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Westworld Season 3 Has Added Aaron Paul

The good news on the Aaron Paul front is that he has another live-action show in the works that will likely premiere before Westworld Season 3. Paul landed a key role in the upcoming Apple drama Are You Sleeping, which also boasts actors like Octavia Spencer, Lizzy Caplan, and Mekhi Phifer. Paul will play a convicted murderer, so he’ll probably be able to channel some of that Jesse Pinkman final season darkness. Jesse may not have been locked up as a murderer, but he’d definitely fallen into some dark places. Although the cancellation of The Path was a bummer for fans, at least it opened Paul up to accepting roles on new shows.

Hailey Baldwin Just Shared Some Details About Her Wedding to Justin Bieber

We finally have some details about Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber‘s wedding, and it sounds like an actual fairytale.

“I just picture lights strung everywhere,” Baldwin told The Cut at a breakfast celebrating her new partnership with BareMinerals. “I think having it in the woods would be so beautiful.” She also revealed that she has been working with a wedding planner in search of the perfect spot for her big day, which will likely happen on the West Coast and, as previously reported, in 2019.

While she doesn’t have her exact wedding dress picked out yet, she does know who will be designing it, and she also confirmed previous rumors about her bridal party. “My sister will be my bridesmaid — I was hers last year,” she said of older sister Alaia Baldwin. “And maybe Justin’s little sister as a flower girl. Is 10 too old?”

Though the 22-year-old has heard the comments from trolls who claim she’s too young to get married, she doesn’t seem to care. “My sister was 24 when she got married, and my parents also got married when they were young, too,” she said. “I see no reason to wait. When you know it’s right, it’s right.”

Her parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, seem to be totally on-board with their daughter’s decision to make it official with the pop star. “I said to them, ‘You’d stop me if you didn’t think this was the right decision, right? And they didn’t,” she said. “I think they love him more than me\!”

“Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you,” Bieber wrote on Instagram back in July, confirming their engagement. “So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindLY.”

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One Year Later, This Is the Real Effect Fenty Beauty Has Had

Before this time last September, if Nyma Tang wanted to buy a new foundation, she’d hop in her car, cross her fingers, and brace herself for the scavenger hunt to begin. Despite living in Dallas, Texas—where roughly a quarter of the 1.1 million people are black—the 27-year-old says it would often take her days of searching to find a shade that suited her “very dark skin with cool red undertones.”

“Once I was looking for a specific drugstore foundation and went to five different Walmart and Target stores [that carried the line], and I still couldn’t find [my shade],” she says. “One day I’d go one store, the next day, I’d drive a ways to the other. After all that, I had to end up buying it online—and you know how hard it is to match yourself online.” Even at prestige stores, where there were more options but formulas cost triple or quadruple the price, Tang says she’d often find herself hitting a dead end. “I’ve had makeup sellers say, ‘Oh, you don’t need foundation. You’re perfect the way you are,’ because they didn’t carry any foundations that matched.”

Then along came Fenty Beauty. By this point, the story should sound familiar. It’s become canon in the beauty industry and the standard of which makeup brands have been clambering to match—or outdo—over the past 12 months. More than two years in the making, Rihanna and her team put extensive thought and research into Fenty’s products, which eventually led to its hero: 40 shades of foundation that spanned evenly across the spectrum—from the fairest to the deepest—along with a marketing campaign that made its point of view loud and clear. “Foundation for all” shouldn’t have been a revolutionary idea, and yet, with so many women starved for accessible base makeup that actually worked for their complexion, that’s exactly what it was.

Unlike other celebrity lines, Rihanna didn’t just slap her name on the label and call it a day. She was 100 percent involved in the process, including packaging, marketing, and formulation—something she said was especially important to her given the number of times she’d walk away from the makeup chair only to be disappointed. Fenty was a labor of love, and she made it so no woman would ever feel that frustration. “I never could have anticipated the emotional connection that women are having with the products and the brand as a whole,” Rihanna told Time last November. “Some are finding their shade of foundation for the first time, getting emotional at the counter. That’s something I will never get over.”

