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The Bizarre Cameo We Might See In DC’s Harley Quinn And Joker Team-Up Movie

Of all the celebrity cameos that could have been revealed for a Joker/Harley movie, I definitely wasn’t expecting Phil McGraw, but let’s roll with it. Although Harley Quinn was originally known for being The Joker’s sidekick and love interest, it’s no secret that the Clown Prince of Crime treats her horribly, and nowadays in the comics, Harley typically stays far away from him, having finally had enough of his abuse. In the DCEU, Joker and Harley are still an item, but evidently at the start of this movie, Harley thinks their relationship needs some work, hence why she’s abducted Dr. Phil. I’m not sure how much help he’s going to be, and even worse, I fear what Harley will do to him if he isn’t able to help the couple. More importantly, I’m curious if Glenn Ficarra and John Requa would actually be successful in recruiting Dr. Phil for this cameo or if they’d have to create their own TV psychologist character to fill that role.

Do We Really Need All These Retro Consoles?

The “classic console” market has become as crowded as the actual console market. While the ‘all-in-one” device that plugged into your television and offered a collection of old-school video games has been around for a long time, in the last couple of years the product has evolved from a novelty to a quality product. But is the future of gaming really all these retro looking devices. I certainly hope not.

I suppose we can blame Nintendo for all this. The NES Classic was a huge hit, one so big even Nintendo didn’t realize what they had, but the first classic console that included high-quality games that a lot of people still remember playing the first time around was one of the hot tickets of its day. It, in turn, spawned the SNES Classic, which saw its own success. Now, in just the last week alone has come news that the original PlayStation will get a classic console of its own, that the previously announced Sega Genesis/Mega Drive device is being delayed, but likely because Sega realized it needed to up its game in this space, and a renewed rumor that a Nintendo 64 classic console may also be on the way. This holiday season could actually see a renewal of the N64/PSX console war, in miniature form.

While it’s great to see a lot of these classic games get a new lease on life, the fact is that this isn’t exactly the most efficient way to do it. Do we all really need all these devices hooked up with yet another HDMI cable in addition to all our existing consoles? While they’re small, do we really want to go digging for the particular device we want everytime we get an urge to play a particular game?

The recent launch of Nintendo’s online service for the Switch shows part of the problem. While some of the initial 20 titles released as part of the online collection crossover with what is available in the NES Classic, most of them do not, and one wonders if they all ever will. If Nintendo eventually releases everything on the NES Classic online then those who spent a not minuscule amount of money on the product may feel cheated, which might lead them to not spend the money on Nintendo’s next device. Alternatively, if you can’t ever play some of the NES classic titles online, many of which would have to be called essential, then is Nintendo online really worth it? If people flock to the PlayStation Classic, will that ever cause Sony to put any of those games on the PlayStation Now service?

Rather than using these strong game libraries to strengthen the products they already have, these companies have decided to carve them up and offer as many different products as they possibly can. This isn’t exactly the most consumer-friendly choice.

The problem is that if they went with a consumer-friendly choice, these companies would earn a lot of loyal consumers. If the Nintendo Online service eventually has the bulk of Nintendo’s classic catalog a lot of people will happily pay for access to that, the same goes for Sony.

I don’t have the space, physical or mental, for all these classic consoles and all their varying titles, regardless of how much I might want to play them.

Telltale Games Lays Off Majority Of Staff, Begins Process Of Shutting Down

Over the last six years there has been a huge resurgence in story-based point-and-click games all thanks to Telltale Games. The company got eyes with the return of Sam & Max but it turned heads with the first season of The Walking Dead. The follow-up of The Wolf Among Us kept fans hanging on for more content from Telltale Games, and with successes like Batman: The Enemy Within, many thought that the company was going to be making headway toward bigger and better things, but alas it was not meant to be. After swapping out the CEO, restructuring the entire studio and culling a lot of properties from the line-up, things still didn’t turn around for Telltale, and now the company is shutting down.

