Barack and Michelle Obama Mourn the Loss of Their Family Dog, Bo

Today is a sad day. Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama announced that their family dog, Bo, died on May 8.

“Today our family lost a true friend and loyal companion,” Barack Obama wrote in a series of tweets. For more than a decade, Bo was a constant, gentle presence in our lives—happy to see us on our good days our bad days, and every day in between.”

The Portuguese Water Dog was brought to the White House in April 2009. According to, the Obamas promised their daughter’s Sasha and Malia Obama a family pet no matter who won the 2008 presidential election. “I love you both more than you can imagine,” he said in a victory speech. “You have earned the puppy that is coming with us!”

Sunny, a female Portuguese Water Dog, was added to the family in 2013. 

“He tolerated all the fuss that came with being in the White House, had a big bark but no bite, loved to jump in the pool in the summer, was unflappable with children, lived for scraps around the dinner table, and had great hair,” Barack said of Bo in another tweet. “He was exactly what we needed and more than we ever expected. We will miss him dearly.”

Michelle Obama also shared a tribute to Bo on Instagram. “This afternoon was a difficult one for our family. We said goodbye to our best friend—our dog, Bo—after a battle with cancer,” she wrote on May 8. “On the campaign trail in 2008, we promised our daughters that we would get a puppy after the election. At the time, Bo was supposed to be a companion for the girls. We had no idea how much he would mean to all of us.”

Sanditon Fans Are Furious Over Theo James’ Departure Following Surprise Renewal

PBS giveth, Theo James taketh away.

On May 6, Sanditon, the PBS Masterpiece series based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, was given new life. Though Sanditon was initially canceled after one season in 2019 by the British broadcaster ITV, it was miraculously revived for two new seasons thanks to high demand from fans. 

“Break out your bathing suits and bonnets…we’re heading back to the finest seaside resort,” Masterpiece PBS tweeted. “#SanditonPBS WILL RETURN for a second AND third season.”

Fans were delighted…until they weren’t. Sanditon follows Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), a Sussex girl who arrives to stay in the up-and-coming seaside town of Sanditon and ultimately ends up in a bit of a love triangle after making the acquaintance of the Parker brothers. A big part of the show’s appeal, at least according to the Twitter fandom, was Theo James’ portrayal of Sidney Parker. Unfortunately, one day later, the network announced that James will not be returning to the role. 

#SanditonPBS will return w/ seasons 2 & 3 and continue Charlotte’s journey through life & love,” they tweeted on May 7. “While Sidney Parker will not return, rest assured that an abundance of romance & adventure lies ahead for the Sanditon heroine. We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store…”

Along with the news was a quote from James, who seemingly chose to leave the series. “Although I relished playing Sidney, for me, I’ve always maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to,” he explained. “The broken fairy-tale like ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique and so interesting to me and I wish the cast and crew of Sanditon every success with future series.”

Let’s just say fans were not happy about the fate of their supposedly “endgame” ship. Many especially felt that James fundamentally misunderstood Jane Austin’s work and the romance genre as a whole. 

Considering PBS announced in their tweet that “Sidney Parker will not return” as opposed to the actor, it doesn’t seem like the role will be recast, but some fans are calling on PBS to do just that.

This may remind some readers of the announcement that Regé-Jean Page will not be returning to Bridgerton season two. While the response to that unexpected news was definitely loud, the outcry was generally directed at the universe as opposed to Page (for the most part). Perhaps that’s because the character arc for Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, was only meant to span one season. Furthermore, the series delivered on the happy ending between Simon and Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor). 

Still, while many Sanditon fans are clearly devastated, some are reminding the fandom to give season two and three a fair chance. 

Here’s to two more seasons! 

Photos of Lily James and Sebastian Stan From ‘Pam and Tommy’ are Shocking the Internet

On May 7, Hulu released the first images of Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s new series Pam & Tommy, and the internet can barely believe the transformations.

The Mamma Mia and Marvel stars are frankly unrecognizable as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the Playboy model and Mötley Crüe drummer who dominated the news cycle for most of the ’90s. The former couple, who were married from 1995-1998 and share two sons, were not involved in the development of the series.

According to Hulu, Pam and Tommy is a “comedic limited series on the true story behind the release of the first-ever viral video in history—the sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.” The series will also feature Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling, Andrew Dice Clay, Pepi Sonuga, Spencer Granese, and Mozhan Marnò. 