“I saw other dark-skinned girls in Sephora getting matched in this foundation, and it literally melted by heart,” Tang wrote on Instagram the weekend of its launch, which promptly went viral when the Fenty Beauty account re-grammed it. It wasn’t just the deep shades flying off shelves either.

Krystal Robertson, a 26-year-old nurse from Mississippi, also made headlines for her review of Fenty’s Pro Filt’r Foundation in #110. As a woman with albinism, it was the first time she’d ever found a shade that truly matched and didn’t come off orange. What captured the awe of the Internet the most was that it wasn’t even the lightest shade. “I felt that me finally being myself was worth it,” she wrote online. “It actually means the world that [Rihanna] not only made a diversity of shades for all women of color, but she brought us together.”

In the year since, both Tang and Robertson say the Fenty Effect (i.e., the chain reaction of brands launching more inclusive shade ranges in response to Fenty’s fanfare) has dramatically changed their experience with shopping for foundation. CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Dior, to name just a few, all now carry 40 shades of foundation—MAC even has 60. (See the chart below for more.)

“The opportunities for black influencers to collaborate with beauty brands on more inclusive foundation shade ranges has increased tremendously, too,” says Michanna Murphy, a Washington D.C. makeup artist. She points to Jackie Aina’s work with Too Faced on its foundation expansion and Alissa Ashley’s collab with NYX as shining examples of what happens when black women are given a seat at the table.

The next products Tang says she’d love to see improvement in are bronzers and blush. “A lot of times a pale pink blush will look pretty, but if it has a white base to it, it’ll come off ashy on someone with medium-to-deep skin,” she says. “Many blushes still don’t work for dark skin.” She’s also noticed a lot of dark foundation shades are still reading ashy. “Brands tend to choose just one undertone and neglect the others,” she says. For light shades, however, there are an overwhelming number options.

While representatives for both Fenty and Sephora declined to share revenue or sales numbers with Glamour, early estimates compared Fenty’s monumental success to that of another celebrity mogul’s beauty line: Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics. In November 2017, when Time named Fenty Beauty one of its Best Inventions of the Year, the magazine revealed that the brand had raked in a whopping $72 million in its first month (five times what Jenner made in the same period). In January 2018, WWD also reported that Fenty was on track to outpace Kylie’s earnings, despite the fact that the two had a very similar customer base: diverse women who are willing to spend substantial money on makeup. (African-American and Latinx shoppers make up Fenty’s biggest demo, along with a solid base of Asian customers. White women are its smallest consumer group.)

Also a sign of complexion’s boom as a category: Sephora recently launched a new campaign geared toward helping shoppers find their perfect shade, undertone, formula, and finish of base makeup. “Sephora has always been a destination for foundation, but we haven’t always necessarily broadcasted it in a loud and proud way,” says Sephora beauty director Jeffrey English.

Brands That Now Carry 40+ Shades

Elsewhere, the modeling world and fashion industry are feeling the aftermath of the Fenty Effect too. Backstage this season at New York Fashion Week, I can personally say I noticed much more deep complexion shades at work stations than in seasons past—something both models and makeup artists corroborated when I asked. “I would definitely say that there’s been more improvement, but I think that’s because there’s a lot more pressure for artists to provide makeup for everybody now,” model Leomie Anderson told Glamour backstage at SavagexFenty.

But, before the industry goes patting itself on the back, it’s clear this is only the beginning. As Beth Shapiro recently pointed out in the New York Times, diversity has been “in” in the past. How we do make sure this time isn’t a fleeting trend, and instead becomes an ingrained part of our culture?

For starters, makeup artists need both the right tools and better training. According Precious Lee (as well as Anderson), models with dark skin are still often bringing their own makeup with them backstage and to shoots. “I’ve been modeling in New York for six years,” says Lee. “I should be able to sit down in the chair like any other model and trust that they’re going to know how to do my makeup and hair. But I’ve been in a position so many times where that hasn’t happened. So I decided, literally, just this year, to become one of those people who brings my own products. But I’m fortunate enough to work with a lot of artists who are prepared, but there are still so many artists in high positions who [aren’t].”