Over on the official Telltale Twitter account, the company announced that it was letting go of all its staff, save for 25 employees who will stay on to finish work on open projects. _US Gamer is reporting that everyone who was let go from the studio did so without severance pay. As for _The Talking Dead: The Final Season, the second episode is due to drop on September 28th, with the remaining episodes scheduled to arrive before 2018 wraps up. However Variety is reporting that it’s “uncertain” if the remaining episodes will release as scheduled.

According to Gamasutra all of the current projects other than The Walking Dead: The Final Season have been cancelled, this includes Telltale’s recent collaboration with Netflix to make a game based on Stranger Things, and the highly anticipated second season of The Wolf Among Us.

Speculation has run rampant about what will happen to Telltale, and some gamers have put on their investigative hat to find out if Telltale has filed for bankruptcy in its state, but others have retorted that just because the studio is shutting down doesn’t mean that they filed for bankruptcy… yet.

Additionally, there’s no guarantee that Telltale will shut down indefinitely. It could be one of those situations where the studio is looking for an angel investor or another buyer who will pick up the intellectual properties currently under the company’s developmental deal with the rights holders. This could be a reason why Telltale signed on with Netflix earlier in the year even though the company was in dire straits. Sometimes having valuable IP under the belt helps improve the overall valuation of the company and makes it look worthwhile for potential buyers.

Of course, this is all assuming that Telltale won’t just file for bankruptcy and sell off all of its remaining properties in the process.

This all comes after a studio restructuring last year in 2017, in which Telltale laid off 25% of its staff during a restructuring. The company decided to cull various smaller properties from the slate such as Minecraft: Story Mode and Guardians of the Galaxy to focus on the heavy hitters. Even then it wasn’t enough to stave off some hard decisions during these tough times.

MeToo Advocate Alyssa Milano: Christine Blasey Ford Has ‘Zero Reason to Lie’ About Brett Kavanaugh

On the surface, they might seem to have little in common. One is an actress and activist who’s been in the public eye since she was eight. The other, a professor and research scientist who has spent most of her life out of the limelight.

But Alyssa Milano and Christine Blasey Ford share a bond: Both stand with the ranks of women who identify as sexual assault survivors.

Ford’s decision to come forward with claims that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attacked her at a high school party in the 1980’s has thrown America—and her own life—into an uproar. As a result of her reluctant choice to voice the allegations, which Kavanaugh categorically and emphatically denies, she’s been besieged by doubters and death threats.

But Ford has also generated a groundswell of emotional support, and in this case, of the financial variety as well: “We have to support Dr. Ford in any way we possibly can, and to me, part of that means assisting in her legal bills,” Milano told Glamour by phone Friday, marking the official rollout of a new GoFundMe campaign,“We Believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.”

The campaign includes groups like #VoteProChoice—whose founder, Heidi Sieck, was among those recently arrested for protesting Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings. The current GoFundMe goal: To raise $100,000 to underwrite Ford’s “legal and communications strategy.”

Milano is known not only for her acting or anti-poverty missions as a UNICEF ambassador: She has used her celebrity to champion the #MeToo movement and has detailed her own experiences with harassment and misconduct. The activist said she has not yet spoken directly with Ford, who first publicly identified herself as Kavanaugh’s accuser to the Washington Post, but has been in contact with her attorney’s office.

To the professor, whose Senate testimony plans have not yet been set, “I hope she feels the love and support and the heartache that women feel in standing in solidarity with her,” Milano says. “I want her to know that if she needs anything at all, that I’m here and I want to thank her for her bravery in doing the right thing for the country, even though it’s the harder thing for her personally.”

And, she adds, “For every woman that has been triggered by this, you’re not alone. We stand with you. I’m right next to you. I understand. I see you. I hear you. I feel you.”