Without further ado, here are Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pam and Tommy:


The Internet can barely believe their eyes, especially when it comes to the transformation of James, who somehow looks even more like Anderson in this next picture:


“I mean, give the makeup artist who turned Lily James into Pamela Anderson an Emmy already,” one Twitter user wrote, gaining over 20K likes and 2.4K retweets. One user replied, “No there is no way. my brain cannot compute that this is Lily James.”

The Coolest Rainbow Hair Ideas To Try This Summer

At this point, rainbow hair color is more than just a trend, it’s grown into a category of its own. Now, it’s just as common to see someone rocking pastel or neon hair as it is blonde or brown. It’s easy to see why: It’s fun, it makes a statement, and is fairly temporary in the realm of major hair changes. Rainbow hair also evokes a certain cool-girl vibe that we as a culture can’t seem to shake—while it’s not a scandalous when Lady Gaga steps out with pink hair as it was when Kate Moss did it in the ‘90s, it’s equally as badass. 

As technicolor hair gets more and more socially acceptable, there are infinite options out there, making it even harder to decide what look to go with. That’s where we come in. We rounded up the coolest rainbow hair color ideas to try right now. Scroll on for all the inspo you could ever need, but first, a few things to consider before taking the plunge.  

Rainbow hair won’t last forever. 

The one major downside to bright colors? They are fleeting, so try not to get too attached. Since the pigment sits on your hair’s surface, expect funky colors to last about a month, tops. “Certain colors will fade out quicker than others—blues will go fairly quickly, yellow longer and then reds will stay for a while,” says celebrity hairstylist and NatureLab Tokyo ambassador, Laura Polko. “These rainbow styles often fade really nicely into pastel colors so touch ups depend on the vibrance you want. Frequency of touch ups also can depend on how open you are washing your hair. If you are looking for really strong vibrant rainbow colors, I would say touch ups every 1-2 months.”

Prepare to bleach. 

If you don’t already have blonde hair, you’re most likely going to have to bleach your hair to achieve your desired color, especially for pastels. Jewel tones like purples and greens can add a cool tint to dark hair if you don’t want to risk the damage. 

You’re going to have to change your routine. 

Unless you’re already a bleach blonde, chances are you’re going to have to switch up your hair routine a bit. Limiting how often you wash your hair and using cool water when rinsing will help slow down the fading process and increase longevity. NuMe ambassador and colorist Devin Rahal recommends using a vinegar rinse instead of your usual shampoo and conditioner.  “Just like when staining eggs, it helps lock in color & balance out the pH of your hair (getting it back to normal),” he says.

 Or, stick with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, says colorist Bradley Leake. “Healthy hair will hold the rainbow color longer so making sure your strands are healthy is very important. Color Wow Color Security Shampoo is gentle and leaves the hair clean and product free while protecting the hair & color for long lasting results. Healthy hair will always hold the color longer so making sure to do treatments or give your hair done love prior to rainbow colors is very important.”

1.Fantasy Blue

While pink has been the cool-girl go-to for years, colorist Bianca Hillier. says to expect blue to tale over.  However, there’s a reason it’s not as common as pink, since it’s a little harder to nail. Hillier says it looks great on pale skin but can bring out any redness you have, so be careful if that’s a concern of yours. It can also tinge green if your hair isn’t lightened enough, so be sure to ask your colorist to fill your hair to knock out any yellow tones before going in with your shade of blue. Hillier recommends an Olaplex treatment with all major hair changes, but especially one like this where bleach is involved. All the work is worth it though, as there’s no denying the finished look is cool as hell. 

2. Amethyst 

Bruce Talbot

 “Amethyst is a fun hair color that balances strength with delicacy,” says colorist Jeremy Tardo, who particularly likes this shade on dark complexions. “It’s bold yet still feels soft. This orchid tone shows a warmer side of violet.” If it’s temping you, just remember you’ll have to completely bleach your hair before going for a warm pastel violet.

3. Two-Tone

What’s better than one vibrant tone? Two of course. Bright pink and purple are twice as eye-catching (and so pretty) when paired together. 

4. Neon Rainbow 

A rainbow of neon shades makes bright blue look even cooler than we thought possible. Placing the ombré by your cheekbones will also make your eyes pop.