Even when an artist does come prepared with a range of shades, model Duckie Thot says it doesn’t mean they always have the skills to apply her makeup correctly. “Honestly, we’re still in a time where it’s a first for this many black models to be working—like, really working,” says Thot, who starred in Fenty’s inaugural campaign, in addition to walking in the spring 2019 show. “So even having the space for other makeup artists to come in and work with black models on a regular basis is all new. [That is why] there’s been pressure on [makeup artists] as well to perform and lift their game. More than anything it takes understanding our skin. As a model, you can tell when they understand color correction or the texture of your skin. Those things need to be taken into consideration when you’re doing makeup.”

Adds Jaleesa Jaikaran, a makeup artist who has worked nine seasons of NYFW: “When I started [working backstage], sometimes I would have models either coming to me do their face specifically or whisper to me in the lineup to have me fix it for them. It wasn’t always bad, but as an artist of color who can do all skin tones, many times I’d do only models of color for shows because either the [lead artist] trusted me to do so or [the models] came directly to me.” Jaikaran compares the job to painting: If someone is a painter, they wouldn’t show up without the color paint they’d need. Makeup artists, she says, should always have products to suit every skin tone and the skill to use them.

“It’s all a part of the conversation,” says Thot. “The more we keep talking about it, the better.”

And while we’re on the topic of things to talk about, nearly every model of color Glamour spoke with backstage at NYFW this season said hair is now lacking far behind makeup in terms of inclusion. “They need to have more hairdressers who are equipped and know how to lay wigs and work with black hair,” says Anderson. “That’s the next thing the industry needs to start exploring.”

Rihanna, if you’re reading this: Fenty Hair. 2019.

Lindsay Schallon is the senior beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @lindsayschallon.

Letitia James Wins Attorney General Primary In New York

New York could well be on its way to electing its first black female attorney general.

Letitia James overpowered three rivals in Thursday’s Democratic primary, likely paving the way for her to become New York’s top law enforcement officer—and the first woman of color elected statewide.

James, currently New York City public advocate, is a former Brooklyn councilwoman and public defender.

She still has to win November’s general election. But in a heavily Democratic New York, James is strongly favored to earn the post formerly held by Eric Schneiderman, who resigned in the wake of a New Yorker expose that detailed claims he abused women while publicly championing the #MeToo movement.

James carried the endorsement of Gov. Andrew Cuomo into her successful fight for the Democratic AG nomination against law professor and author Zephyr Teachout, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, and Verizon executive Leecia Eve.

In another closely watched match, Cuomo decisively defeated his own primary foe, Cynthia Nixon—although the actress and activist scored more than 30 percent of the vote in her underdog challenge against him.

A win’s a win, but Nixon’s voter percentage is notable for a sitting Democratic governor who has his own progressive bona fides…and whose name has been in the mix of potential 2020 presidential contenders (Cuomo did say during a debate with Nixon, however, that he’ll serve out his term as governor if re-elected in November.)

Nixon grabbed headlines with her bid to topple Cuomo—and not just as a former Sex and the City star or New York’s would-be first female—and openly LGBT—governor. She was always considered an major longshot to unseat incumbent Cuomo—even though his administration has been dogged by corruption scandals. But Nixon’s energetic campaign spoke to the core of an election season focused heavily on a flood of women entering the political arena and on progressives trying hard to push the Democratic establishment to the left.

“We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state,” Nixon said in her Thursday night concession speech.

“I see the future of the Democratic Party in this room tonight. The future of the Democratic Party is young, it is diverse, it is progressive; and yes, the future is female,” said Nixon, who fell short of becoming the sixteenth woman nominated for governor in a record-breaking midterm year.

The unapologetically liberal Nixon joined forces with attorney general hopeful Zephyr Teachout, who herself ran against Cuomo for governor four years ago. The two made appearances in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan, contrasting their left-leaning platforms with the Republican president’s conservative nationalism.