President Donald Trump’s Friday Twitter weigh-in to defend Kavanaugh and question why Ford hadn’t gone public earlier sat poorly with Milano, who calls herself “appalled” and “angry” with the process and the cultural and political climate that could foster it.

“Does he just have no idea how this works? Or is he trying to fool the American people? The majority of sexual assaults go unreported. That is a fact,” Milano says.

“Her credibility is being questioned. This woman has zero reason to lie,” she says of Ford. “She is not on trial. Christine Blasey Ford is not on trial.”

Milano took some of her outrage to Twitter, using the platform to confront the president directly: “Hey, @realDonaldTrump, Listen the fuck up. I was sexually assaulted twice. Once when I was a teenager. I never filed a police report and it took me 30 years to tell me parents,” she wrote, using the #MeToo hashtag and inviting others to respond.

The coalition Milano is working with to raise money for Ford includes Lady Parts Justice League and Lizz Winstead; SisterSong: National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective; Trans United Fund; Ultraviolet and Shaunna Thomas;; Humanity for Progress; and others.

Not lost on these activists: The imperfect parallels between Ford’s case and that of Anita Hill, the law professor who was vilified after she accused then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of past sexual harassment amid his 1991 confirmation hearings.

“Black women know all too well the pain and degradation that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is facing now that she has come forward and that Anita Hill endured nearly 30 years ago,” SisterSong said in a statement provided to Glamour. “We are speaking out with Dr. Ford. We believe her. We support her. We stand with Anita and with every woman and girl of color told to stay silent or bullied into silence by a culture and a system does not value our voices, our bodies, or our lives.”

Karla Gonzales Garcia of the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, also saluted Ford: “We know all too well the risk she is taking [because] she understands how important it is to halt the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. The women of this country cannot afford to have another sexual predator on the highest court in the land and the women in our community will not stand by silently and allow this to happen.”

Neither the White House nor Ford’s attorney immediately responded Friday to Glamour requests for comment about the fundraising initiative.

Milano, for her part, is up front about having bone-deep political disagreements with both Trump and Kavanaugh that go way beyond the current turmoil surrounding Ford’s allegations. But no matter what ultimately happens with the SCOTUS confirmation, she says what America is watching play out right now is cause for another grave concern.

“We are certainly not making it easier for young women to come forward and report their sexual assault or abuses. What that prevents is the capacity for healing and growth and change of the systemic social issues that we face within the country,” she says.

“We’re witnessing exactly all of Dr. Ford’s worst fears realized.”

Celeste Katz is senior politics reporter for Glamour. Send news tips, questions, and comments to

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Why Daredevil’s Showrunner Is Pumped To Bring Wilson Fisk Back For Season 3

Matt Murdock is on his way back, and so is his Season 1 nemesis, Wilson Fisk. While Fisk was briefly seen during the second season of Daredevil, he will be back in full force for the series’ third installment. So, what can fans expect from him in Season 2? Well, a lot has changed, and a lot remains the same. New showrunner, Erik Oleson, has revealed what shape viewers will find Fisk in when he returns and the Season 3 story that will follow. Oleson said:

So, Wilson Fisk is basically going to be back, having developed even more formidable strengths that put him ahead of the game. Based on what Erik Oleson told EW, it sounds as though Fisk will be even harder to take down in Season 3. Excelling in shrewd cunning is not exactly a disadvantage. It also seems fans will get to witness the psychological exploration of Fisk as a tyrant, including how he implements strategies that give him his desired ends.

Bringing Wilson Fisk back, front and center, should only help enliven Season 3, which will also explore Matt Murdock’s existential crisis. He will need to get his head back in check if he hopes to combat Fisk, who is out for his blood. Following the events of The Defenders, Daredevil/Matt is believed to be dead by Karen and Foggy, among others.

