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Behold: Hot Celebrity Couples Looking Hot at the 2021 Met Gala

The Met gala guest list was star-studded this year, which obviously means there were plenty of celerity couples walking the carpet. While the Met gala 2021 did look a little different this year with COVID-19 restrictions in place, it was still a glitzy affair. A-listers still threw on their best (American-inspired) couture for the occasion, and the celeb couples looked cuter than ever. What can I say? Hot celebrities look hotter when they’re a couple. It’s just science. I don’t make up the rules! 

Want proof? Behold: the hottest, cutest, prettiest (insert adjective here) celebrity couples who attended the Met gala 2021. BRB, admiring them all as I sit on my couch in sweatpants

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