team to space or whether they simply decide they want to go to space and come up with a plausible way to make it work in the story, don’t count the idea out entirely.

5 Marvel Characters Alicia Silverstone Would Be Perfect To Play


I do have another idea for a Guardians of the Galaxy-related character whom Alicia SIlverstone might be a good fit for: Moondragon, who was taught the ways of the Titan before later joining cosmic heroes. However, incorporating this bald, telekinetic badass would, once again, require a few creative liberties considering how, in the MCU continuity, Drax the Destroyer’s daughter is dead.

As the story in the comics goes, before he became Drax, the earthly Arthur Douglas was murdered by Thanos, at which point his young daughter Heather was taken by the purple guy’s father, Mentor, to Titan where she learned to activate her psychic abilities and studied hand-to-hand combat. I think James Gunn could, instead, bring Moondragon in as, say, Star Lord’s old ravager rival or something and let Alicia Silverstone take it from there by reigniting the same ass-kicking, technically intelligent persona she brought to Batgirl… but better.

Upcoming Mark Wahlberg Movies: The Six Billion Dollar Man And More

Understandably so, there are some things that Mark Wahlberg usually prefers not to talk about when in conversation with the press, such as his early days as a rapper. However, one topic he cannot escape is The Six Billion Dollar Man, which the actor has been slated to star in and produce for years. The big screen update of a cult sci-fi TV series from the 1970s is actually just one of many upcoming titles with Wahlberg’s name attached that we still have yet to see.

In fact, the majority of film titles from the list I am about to present have not seen many updates on their development for the better part of a decade since they were initially announced. However, the 49-year-old, Academy Award-nominated Boston native clearly has what it takes to (eventually) get a project off the ground, having managed to release the feature-length continuation of Entourage four years after its series finale, as well as other films and TV projects he served as both star and producer for.

What The xXx Cast Is Doing Now, Including Vin Diesel

Petr Jákl (Kolya)

Next there is Kolya, yet another member of Anarchy 99 who meets his maker after one too many encounters with Xander Cage. Petr Jákl, the actor responsible for bringing the younger brother of central antagonist Yorgi to the screen, like his character, is a bonafide badass, having competed in the European Judo Championships on three separate occasions (1995, 1998, 2000) before turning his focus to acting. In addition to appearing in xXx, Jákl has also shown up in movies like Eurotrip and Alien vs Predator as well as the 2018 video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Jákl is currently directing the historical drama Medieval, which stars Ben Foster, Michael Caine, and Til Schweiger of Inglorious Basterds.

Netflix Is Officially Concluding Its To All The Boys And Kissing Booth Romances This Year

It’s not a huge surprise to fans of the books since there’s only so many available stories about the respective young romances, but considering their success, it also wouldn’t be out of left field if they went further than three installments. In terms of All The Boys, Always and Forever will follow Jenny Han’s final book called Always and Forever, Lara Jean.

Amazon’s Bliss Trailer Looks Like Owen Wilson’s Weirdest Movie Yet

The Bliss trailer kicks off with Owen Wilson’s Greg talking about a vision he keeps experiencing of a mysterious place and woman, both of which feel real. It’s only when Greg finally meets this woman, Salma Hayek’s Dr. Isabel Clemons, that he learns the truth: his drab and hectic existence is a simulation, and real life is a lot more colorful and pleasant. The purpose of the simulation is to generate appreciation for the real world. Furthermore, in this ugly simulation, Greg and Isabel are capable of incredible feats, like moving objects with their mind.

Bruce Willis Was Allegedly Kicked Out Of A Pharmacy For Not Wearing A Mask

At the top of quarantine last year, Bruce Willis ended up spending weeks with Demi Moore and their three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, back in Idaho where they raised their family together. They were all together right as stay-at-home orders took effect, allowing the family to spend some rare quality time together before Willis returned to Los Angeles to be with his wife of over a decade, Emma Heming Willis. The pair have 8-year-old Mabel and 6-year-old Evelyn together.

Should Mission: Impossible Recast Ethan Hunt When Tom Cruise Is Done?

It’s 2021, and while the world gears up for the final act of 52-year-old Daniel Craig’s stint as James Bond, the 58-year-old Tom Cruise is filming Mission: Impossible 7. The actor has gotten bumped, bruised and even broken along the way, but he’s still here and still playing Ethan Hunt. With so many years under his belt and the continuing passage of time, one has to wonder: what will happen when he calls it quits?

How Eli Goree Made The Self-Centered Cassius Clay Likable In One Night In Miami

That makes complete sense. While Cassius Clay may display pompous or conceited qualities at times, it’s the fact that he truly cares about others just as much as himself that makes him so likable. Eli Goree’s performance as Clay is captivating, the way he commands attention every time he’s on screen the way Clay did whenever he entered a room, but it’s never rude or overbearing. It’s simply, he’s here and he has important things to say, and people listen.