Real-Life Archaeologist Reveals What Indiana Jones Gets Right And Wrong About The Field

In other words, Indiana Jones gives her line of work a bad name. He is often seen stealing artifacts and messing with the natural states of ancient remains. Fast-forwarding to The Last Crusade, when Harrison Ford’s Indy is teaching his college students, Alexandra Jones does agree with his comments about archaeology being rooted in “fact” rather than truths. But once his friend Marcus comes in with stolen artifacts to show him, we’re back in unethical territory. You can check out the real Dr. Jones discuss archaeology movies below:

After New Mutants, 5 Marvel Stories That Need The Horror Movie Treatment

Marvel Zombies

The last one here is Marvel Zombies, an actual comic book run that the comic book publisher had going on between 2005 and 2006. In the series set in an alternate universe, the superhero population we know and love have been infected with a deadly virus that turns our faves into, yes, zombies. Who doesn’t want to see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes use their incredible powers as zombie versions of themselves? It would be awesome and super fun.

Black Adam Producer Props Up The Justice Society While Teasing Dwayne Johnson’s DC Debut

While Black Adam started out as a Shazam adversary and still tangles with the superpowered Billy Batson frequently, he also has a unique rapport with the Justice Society thanks to Geoff Johns’ run on the JSA comic book. So there’s precedence for including Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone and Atom Smasher in the Black Adam movie, and considering that the JSA has existed since 1940, it’s about time that they finally get the cinematic spotlight.

Dang, Rebel Wilson Looks Great As She Reveals She’s Only A Few Pounds Away From Weight Loss Goals

2020 has been actor Rebel Wilson’s “year of health,” as she’s been working out and eating well in the name of her own well-being. And sure enough, the hard work has been paying off, as Wilson is very close to hitting her target weight, and she’s got the social media update to prove it. With roughly another 18 pounds to go, here’s Rebel Wilson’s latest news:

One Director Still Wants A Crack At Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Despite Last Movie’s Flop

Over his long career as a writer, Stephen King has had a lot of his books adapted into movies and TV series, with some being great, and some not so great. However, out of all of them, The Dark Tower has long been a coveted project to tackle. Sadly, when The Dark Tower was adapted for the silver screen, it didn’t do so well. Despite that, one filmmaker wants to take his own crack at the story.

2021 New Movie Releases: The Full Movie Release Date Schedule For Next Year

January 2021 Movie Releases

Find out if the new Mortal Kombat will FINISH the franchise, if Peter Rabbit 2 will be the month’s runaway hit, and more in January 2021.

Friday January 8th

The Devil’s Light – Rating TBD – Virginia Madsen, Ben Cross
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project I – Rating TBD

Friday January 15th

355 – Rating TBD – Jessica Chastain, Sebastian Stan
Mortal Kombat – Rating TBD – Jessica McNamee, Hiroyuki Sanada
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway – Rated PG – James Corden, Margot Robbie
Respect – Rating TBD – Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker

Friday January 22nd

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie – Rating TBD – Max Harwood, Lauren Patel
Nine Days – Rated R – Bill Skarsgård, Zazie Beetz

Friday January 29th

The Little Things – Rated R – Denzel Washington, Jared Leto
Rumble – Rating TBD – Will Arnett, Terry Crews

Looks Like Wonder Woman 1984’s Runtime Has Finally Been Revealed

151 minutes may not seem like a lot of time to save the world, but it just might be enough to help Wonder Woman 1984 win the war to bring audiences back to movie theaters. Those battles will be waged rather soon too, as Wonder Woman 1984 lassos its way into theaters on October 2nd. So don’t forget to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for further developments and coverage as we count down to the big day. And as for you Black Widow fans, November 6th may be a little further off, but that advice above still stands to be heeded.

One Of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Favorite Words Just Got Added To The Dictionary

The Rock hasn’t wrestled in years, and it seems unlikely he ever will again, but no matter how popular and successful he gets as an actor, he will always be linked to the character he created in WWE. It’s of course been even longer since The Iron Shiek wrestled regularly, but the two former WWE champions can both be proud of the mark they’ve left on the world thanks to the simple, but unforgettable word.

Why Star Wars Should Do A Movie Without Space Travel

Additionally, interplanetary travel has been a staple of nearly every Star Wars story on television and film. Obviously it’s a formula that works, but space travel and battles are something that the franchise has leaned on so heavily, I can’t help but imagine what a Star Wars film would be without it. In a time when Star Wars is taking a hard look at where it’s been, and where it’s headed, I’d like to run through the strengths of doing a franchise entry without space travel.