Rise Of Skywalker Is Now The Lowest Rated Movie In Star Wars’ Skywalker Saga

As of now, the Star Wars films with the highest RT scores are The Empire Strikes Back (94), A New Hope and The Force Awakens (93), and The Last Jedi (91). While the films from the original trilogy both boast high audience scores (97 and 96, respectively – no surprise there), and The Force Awakens has a healthy 86 percent, The Last Jedi comes in dead last at 46 percent. All in all, this data seems to indicate that the final two chapters of the most recent trilogy have been incredibly divisive.

Why Bad Boys For Life’s Credits Scene Was Almost Cut From The Movie

On the one hand, having a mid-credits scene like the one between Mike Lowrey and Armondo Aretas serves to reveal that Lowrey has kept his word and has been visiting his kid, but it also conveniently sets up for Bad Boys 4, which is allegedly already in the works. There was some feeling as I left the theater that obviously the franchise was using the scene to tease a sequel, which is a tact that can sometimes cheapen an otherwise fun movie. Yet, Bad Boys For Life was so ridiculous plot-wise from beginning to end that I was personally fine with that happening.

Dolittle Viewers Can’t Stop Commenting On That Really Gross Dragon Scene

On first glance, Dolittle doesn’t really seem like the type of movie you could spoil, and after having seen it, that’s mostly true. There’s not a Keyser Soze a-ha moment, but I also feel weird discussing in gross and smelly detail something that happens in the third act of a movie. So, I’m going to go ahead and throw up a spoiler warning here. If you have not seen Dolittle and want those secrets protected so you can go in smelling as fresh as possible, then you should X out and bail. If you have seen the movie or just don’t care, then let’s talk about the moment with the dragon.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Concept Art Reveals A Mysterious Dropped Character

Prior to the release of Episode IX, there were leaks that reported on a creature being called The Oracle. Based on written descriptions we’ve seen, they match this look perfectly, so that’s who we’re looking at. This character was supposed to be somebody Ben Solo met early in the film. Based on one piece of art, that shows Kylo meeting the Oracle in water surrounded by trees that are on fire, perhaps the Oracle was eventually replaced by the Wayfinder itself. This looks like it could be out of the same scene on Mustafar where Ren tore through a bunch of faceless soldiers to find the Sith device, but instead of finding a box, he finds this thing.

The 10 Most Exciting New Movies Coming To Theaters In February 2020

The Photograph – February 14, 2020

As Valentine’s Day edges closer, you want to see something that’s sweet, emotional, and, above all else, romantic. You’re likely not getting that from something like, say, Sonic the Hedgehog. Therefore, your best bet is The Photograph, the newest romantic drama from writer/director Stella Meghie (Everything, Everything). Starring LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae, two of the hottest up-and-coming talents of the past few years, we’re hoping to see the sparks fly between these two bright performers, and it looks like the kind of warm, romantic date night movie that is well-suited for snuggling up and possibly shedding a tear or two (don’t forget the tissues) on February 14th. Hopefully, The Photograph proves to be a keeper.

Star Wars Fatigue Has Hit Everyone Except The Fans Demanding ‘Bring Ben Solo Back’

But at least these fans still care. Just like the angry fans after Star Wars: The Last Jedi cared. And the fans upset after The Phantom Menace cared. And the fans who never liked the Ewoks cared! It all shows that, however you feel now, the Star Wars saga did one thing very right — it created a galaxy that still inspires incredible passion after 40 years.

Just Mercy: How Historically Accurate Was The Movie Starring Michael B. Jordan?

As Just Mercy depicts, Bryan Stevenson worked tirelessly to make Walter McMillian the first person in Alabama history to be freed from death row, from a retrial that Stevenson worked hard to secure between 1988 through 1993, when Stevenson’s client was finally released from all charges. Unfortunately, when McMillian was freed from prison, the weight of his time on death row weighed heavily on him, as the film tragically notes toward the end credits. McMillian died in 2013, battling early on-set dementia. When he was in treatment for this disease, McMillian started to believe he was back on death row, as Stevenson wrote in his book, and it painted a sad and painful existence during Walter McMillian’s final few years in this world.

How Don Cheadle Wants War Machine To Return To The MCU After Avengers: Endgame

Don Cheadle has played James “Rhodey” Rhodes, a.k.a. War Machine, since Iron Man 2. So he definitely has a good grasp of who the man is and what might be most interesting to explore as Marvel moves into Phase 4. At the TCA winter press tour, he offered his opinion as to whether there is a next chapter in War Machine’s story. He was a bit vague, but he did make it clear he’s open to reprising the role (via Comicbook.com):