How M. Night Shyamalan Feels About Movies Like Dune And Godzilla Vs. Kong Heading To HBO Max

The past year has put the majority of individuals in the industry in the same boat – and it’s not a pretty one. The pandemic has busted holes in everyone’s life raft, and even stolen an oar or two. The delays we have seen in new releases is just one consequence, complications with filming being another, and it has forced people in the industry to get creative. M. Night Shyamalan knows this, as he has also had to adjust his own plans during the filming of the second season of Servant. And, Warner Brothers’ distribution tactic seems to be just another hit to filmmakers.

Gal Gadot Reveals When And Why She Cried Watching Wonder Woman 1984

However, Wonder Woman 1984’s opening sequence ended with Diana not winning, but learning a lesson. After losing her lead, Diana manages to regain it by taking a shortcut, but also ends up missing one of the checkpoints. Before she can cross the finish line ahead of everyone else, her aunt Antiope removes her from the competition, telling her that her victories and gains in life must be achieved honestly, a sentiment Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta echoes. Naturally that lesson comes into play during Wonder Woman 1984’s main narrative when the Dreamstone starts granting people’s wishes, including bringing back Steve Trevor for Diana.

How Marvel Studios Plans To Use Its Phases Moving Forward, According To Kevin Feige

Right off of the bat, Phase Four differs significantly from its predecessors because it includes television. Marvel has operated in TV before, both on ABC and Netflix. Those offerings were not a part of the MCU. Starting with WandaVision on Disney+, though, the Phases will morph to incorporate programming. A LOT more programming, There are 12 shows and 11 movies in Phase Four at the moment. So when we interviewed Kevin Feige about “Phases,” and if the concept was still in play for Marvel Studios, he explained:

Beauty And The Beast Star Dan Stevens Talks Ghost Sex In His New Movie

The film, based on the play by Noël Coward, tells the story of a man dealing with writer’s block who enlists the help of a séance, and ends up bringing back the ghost of his dead first wife, who had been his muse. This is an issue for the man’s current love. There is a scene where man and ghost get it on, at least as much as man and ghost can do so. Stevens recently spoke with Digital Spy and admitted that the story doesn’t put a great deal of thought into exactly how that would work, and hopefully viewers won’t worry about it too much either. Stevens explains…

The Most Underrated Ride At Disney World May Be Close To Reopening And I’m Pumped

Unlike Disneyland in California, Florida’s Disney World has been open since mid-July, but that doesn’t mean every single ride, attraction, resort, shop and restaurant is operating. In fact, a healthy portion is either dark or running at reduced capacity. This includes one of my absolute favorite rides, PeopleMover, which has been shuttered since Disney World reopened. Fortunately for me and my fellow Transit Authority fans, however, it seems like the prolonged closure may be able to come to an end.

Anne Hathaway’s Locked Down Has Screened, Here’s What Critics Are Saying

Well, that was pretty glowing. And while Locked Down is neither the first or last film project to be focused on life in the midst of isolation, Eric Eisenberg seems to think Doug Liman’s new comedy stands out for the quality of the performances and overall film. Of course, not every critic felt the same way about the movie’s overall effectiveness. IndieMire‘s David Ehrlich seemed to think it failed to reach its potential, writing:

If Not Now, When? Director’s Biggest Motivator As A Black Entertainer

I was raised in such a manner that I was Black and I’m a Black woman, no matter where I am, but it wasn’t something that had to be stated. Every time I walked in a room, it wasn’t as a Black woman, it was just, ‘Oh, is that what you want? To be great? You can be it.’ No one told me the limitation. So as I got older and started really diving into this… obviously growing up on the East coast, I have a different mentality. So when I came out here to go to college, I just believed that hard work plus determination equals reward. Well, then I get into an industry that tells me all of the things that I’m not enough at as a Black woman. So now, because you’re telling me I can’t act and I can’t be these things because I’m Black and because I’m not pretty enough, not sexy enough, not this enough and because I’m too dark over here, or I’m not dark enough. All of these things are why you’re telling me I can’t pursue the thing that I love. So now it’s my mission to change all of that one thing at a time. You’re telling me I can’t be this? I’m gonna write a movie with four of them being that. It’s my driving factor. One of my biggest motivations is: tell me what I can’t do, and I’m going to show you 20 different ways in which I can.

Snyder Cut: Martian Manhunter Actor Reveals When He Thinks Zack Snyder’s Justice League Will Hit HBO Max

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There are comic book movies, and then there’s Justice League. Filmmaker Zack Snyder was doing a ton of world-building while filming the 2017 blockbuster, although his departure from the set saw the studio interfere and greatly alter his original vision. A ton of concepts were left on the cutting room floor, including the possible reveal of Harry Lennix as Martian Manhunter. And now Lennix has revealed when he believed that Snyder Cut to be hitting HBO Max.

A New Star Wars Video Game Is On The Way, Why That’s A Big Deal

The game from Ubisoft is reportedly still staffing up according to Wired, so the game itself is still years away, but Ubisoft is known for making open world games, every franchise from Assassin’s Creed to FarCry to the endless stream of Tom Clancy branded titles uses a similar structure, a massive map that a player usually has complete freedom to move around in, with an endless stream of missions and collectables to discover throughout the world. It’s certainly exciting to consider an open world game set on a planet in the Star Wars galaxy, or possibly more than one. Who wouldn’t love to fully explore Coruscant as a young Jedi Knight? Of course, since its Ubisoft, we can also assume plenty of microtransactions.

Looks Like Ryan Reynolds Approves That Epic Deadpool And Spidey MCU Fan Art

While Ryan Reynolds will have to continue guarding the secrets of Deadpool 3 as it continues developing, Kevin Feige himself confirmed that the R-rated movie will be set in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. And as such, Reynolds can at least join in the conversation about that exciting update, and share fan art that was shown above. In it we see Spidey’s web catching Deadpool, but let’s hope that works out better than it did for Gwen Stacy.

The MCU is currently streaming on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.