5. Red Face Frame

Two bright streaks around your face came back with a vengeance last year—this time called either money-piece highlights or e-girl streaks, depending on which side of the millennial–Gen Z divide you fall on. According to Tardo, they’re still going strong. “Expect to start seeing more creative takes on the look like Bella Hadid’s two-toned streak,” he says. Tardo says this is such an easy trend to get in on since it’s super fun and trendy but doesn’t actually require coloring most of your hair. “Ask your colorist for a bright bit of color in the front,” he says. “If you want to increase the high contrast look, you can request a solid color on the rest of your hair too.”

6. Rainbow Braids 

Rainbow braids not only look cool as hell, they’re a great way to play with color without damaging your hair. 

7. Sprinkles of pink 


“Adding very subtle pastel hues to ice blond hair is cool way to change up the vibe,” says Tardo. “Opt for temporary or semipermanent hair colors that will fade out. This way you can go back to rocking platinum afterward. This is a great if you want to add a bit of interest to light hair without a long-term commitment.” He says to ask your colorist for baby pink scattered throughout platinum to help with the fade-out.  

8. Hidden Rainbow 

If a full-on rainbow feels a little much, add just a touch of rainbow hair dye under your first layer of hair, so it can be easily hidden . 

9. Rainbow Spun 

“Right now we’re seeing a lot of rainbow hair as people are more inclined to experiment, since many are staying at home,” says ays Aura Friedman, master colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon. “Just the other day I saw a woman around 60 years old with multicolored, bright beautiful hair, and she looked absolutely fabulous.” While any color goes, she’s particularly into a mix of shades right now, which can be a little harder to do yourself at home. “Bring examples to your stylist to show exactly what you’re thinking,” she says. “From an inspiration photo to a scarf you look great in, showing your stylist your ideal color palette will help them create a look that’s perfectly suited and unique to you.” To preserve the bright colors, use a dry shampoo and wash as few times a week as possible.

10. Half and Half 

This half and half situation couldn’t be cooler. Plus, it’s only half the effort.  A win-win!

11. Pretty Peach


Peach hair popped up as the unexpected It color for fall, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. “Peach is so pretty on so many different skin tones,” says  Mark DeBolt, celebrity colorist and co-owner of New York’s Mark Ryan Salon. “Because it’s such a warm color, it makes skin and eyes glow and makes your hair look so healthy.” There are tons of takes on the trend, from strawberry blonde to neon peach, but our favorite is this peachy-pink rose gold on singer Charlotte Lawrence. DeBolt suggests asking your stylist for a peach glaze instead of going the DIY route, but try Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Tint in Sushi if you’re confident in your hair dyeing skills. 

12. Pastel Rainbow 

As it turns out, you can still pack a major punch on a little real estate. For another fun take on the face-frame, try this muted rainbow. 

13. Hot Pink 

Doesn’t just looking at this shade make you smile? It’s a tad brighter than traditional pastel pink, but it’ll fade to a more muted shade in just a few washes, so it’s better to start a little more intense than you want. (Be sure to check out our guide to dyeing your own hair pink fist.)

14. Rainbow Array

For a super magical effect, ask your stylist to sprinkle a mix of rainbow tones throughout your base shade. 

15. Faded Denim 

Blue hair sounds intimidating, but chill it out with a little gray, and you get this cool grungy shade that’s easy to pull off. Since blue stays in your hair much longer than pinks, you won’t have to worry about fading, so ask your stylist for a muted shade that looks like it’s started the fading process already. This is also a great option if you don’t want to completely bleach your hair. 

16. Blue Raspberry Swirl 


Why stick to one shade when you can try two? Wigs are a great way to play with more adventurous colors, like this pretty lilac and blue ombré situation, without the commitment. 

17. Neon Dip 

While we’ll never know if blondes really have more, it’s certainly true when it comes to bright hair colors. To get super bright shades like this rainbow ombré, going platinum is a must. But trust us, the results are worth the extra effort. 

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty associate at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_. 