Wilson Fisk began to piece together that Matt Murdock and Daredevil were one and the same in Season 2, which means Matt’s cover is likely blown. Also in Fisk’s sights is Foggy, who he swore to “dismantle” along with Matt. Daredevil showrunner Erik Oleson also teased Wilson Bethel’s character, who sounds as like he could fall into Fisk’s path. Down a right-hand man, thanks to Karen, Fisk should be looking for James Wesley’s replacement.

It is safe to say that Wilson Fisk is a very dangerous enemy to have at this point. He always has been, and with him having now gone to prison, he has become an even more dangerous adversary. With Matt on his own journey of self-discovery, Daredevil Season 3 seems as though it could be one of those superhero installments where the hero is down for most of the story, before pulling out a victory at the very end.

It could be more balanced than that, so stay tuned. The show is going to have to make a strong argument for how Matt is able to piece together such a win. Tune in to find out if and how he pulls it off when Daredevil Season 3 premieres October 19 on Netflix. It will not be the only series the streaming giant will be welcoming this fall.

Upcoming Live-Action Disney Movies: Remakes From Aladdin To Dumbo

Disney made its name producing animated features based on classic fairy tales. Today the company is making a killing with new live-action versions of its original classic stories. After producing more than 50 animated feature films, the studio certainly has plenty of material to draw from. In fact, there are a lot of potential live-action films in various stages of production based on previous Disney content. Not everything is based on animation, but each one is a return to a classic story from the history of Disney. Here’s a look at every single one of them you should be looking out for.

Mary Poppins Returns

While it’s not based on an animated film, or technically a remake (it’s a sequel), Mary Poppins is as much a part of Disney history as anything that’s been drawn. The story will return at Christmas of 2018 when Emily Blunt takes over the role that won Julie Andrews an Academy Award. With Lin-Manuel Miranda along for the ride, we’re really excited to see how the practically perfect governess will come back to the big screen. This film will take its inspiration from other books written by P.L. Travers. And there are plenty more where those came from if this one is a hit. The first trailer was recently released, and, man, does this one look good.


Tim Burton got his start working for Disney, and the eclectic director has come back now and again, usually to put together stop-motion animation films. Considering the lead character of Dumbo is an elephant, Burton is trading in the stop-motion animation for CGI in the vein of The Jungle Book, but the one teaser that has been released doesn’t show us a lot of how Dumbo will be brought to life. Colin Ferrell will play the lead human character, one that was not in the animated original, showing that this version of Dumbo will clearly diverge from the animated original.


As strange as a Tim Burton-directed Disney movie sounds, a Guy Ritchie-directed Disney musical sounds even odder, though that’s apparently what we’re going to get. Ritchie is signed on to direct Aladdin in what will reportedly be a musical that will follow in the footsteps of Beauty and the Beast. Will Smith will step into the shoes of Robin Williams and play Genie while relative newcomer Mena Massoud will take on the title role and Naomi Scott will play Jasmine. While we expect most of the classic songs from the animated original to return, the movie will also include new music from the pair behind La La Land and The Greatest Showman.

What Ellen Pompeo Just Said About the Future of *Grey’s Anatomy* Might Worry You

After 16 seasons of drama, Grey’s Anatomy might finally be coming to an end. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey on the long-running hospital drama, hinted that it might be time to say goodbye to her on-screen alter ego once and for all.

“I’m clearly not prepared right now to make any kind of formal announcement about what my future is on the show, but I am really feeling like we have told the majority of the stories we can tell,” she said. “It’s about time that I mix it up. I’m definitely looking for a change.

Pompeo’s current contract, which she signed in January, is set to expire after Season 16. Once and if she does hang up her scrubs for good, Pompeo has said that she’s interested in making the leap to directing. “I’d love to direct a pilot. I really like producing, that’s really challenging for me,” she told Deadline last January. “I think I’ve had an amazing training. I’ve had a Master Class in producing these last 14 years. I know every aspect of making a television show. Producing and directing is where I’m challenged and where I’m learning. It’s more interesting to me because it’s a skill I haven’t mastered yet.”