Teachout also stumped as a defiant progressive, vowing to wage legal war against Trump as the state’s top lawyer. She campaigned with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic socialist who shot to fame after defeating an entrenched New York congressman in a major upset. Teachout also showcased her pregnancy during the race, including in an ad that had her laying out her political plans while undergoing a sonogram.

But in the end, it was James who claimed victory, putting her an Election Day away from becoming the fourth black woman in the nation ever elected to an attorney general’s post, according to the non-partisan Gender Watch 2018 project.

“Tonight, we rewrite the history of generations of New Yorkers who have been treated differently simply because of their gender, the color of their skin, the language they speak, the God they pray to, the people they love, or the zip code they come from,” she said in thanking supporters after her win.

At another gathering, Cuomo fans, reportedly, had to hold their victory party without him.

Celeste Katz is senior politics reporter for Glamour. Send news tips, questions, and comments to

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Why Venom May Have Gotten Its PG-13 Rating

The rating for the upcoming comic book movie Venom has been an interesting discussion among fans for the last year as the film has made its way through production. While there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of the project being R-rated (following in the footsteps of Deadpool and Logan) Sony has failed to confirm the adult-oriented rating. Now we know for sure that the blockbuster is definitely going to be PG-13 – and if rumors are true, it’s basically all Spider-Man’s fault.

With the film now just a few weeks away from release, Venom was given the more moderate rating from the MPAA – and Fandango’s Erik Davis claims to have inside info regarding why the call was made. According to Davis, the reason why an R-rating was avoided is because the studio wants to keep the possibility open that there could eventually be a meet-up between Venom and Spider-Man – and there’s no way that particular project would ever be for adults-only. Rather than thinking about potentially censoring the alien symbiote at some point down the line, the studio is committing to making Venom a PG-13 character now.

There are surely some fans who are going to be upset by this, as a no-holds-barred Venom movie could have been very cool – but at the same time it’s not all that surprising. Not only did we first hear about the possibility of this more family-friendly approach back in early August, but it’s not as though the film has been specially advertised as an R-rated adventure. Usually more adult-oriented blockbusters are specially marketed that way, namely with the release of red-band trailers, but all of the material that we’ve seen cut for Venom has been for all audiences. Sure, there’s a lot of talk about eating people and turds in the wind, but there also hasn’t been any excessive blood shown or any obscene/foul language.

So will this result in what feels like a neutered Venom movie? That’s certainly a valid concern, but we know the full extent of things for another few weeks. Obviously it would have been nice if certain creative decisions weren’t being dictated by shaky possibilities of a franchise future – especially knowing that we will eventually see Deadpool crossover with the X-Men, for example – but that’s just a classic Hollywood move. All we can really do is cross our fingers and pray to the movie gods that everything winds up working out for the best.

Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson, will be in theaters on October 5th – and we’ll have plenty more coverage about the film coming your way between now and then.

How Julie Chen Showed Support For Husband Les Moonves On Tonight’s Big Brother

Big Brother host Julie Chen is in a tricky situation at CBS due to current events surrounding husband Les Moonves. The former CBS boss was ousted from the network after sexual misconduct allegations were leveled against him. Although he denies these allegations, he did leave CBS behind (and possibly got a large amount of money out of the deal to depart). Julie Chen did not leave CBS, however, where she’s an institution as the longtime face of Big Brother and a moderator of The Talk. Many have wondered whether Moonves’ ousting would prompt Chen to take action, and the latest episode of Big Brother revealed how she decided to go about it. Here’s how she signed off the live episode:

Now, if you’re not a regular viewer of Big Brother, Chen’s sign-off probably didn’t strike you as anything especially noteworthy. Many women take their husband’s name after they marry, and it’s not exactly a secret that she and the former CBS boss were married. Big Brother fans know differently, however, as this marked the first time Chen added the “Moonves” to her name when she signed off an episode. By adding her husband’s name to her own as she ended the Big Brother broadcast, she showed support without calling too much attention to herself or her situation. Notably, this live episode of Big Brother marked her return to CBS in front of the camera since her husband’s ousting. She has been absent from The Talk.