Yes, ‘Plant Styling’ Is an Art—Here’s How to Do It Yourself

Our collective fascination with houseplants has yielded a crop of uniquely millennial jobs, and plant styling—as in, making a living by decorating homes, offices, and restaurants with carefully selected foliage—sits at the top of that list. It’s no secret that plants are scientifically proven to reduce stress, but the coronavirus saw an uptick in the rare plant market, and nurseries all over the country experienced a boom in sales even before re-opening was a consideration. Take one scroll through Instagram and you’ll find there’s more visibility for plantfluencers, plant professionals, and start-ups in the wake of the pandemic—sparking a recent interior design and lifestyle shift toward greenery

We’re guessing you’ve accumulated some (if not a boatload of) leafy friends over the past year, and if you even have the faintest green thumb, you may have tried your hand at taking moody shots of your living companions. But what you’ve likely discovered is that styling houseplants is actually a very tricky business. 

Luckily, there are people like Lisa Muñoz, founder of Leaf and June and author of House Planted, who’ve been styling plants professionally for years. “A friend of mine was like, ‘You’re really good at decorating with plants. Have you ever thought of doing that professionally?’ That was seven years ago, and I’ve been doing plant design full-time ever since,” Muñoz tells Glamour. So if you’re wondering why your vibrant green babies aren’t exactly popping in your pictures, keep scrolling. We asked Muñoz to share all of her tips for styling greenery in your own space—plus the products she swears by as a full-time plant stylist. 

Tip 1: Assess your environmental conditions

First and foremost, you want to bring in plants that will thrive in your space. “I think a lot of people buy plants for aesthetic reasons, but so much of plant styling is about the environmental conditions,” says Muñoz. She recommends assessing the natural light in your home as well as your lifestyle, schedule, and experience caring for plants before going to the plant shop. Ask yourself questions like, does my home receive bright direct, bright indirect, moderate, or low light? Do I have drafty windows? Tons of air conditioning vents? Overpowering heat and humidity? Your answers will help you select the right plants for your space. “All of these environmental factors will impact the health of your plants,” she adds.

Tip 2: Stock up on plant care tools

Care essentials like a watering can and pruning shears help make plants and plant care a more permanent part of your life. “While there are more budget-conscious options, I personally love Haws watering cans, Felco pruning shears, Terrain’s potting scoop, and the All Seasons horticultural oil to ward off pests and treat fungal infections or diseases,” says Muñoz. 

Haws Copper Watering Can & Mister



Felco One-Hand Pruning Shears


Grow Organic

Barebones for Terrain Potting Scoop



Bonide All Seasons Horticultural Oil Spray


Gardener’s Supply Company

Tip 3: Compliment your existing decor with planters & pots 

Playing off your existing design aesthetic really comes down to the planters and pots. “If you want to keep things classic, perhaps terracotta is the way to go. If your space is minimal and clean, planters with simple, cylindrical shapes in grey, white, or black tones may be best. If you gravitate toward an eclectic design style, lean into that with bright, colorful planters in unique shapes and silhouettes,” she explains.

Plant shapes and colors also vibe with certain aesthetics. “Plants with a structured growth habit, like Sansevieria, pair well with a clean, streamlined design style. [While] sprawling plants, like Monstera, will make your space feel a bit more wild and free,” Muñoz says. Whatever you chose, your plants and planters should compliment you and your personality!

Terracotta Pots

Mid-Century Turned Wood Planters


West Elm

Capra Designs Summit Planter



Orb Hanging Planters

Tip 4: Less is more 

While social media may make you want to fill your home with houseplants as quickly as possible, it’s important to start small, especially if you have limited experience caring for them. “Whether you start with a single laid-back statement plant in an empty corner or a few small windowsill dwellers, easing yourself into plant parenthood is always a good idea,” says Muñoz. “Plus, you only really need a splash of greenery to elevate a space—you don’t want to overwhelm your existing decor. Buy a few plants and let the design unfold from there!” 

Tip 5: Play with texture, color, shape, and height

When it comes to grouping plants together, Muñoz considers both aesthetics and care. “Clustering moisture-loving or sun-loving plants together will simplify your watering schedule and make your life a bit easier.” From a design perspective, ”I love mixing varied textures, colors, shapes, and heights to add visual interest to a space,” she adds. “Doing this creates eye-catching contrast and allows each plant to have its own voice, so to speak.” 