But before Pompeo eventually does move behind the camera, there are certain issues at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital that still need to be resolved. And who better to resolve them than Grey’s Anatomy‘s creator, Shonda Rhimes? According to Entertainment Weekly, Rhimes plans on writing the final episode herself. “I have written the end of the show at least six times,” Rhimes told EW. “But we just don’t end. Every time I thought, ‘This is how the show should end,’ we’ve gone past those moments, so I’ve stopped trying. I have no idea now.”

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Apparently Not Even Marvel Studios’ Co-President Understands That Avengers 4 Photo

For the past few days, Marvel fans the world over have been trying to channel their inner Batman and use the DC character’s detective skills to deduce the meaning behind a cryptic Avengers 4 photo. This photo, posted to social media by the Russo Brothers, shows Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo sitting on an empty soundstage and working on his laptop. The photo is accompanied by the caption to “Look hard…” and fans have been doing just that, seeing all kinds of things. But as of yet, the Russo Brothers have not revealed the image’s secrets. We Marvel fans are not the only ones in the dark either. Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Esposito has also been scouring the photo to no avail:

Apparently answers to the biggest secrets are reserved only for the Russo Brothers and certainly Kevin Feige. Like the rest of us, Louis D’Esposito has been staring at the photo, but can’t figure out what revelations are hidden within it. Unlike the rest of us though, he has access to the Russo Brothers, but apparently they enjoy these games because they haven’t been particularly forthcoming to him. At least for the moment, the Russo Brothers are playing things close to the vest.

Louis D’Esposito may not see anything in the photo (it doesn’t look like anything to me), but plenty of fans do, or at least they think they do. Since this image surfaced on Twitter, the online sleuths have went to work and they’ve come up with some compelling answers, even if none of them have been clear cut or confirmed. There are several ‘A’ shapes in the image, which would be appropriate for the fourth Avengers film. That said, you can make a case there are more than four ‘A’s. Some people have seen the word ‘Endgame’ spelled out with the various objects in the photo, hinting at a potential title in reference to Doctor Strange’s ominous warning in Infinity War, even though that title has been debunked.

That’s the thing, though. We were told to look hard, but we have no idea what we are looking for: a title to Avengers 4, a clue to the story of that film, or something else. Earlier today, someone noticed that a rocket engine prop seen in Infinity War is also visible in the Russo Brother’s photo. It’s cool for sure, but I haven’t the foggiest what it all means.

Hopefully Louis D’Esposito and Marvel fans alike won’t have to wait too much longer to find out the photo’s secrets. You have to think that the post wasn’t made willy-nilly and we won’t have to wait until next spring to get a definitive answer about what it means. So maybe there is an Avengers 4 title announcement or something else on its way soon. The Russo Brothers did say it would be after the Captain Marvel teaser, and we are now in that territory.

All will be revealed when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019. Keep an eye on our guide for all the latest goings on from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and check out our release schedule for the biggest movies still to come this year.

Captain Marvel Fan Theory Suggests Thunderbolt Ross Is A Skrull

This is certainly an interesting theory, and I’m also intrigued by this fan’s other suggestion that Ross Skrull should instead inject himself with Abomination’s DNA, giving him a look similar to Emil Blonsky’s monstrous persona. That said, I don’t necessarily buy that Thunderbolt Ross has been a Skrull since The Incredible Hulk. As one of the commenters on the Reddit thread pointed out, Ross was “far more aggressive and less diplomatic” in The Incredible Hulk than he was in Captain America: Civil War, so perhaps the replacement occurred sometime between those two movies. As a general, Ross Skrull could only go so far dealing with Earth’s superhumans, but in the political realm, he had more freedom to carry out his agenda, i.e. the Skrull Empire’s wishes. As for giving himself a power boost, if Ross Skrull were to be physically transformed, that’s be an intriguing way for the MCU to adapt Red Hulk, though I doubt he would be crimson-colored.