A big question now is whether Julie Chen intends to make a stand for her husband at CBS or if this was simply her way of showing support. Many Big Brother fans have been concerned that she would leave the show in response to the end of Les Moonves’ time at the network. Her comment at the end of the live episode didn’t necessarily indicate that she’s going to make any sudden career moves in the wake of her husband’s scandal, but it may be a sign that she doesn’t intend to stay 100% quiet on the matter. She seems to be standing by her husband; will she stand by her network?

Julie Chen’s comment certainly didn’t go unnoticed on social media. Twitter users en masse shared their thoughts on her “Julie Chen Moonves” sign-off, with reactions ranging from shocked to amused to entertained. Here’s just one example:

In what may be a sign that Julie Chen knew that she was making a bold move by adopting “Moonves” in her sign-off, she actually made a mistake shortly before she bid viewers goodnight. Chen accidentally referred to Brett Robinson as “Brent.” The mistake — while minor — seems to me like a sign that she had decided to support her husband at the end of the episode well ahead of time and had steeled herself for the moment.

In case you’re undecided about that final moment, take a look at the video for yourself:

New episodes of Big Brother air on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET as well as Thursday at 9 p.m. ET. Only time will tell if Julie Chen’s mention of “Moonves” as part of her name was part of a grand plan for her career at CBS or merely a way to support her husband without losing professionalism.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Angelina Made An Extra Digusting Confession About Sleeping In Pauly’s Bed

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation! Read at your own risk!

There’s never a shortage of excitement on Jersey Shore Family Vacation when Angelina Pivarnick is on. The “Staten Island Dump” came in hot when she linked up with the cast in Las Vegas, and not even a chokehold from JWoww could slow her down. Apparently, things were even crazier than television showed as Pivarnick added a bit of bonus info when Pauly D ordered turndown service to have his bed cleaned after he found her sleeping in it. Pivarnick acted like the bed wasn’t that nasty during filming, but the story changed in a tweet during the episode:

Angelina is certainly not shy when it comes to talking about bodily fluids. Pauly D’s request for turn-down service seemed like a mix of reality T.V. silliness and a somewhat mean prank, but apparently, the request was one-hundred percent justified according to the part-time Jersey Shore Family Vacation castmember. Pivarnick is really living up to her nickname of “Dirty Little Hamster.”

The revelation is uncouth and unsanitary, although it’s certainly leagues better than her last fluid-related incident on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. It also just seems to be how Angelina is, as she’s nothing but consistent when it comes to talking about poop, farts, butt sweat, and whatever else comes to mind. Her personality and behavior has led to some criticisms from castmembers (JWoww, mostly) that her behavior is not genuine and a show for the cameras. Pivarnick, who wasn’t feeling the love from the rest of the cast upon her arrival, tweeted the following during a scene where she was ostracized from a bulk of the cast after some drama:

Angelina’s behavior is certainly different from the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast, although it’s possible it’s for reasons other than her seeking attention from the cameras or trying to win the favor of producers. After all, there are few lines that Angelina has crossed that each castmember didn’t cross at some point during the Jersey Shore days. The rest of the cast continued to stay in the spotlight as they aged, and during that process, may have learned to develop personas they were comfortable with displaying on camera. Pivarnick only just came back into the fold a year ago, so maybe she just needs some time to adapt and find a way out of being the girl that does weird stuff? It’s also possible the cast could be exactly right about Angelina, and things are only going to get crazier the longer she’s on the show.

Supergirl Cast A Walking Dead Star For Season 4

Supergirl is going in a new direction with its supervillain in Season 4. New bad guy Agent Liberty will be a human rather than an alien with all manner of superpowers, and his stance on the alien presence on Earth will make him an enemy of Supergirl and Co. The show doesn’t intend to just introduce Agent Liberty — a.k.a. Ben Lockwood — as a baddie with no backstory. Instead, Supergirl has cast a Walking Dead star to play Agent Liberty’s father. Xander Berkeley is on board Supergirl.