Chinese Fan Palm



Best Sellers Duo


The Sill

Succulents for Beginners


Succulents Box

Hypoestes Collection



Tip 6: Never underestimate the power of a statement plant 

When in doubt, go as big and lush as possible! “I love taking advantage of high ceilings or empty corners and filling them with an oversized tree or a trio of plants at staggered heights, if space allows,” shares Muñoz. “These design focal points draw the eye in and really eliminate the need for dozens upon dozens of houseplants.”

Megan Fox Has a Brilliant Reason for Listening to Britney Spears When She’s Scared on Planes

Before COVID-19 times, Megan Fox was constantly traveling for work. The only problem? She hates flying. 

“There was a point where I was working in New York and I also lived in L.A., so every four days I was flying,” she said to Kelly Clarkson on the American Idol singer’s talk show in May. “And I was, like, ‘I’m kind of pushing the statistics now,’ because I’m flying so often. That’s where the fear came from. It’s, like, [if] you fly twice a year, you’re good, but not if you’re flying twice a week.” 

So how did Fox overcome her fear of flying? She turned to music, specifically old-school Britney Spears, and her reason is brilliant. 

“Even if you hit turbulence and you’re like, ‘I don’t like how this feels,’ I would throw on certain music that I just knew I wasn’t gonna die to,” she said. “For me, that was Britney Spears, like, the archives. The Oops album.”

Fox then sang a line from Spears’s hit “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”—which is actually from the pop icon’s third album, Britney—and said, “That’s not the soundtrack to my death. That always made me feel better. You’re not gonna meet God on an, ‘Oh baby, baby’ and then you’re dead and know all the mysteries to the universe.” 

Watch Megan Fox explain this for yourself, below. Start around the five-minute mark. 

Honestly, she makes a great point. Bubblegum pop is just too happy of a music genre to die to—which is why she says certain sad songs, like “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, should be banned on planes. “You might go down with that song,” she said, jokingly. 

Clarkson then recommended Fox make a playlist of plane-friendly songs, and I agree. Drop your recs, Meg! The aerophobes of the world need them. 

Vanessa Hudgens Started Dating Her BF After Meeting on Zoom and Sliding Into His DMs

Vanessa Hudgens teased a new relationship back in November 2020, but she waited until Valentine’s Day to go Instagram official with Major League Baseball player Cole Tucker. “It’s you, it’s me, it’s us. @cotuck,” she wrote alongside a pic of the pair kissing (and a bucket hat I really want). 

While Hudgens later revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she met her man on Zoom, she just gave Drew Barrymore all the details about how it went down. It all started after her breakup from Austin Butler in January 2020, just a few months before the COVID-19 lockdown began.

“I remember in quarantine I was like, cool, I’m single now and I can’t meet anybody, so I guess I’ll go on a dating app,” she said during her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show. “But I always said I would never go on a dating app, and then I found myself on a dating app and I was like, ‘I hate myself!’” So Hudgens stopped using the app and “gave up for a minute.” That may have been the right move, considering all the celebs supposedly being exposed on Raya and other apps. 

While Vanessa Hudgens’s quarantine was off to a bad start after that COVID-19 scandal, things turned around for her love life, at least, when a friend invited her to join their weekly Zoom meditation group.

“Everyone’s sending, like, GIFs of themselves,” she told Barrymore regarding their group chat, which apparently included Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama. “Then there’s, like, a GIF in the group chat of a baseball player, and he’s slamming onto a base and I thought it was a joke. So I just responded, ‘hot.’” But when she got on the Zoom, Cole Tucker was actually there.  

Barrymore then asked Hudgens who made the first move. “I’m such a go-getter. If I want something or someone, I’m going after him,” she replied. “I fully just slid into his DMs and was like, ‘Hey it was nice to meet you.’ I think there’s no shame in making the first move. If you want it, why wait for someone else to give you what you want?”

Great advice.

37 Summer Wedding Guest Dresses for Every Kind of Ceremony

So much was put on hold in 2020, so if you’re shopping for summer wedding guest dresses, someone in your life is probably approaching their special, long-awaited day. As vaccinations roll out and cities reopen across the country, lovebirds are coming out of quarantine to make their dream nuptials a reality—whether they decide to do a low-key ceremony or opt for the increasingly popular “mini-mony.” 

