The Live-Action Batman Movies In Order: How To Watch By Release Date

DC Extended Universe

Director Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman movies in 2013 with Man of Steel would end up being the first installment of a new shared universe of DC movies which came to be known as the DC Extended Universe (or DCEU for short). Of course, such a franchise could not be complete without Batman, who appears in three theatrically released films (and an extended cut of one of the titles) from the series so far, as played by Academy Award winner and Marvel movies actor (2003’s Daredevil), Ben Affleck.

The following are all the movies in the DCEU so far, by order of release date:

  • Man Of Steel (2013)
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)
  • *Suicide Squad (2016) *
  • *Wonder Woman (2017) *
  • *Justice League (2017) *
  • *Aquaman (2018) *
  • *Birds Of Prey (2020) *
  • *Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) *
  • *Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) *
  • The Suicide Squad (2021)

I Know What You Did Last Summer’s Ryan Phillippe Reacts To The New TV Series

The I Know What You Did Last Summer series premieres on Amazon on October 15. The first four episodes will drop all at once, and the other four episodes will come out the subsequent Fridays. The series stars Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, Brooke Bloom, Sonya Balmores and Bill Heck.

A Beloved Sopranos Star Was Supposed To Return For The Many Saints Of Newark Prequel, But It Got Scrapped

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As it picks up the storytelling mantle of HBO’s classic TV series The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark takes a trip back to the days when young Anthony Soprano got his first tastes of organized crime. While no one was expecting any cameos from the cast of the hit show that creator David Chase was returning to, it appears that at least one of the beloved stars of The Sopranos can be confirmed as having taken part in the film. The only problem is, while Edie Falco did film a scene for The Many Saints of Newark as Carmela Soprano, it got scrapped before the final cut.

The Great Venom R-Rated Debate: What Happened And Why Is The Movie Actually Going To Be PG-13

The PG-13 rating gives Sony the opportunity to make more money, and it decided to say yes to the dollar signs. And hey, the proof is in the pudding. Back in 2018, when the first Venom movie (also PG-13) hit theaters, it earned over $850 million worldwide. That places it in fourth place among highest-earning Spider-Man-related movies. Widening Venom to a larger audience helped the studio turn a huge profit then, despite disappointing reviews, and therefore the studio understandably wants to repeat history with the sequel.

We All Die Young: The Cast And 5 Quick Things We Know About Daveed Diggs’ Hip Hop Drama

The We All Die Young Cast Includes Justice Smith, Idris Elba And Taylour Paige

In the lead-up to the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2021, Deadline got the scoop on We All Die Young and its small (for now, at least), yet extremely talented cast, consisting of a diverse group of actors at various stages of their respective careers.

First is Justice Smith, the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu star who most recently appeared on the HBO Max original series Generation, and will soon return to action in Jurassic World: Dominion. In the upcoming hip hop drama, Smith will portray Marcus, a 25-year-old rapper who finds himself in a rather difficult position in terms of his career and life. Idris Elba, coming off The Suicide Squad, will play Marcus’ long-time mentor and father figure who also happens to own the record label that releases his albums. Taylour Paige, who made waves with her electric performance as the titular character in the 2021 based-on-true-events drama, Zola, will play a woman who comes into Marcus’ life and forces him to reevaluate his situation.

Halloween Kills’ Kyle Richards Reacts To Her ‘Intense’ Footage From The New Trailer

The 52-year-old shared the latest Halloween Kills trailer with her followers, and it features a moment with her early on speaking with some kids in the hopes of protecting them from Michael Myers. We don’t know if she’ll survive the knife of the Haddonfield killer, but as the trailer reveals, there will be a lot of callbacks to characters from the 1978 original. As Laurie Strode plans her revenge on the killer, other members of the neighborhood that share some of her trauma seem to be trying to keep surviving as well. Here is Richards’ caption:

Marvel Fan Goes To Disneyland As Fat Thor, Goes Viral For Perfect Lighting Shot

I love these kinds of Halloween costumes because, while some might be content to simply buy a costume at the store, and others might work hard to design something complex from scratch, this falls someplace in between. The hammer might have been purchased or built, and the same goes for the wig and the beard. But the rest of the costume was quite possibly just clothes that were sitting in the closet, and finding a great use for that stuff for Halloween is always fun.

Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy Has Crossed A Big Box Office Milestone

In case you were wondering, the other four Hollywood-produced films to reach this milestone are pretty much the usual suspects you’d expect. And at the time of this writing, through numbers provided by Box Office Mojo, Free Guy is within striking distance of another Disney movie’s impressive showings. From the top of the pack and in descending order, here are the other movies that make up 2021’s brightest stars:

Why Universal Studios’ Bride Of Frankenstein Maze Should Inspire A Spinoff For The Horror Icon

Why Bride Of Frankenstein Lives Should Inspire A Movie

What a clever reimagining of Frankenstein this would be. Plus, it could finally forward the story of Bride of Frankenstein in a way horror fans have never seen before. From what I gathered from the maze’s take on the story, the Bride was created to be the mate of the monster, but perhaps rejected his ideas to vanish into the woods and be a couple forever. She seems to kill the monster, but much like him, she still longs to not be the only monster in the world. Therefore, she starts to push back against humanity and actually kill people in order to harvest their body parts and create horrifying monsters of her own, and perhaps resurrect the monster in the process into her own perfect mate. It would turn the tables beautifully! … And horrifyingly.

Jake Gyllenhaal Had To Rely On Zoom To Film Netflix’s The Guilty And It Presented Wild New Challenges

Jake Gyllenhaal’s response, as well as some further explanation from director Antoine Fuqua, came out of my inquiry about what luxuries both of these collaborators missed thanks to The Guilty’s tight shooting schedule. On top of shooting their film during the COVID-19 pandemic, the remake of the 2018 Danish film from director Gustav Möller was initially intended to be shot over the course of five days. That schedule stretched to 11 days, which saw Gyllenhaal looking to have 15-20 page chunks of dialogue memorized for each day. For a normal production, that’s already an intense experience, but for one that threw technology into the mix, it was even more stunning.