Xander Berkeley has spent the last few years playing the traitorous Gregory on The Walking Dead, and his character is still among the living as of the end of Season 8, so Berkeley may be pulling double duty between the zombie apocalypse and the Arrow-verse for a bit. On Supergirl, he’s playing a character by the name of Peter Lockwood, and it’s not difficult to understand how Peter inspired his son’s malicious ways.

Peter Lockwood is a factory worker firmly in the middle class, but he’s having a hard time making ends meet due to changes in the way the world works on Earth-38. Culture and society have shifted because of aliens living on Earth, and it sounds like he’s going to be bitter that his fortunes have fallen due to a perceived injustice courtesy of aliens on the planet. He spent his life working to provide for his family, becoming proud of his ability to work and give his loved ones what they need.

While his single-mindedness likely served him well earlier in his life, the focus on his dislike of aliens on Earth will almost certainly yield unfortunate results. TV Insider reports that the “seeds of his discontent sows the beginning of an anti-alien wave,” and the footage for Season 4 released so far makes it clear that his son is riding that anti-alien wave.

There’s no news at this point of how much of Peter Lockwood we’ll see in Supergirl Season 4, so it’s entirely possible that Xander Berkeley will only show up for a guest spot. Given that Sam Witwer will be a series regular as Agent Liberty, however, I wouldn’t be shocked if Berkeley pops up more than once. If Agent Liberty is as nuanced as Reign or any of the past villains, more than one episode of backstory could only be a good thing to flesh him out. After all, Supergirl has never delivered a supervillain like Agent Liberty.

Only time will tell. We can’t say just now when Xander Berkeley will appear on Supergirl, but he’ll probably pop up on The Walking Dead when that show returns to the fall lineup in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news and developments on new characters coming to the Arrow-verse.

Bethesda Confirms Wolfenstein III

After the release of Wolfenstein II, it seemed pretty obvious that MachineGames wasn’t done with the series based on the way the story unfolded. The first-person shooter made a pretty big comeback in the last generation, having earned some big review scores from major critics and media outlets for its more realized story, despite having some over-the-top fantastical elements. After completing a number of other spin-off games and then getting back to Wolfenstein II, the game ended in a way that definitely left room for a complete trilogy, and according to Bethesda, there’s going to be one.

Why The Conjuring Universe Doesn’t Plan To Make Horror Comedies

We are now five movies deep into The Conjuring Universe, and thus far genre and objectives have been fairly consistent between all of the titles. To date, they’ve all been R-rated horror films built to terrify audiences. Thus far it’s led to great worldwide success, with the entire international box office haul already totaling over $1 billion, and it’s partially because of that success so far — as producer Peter Safran explains — that fans shouldn’t expect any upcoming titles to start getting experimental with tone:

There is a tendency for franchises to start evolving and changing as they grow, but The Conjuring Universe apparently isn’t quite there at this point. For now, the movies have hit a sweet spot with audiences (it helps that we are in the midst of a horror renaissance), and for now there is a specific goal at the heart of all these features that is going to stay consistent for the foreseeable future.

With a plan to keep the general tone the same for now, The Conjuring Universe is going to have to start getting creative in other areas. Thus far there has been a heavy focus on haunted houses, which is a classic in good vs. evil movies, but they’ll have to start evolving beyond that. Peter Safran has specifically said that they will be moving away from that particular subgenre for The Conjuring 3 — but the big question is in regards to what direction they turn. As I’ve written about before, I’d love to see werewolves be given some serious consideration.

Of course, all of this is the status quo now, but who is to say what direction things go in the future. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was built on the back of origin stories in the formation of Phase One, and with Phase Two they moved to a more “Superheroes-Plus” formula as they tried to mix genres together. The Conjuring Universe may not be at a place right now where evolution is necessary, but that time comes eventually for all expanded franchises — because the alternative is staleness and death.

Following in the footsteps of Corin Hardy‘s The Nun, next up for The Conjuring Universe will be Gary Dauberman‘s untitled Annabelle 3 (set for release on July 3, 2019), and, as we revealed earlier this week, the plan is to follow it up with The Conjuring 3 — which is currently aiming to film next year. For all of the latest updates about the franchise, be sure to keep checking in here on CinemaBlend.