For those who are kicking off summer single, dating, or in a coronavirus-proof relationship, there’s plenty to celebrate—you can dress to the nines and attend a wedding without cell phones flashing at you from every direction. And while most big bashes have been replaced with more intimate gatherings, celebrating love is still as delightful as ever, especially after a harrowing year. So whether you’re headed to a breezy beachside setting or a rooftop soirée, shop our selection of summer wedding guest dresses that will get the job done.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Sarah Drew Says Her Grey’s Anatomy Return Is Setting Japril Up for a ‘Great Journey’

Grey’s Anatomy fans experienced some bittersweet feelings during May 6th’s episode. On the one hand, April (Sarah Drew) returned and revealed to Jackson (Jesse Williams) that her marriage had ended. This, of course, opens the door for a Japril romance reunion, which is exciting. 

But the episode also marked the beginning of the end for Williams: His last episode of the show will be on May 20th. Jackson and April will now both be in Boston, so does that mean they’ll get back together? 

Drew has thoughts—and they’ll make fans happy. When asked by reporters if she thinks Jackson and April are endgame, she said (per Entertainment Tonight), “I am deciding that they are. I think we’re leaving it up to the audience to come to whatever conclusion that makes them happiest. But I’ve never been shy about wanting Japril to be endgame. It’s what I’ve wanted the whole time. One of the biggest heartbreaks about me leaving in season 14 is that they didn’t get to be endgame. That was one of my biggest heartbreaks. Who knows what happens when they make their way to Boston. I think there’s a great deal of hope that’s there.” 

Naturally, fans are clamoring for a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off centering on Jackson and April in Boston. And while nothing’s officially in the works, Drew is all for it. She even has specific ideas.

“How cool would that show be?” she said. “I gotta be honest. I’ve been on Twitter and Japril was, I think, trending worldwide all day. It was absolute insanity. When I read the script [for May 6th’s episode], even just going on set to get my COVID test before we started shooting it, running into crew members and they were like, ‘Oh, we thought this was a spin-off.’ It feels like it’s setting up for a really great journey. And I was like, ‘I know.’ How amazing and needed is a show about racial justice in the medical field and inequity and equality? How amazing would that be?”

“Setting up for a really great journey.” That’s the phrase I’m latching onto. Does it mean anything? No, but at least it shows Drew is excited about the possibilities. Now, we just have to get Jesse Williams on board. And Shonda Rhimes! 

Rihanna Debuts New Pixie Cut in $22,000 Tie-Dye Dior Jacket

Rihanna presented her new pixie cut to the world in the most covetable outfit I’ve seen since she paired boxers with a denim skirt.

On May 6, the singer-actor-Fenty mogul was spotted entering the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Los Angeles, California sporting new short hair. While Rihanna was not wearing a mask—welcome back, red lipstick—you can see one at the ready in her hand. (The CDC has announced that fully vaccinated citizens can begin venturing outside without face coverings.) 

In 2021 alone, Rihanna has already rocked curtain bangs, long braids, and even a mullet. Now, she’s bringing back her Good Girl Gone Bad-era pixie cut, this time with baby bangs reminiscent of her 2012 VMAs look. “The only thing my mom didn’t let me do was dye my hair black and cut it short,” the megastar once told Sarah Paulson for Interview Magazine. “I’d wanted to do that since I was 14 and she was like, ‘No, not having it.’” 

Well, look at her now:

Getty Images

Hair-envy aside, can we get some commotion for this outfit? From top-down, the Haus of Rihanna Instagram account reports that Rihanna rocked a $22,000 vintage tie-dye Dior jacket over a cropped shirt with chain accents by Hyein Seo, green and white leather pants by Chrome Hearts, and a pair of sold-out heels by The Attico. 

White was the obvious theme for her accessories. Rihanna topped off the look with Versace sunglasses and a statement belt buckle from R13. As for jewelry, she layered a vintage necklace by Eleuteri with a yellow diamond lariat necklace from XIV KARATS and added a stunning ring by Elizabeth Gage.

Jayley Tie Waist Borg Coat



Wilson Sunglasses



The Rivington Ribbed Tank

Tie-Dye Cropped Jeans



Looking at this fit, I can’t help but think of a quote from Rihanna’s 2018 interview with “I am a savage, so everything I do is gonna be savage,” she said. “Savage is not about looking sexy, it’s not about the product—it’s all about you. It’s all about how you feel. You cannot fake sexy, what you need to do is find it. Clear all that negative shit out, get to your sexy, and own it—that shit is yours.”