Ryan Reynolds And Wife Blake Lively Have Plans To “Pair Deliciously’ Thanks To New Collaboration

In the world of cinema, you’ll next be able to see Blake Lively in The Husband’s Secret, with Dark Days at the Magna Carta presumably still in development at Netflix. Coincidentally, or maybe conspiratorially, Ryan Reynolds’ next film will be seen on Netflix, when Red Notice premieres on November 12. Devoid of any conspiracy whatsoever, and still rocking the box office, Free Guy is still in theaters, and will be on Digital HD September 28th; followed by its physical home video release on October 12.

Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Collapses During Celebrity Golf Match

The Harry Potter franchise’s Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton collapsed on a Wisconsin golf course earlier today while participating in a golfing competition with other celebrities for an audience. The 34-year-old actor was conscious, but looking unwell as he was pictured being carried up staff at the event and driven away on a stretcher on a cart. It’s unclear what happened or his current condition, but Felton is receiving medical attention following the incident.

Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay And More Pay Tribute To Melvin Van Peebles After He Died At 89

The world of cinema lost one of its titans recently, as famed actor/writer/director Melvin Van Peebles died at the age of 89. Truly a pioneer in black entertainment, it felt like there was no frontier the man couldn’t cross over into, leaving a legacy of diverse works for the world to remember him by. It’s this immense career that’s inspired fellow luminaries, such as Spike Lee, Ava DuVernay, and more, to pay tribute to him upon his passing.

Eddie Murphy And Jonah Hill’s Netflix Comedy Has Added A Seinfeld Star

As far as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ other recent credits go, along with Veep concluding its run on HBO back in 2019, 2020 was a big year for the actress, as following a seven-year hiatus from cinematic territory, she starred in two movies. The first was Downhill, which, in addition, to acting alongside Will Ferrell, she produced. Then a month later, Louis-Dreyfus could be heard in the Pixar movie Onward, which ended up going to Disney+ just a month after it hit theaters due to the pandemic.

Marvel Fan Creates Tom Holland’s Iron Spider Suit, And It Looks Like Real NanoTech

In his video, Jake Laser explains that he painted on a type of crystal to the suit that used qualities similar to a chameleon that allows the suit to change colors and expand. The crystal paint reacts to heat, and Laser made a heat vest and bands for his arms that go under the suit. The under-layer of heat turns on in sections with a push of a button, activating different parts of the suit that are painted with the tiny crystals.

Could Beauty And The Beast’s Disney+ Prequel Renew Interest In A Sequel? Here’s What Dan Stevens Says

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You can never tell which Disney live-action remakes are going to land and which ones are going to flop. However, even with all the confidence in the world that 2017’s Beauty and The Beast would find itself in the former category, no one could have predicted how massive it would eventually become. It’s gotten to the point where a Disney+ prequel series is in the works, and now fans are probably wondering: could this new series spark a renewed interest in a follow-up movie? The Beast himself, actor Dan Stevens, certainly has some thoughts on the subject.

RIP Primeval Whirl, The Worst Ride To Ever Grace Animal Kingdom (And Probably Walt Disney World)

In July of 2020 it was confirmed that Primeval Whirl, a Wild Mouse style steel roller coaster, that had been operating on a “seasonal” status already, was permanently closed. It’s been sitting vacant since then, but yesterday, the actual demotion of the attraction began. While there are certainly a few fans of the ride who are sad to see it go, for the most part, there are no tears being shed, because the ride honestly wasn’t that popular. Thus the reason its going away in the first place. While Primeval Whirl was a smaller roller coaster, it wasn’t really for kids and it wasn’t exactly gentle, with many sharp turns that could really shake up even seasoned coaster riders.

Vin Diesel And His Daughter Sang Hamilton’s ‘Dear Theodosia’ And I Can’t Stop Listening

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Actor Vin Diesel has had a long career on the big screen, often kicking ass and taking names in the process. He continues to lead the cast of the Fast and Furious franchise, but Diesel has also recently been putting his spin on some music. Now he’s shared himself and his daughter covering Hamilton’s “Dear Theodosia” and I can’t stop listening.

Disney’s Jungle Cruise: First Look At Blu-Ray Release Art And Exclusive Offers

Best Buy – Jungle Cruise Steelbook

What good is actually owning a movie if you can’t show it off a little bit? If it doesn’t look awesome on the shelf does it even count? When it comes to Blu-ray packaging itself, one of the coolest looking case designs is the steelbook, and if you’re a collector of this particular style, then you’ll want to pick up your copy of Jungle Cruise at Best Buy, as it’s got a great looking Blu-ray that will match the rest of your collection.

Why Daniel Craig Regrets Those ‘Slit My Wrists’ Comments From When He Was Thinking Of Quitting James Bond

While Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond, the long-standing franchise has been making a variety of exciting changes. The five-film story embraced storytelling, allowing the character’s decisions and losses to affect his decision making with each new release. No Time to Die will see the return of a number of characters, including Léa Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, and Christoph Waltz. It remains to be seen who survives the delayed spy blockbuster.