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Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Wants A Younger Actor To Take Over As Ash

Bruce Campbell recently announced he’s done playing the iconic role of Ash Williams, so what does that mean for the future of the Evil Dead franchise? Hopefully, not much, at least if Campbell gets his way. The actor knows that franchise reboots are all the rage these days, and he’d be totally fine with seeing a younger actor take over the role of Ash. According to Campbell…

While not every actor gets excited when it turns out a character they once played is being recast, rebooted, or whatever, Bruce Campbell tells Entertainment Weekly that he has no problem if that happens to Ash. Campbell has been attached to the role for decades. Even during the period between the third film and the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead where not much happened, the actor was still synonymous with the role, but he’s clearly done with it now and if he’s not using it, there’s no reason somebody else can’t.

In fact, not only is Bruce Campbell ok with somebody else taking over the Evil Dead universe, he’s strongly in favor of the idea. He sees the potential of multiple new Evil Dead projects, including not just something new for Ash, but something more from the Ash-less Evil Dead remake from back in 2013.

It’s a pretty safe bet that, one way or another the Evil Dead franchise will continue. It’s a popular name with a lot of fans and those brands don’t just disappear off the face of the earth. The only real questions are how long will it remain dormant and what form will it take when it comes back? The Evil Dead remake went with a somewhat different plan a couple years back by taking the basic premise of the original Sam Raimi horror movie and filling it with a new cast of characters. This was likely done, at least in part, to avoid having to recast Ash, especially when fans were still hoping to see Bruce Campbell in the role again. Now the handcuffs are off and recasting Ash Williams could very well happen.

Could we see a sequel to the remake that introduces Ash, or another reboot entirely? The former could theoretically happen quickly if somebody was so inclined, while the latter would probably need to wait to get some space between it and the 2013 remake. Either way, it sounds like it all has Bruce Campbell’s blessing.

Should a younger act get cast as the new Ash Williams? Let us know what you think in the poll below.

Should Ash Williams Be Recast With A Younger Actor

Is This How Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Have Been Used In The Predator?

That pod really looked like a person, or at least something humanoid, belonged inside it. Could it be that originally the Predator Killer was designed to be Dutch? Of course, it probably wouldn’t have actually been Dutch, simply the older soldier in an alien pod for some reason, but something that looked like him. Either way, you’d need Arnold Schwarzenegger there to do the scene right. It could have been some sort of combination of Dutch and a Predator that had been genetically engineered, or perhaps, since we’re introduced to a character who’s an expert in cybertronics just a moment before, some sort of Dutch robot, maybe even, just for fun, something that looks as much like The Terminator as it does Dutch. The audience would have gone bonkers.

If You Own a Ferrari, Can You Wear a Ferrari Hat?

If You Own a Ferrari, Can You Wear a Ferrari Hat?
Illustration: Dave Urban

I WAS WALKING into a cafe in Monterey, Calif., a few weeks ago when I saw a man walking out, wearing a red-brimmed cap carrying the Ferrari emblem: the Cavallino Rampante on the yellow shield. He waited, alone, while the valet brought him his silver Ferrari 812 Superfast.

This seemed to violate an unspoken, yet in-the-moment obvious, fashion rule: You can rock the Ferrari hat or you can rock the car, but you can’t rock both at the same time. That, my friend, is a social bro pas.

Nothing against hats. And nothing against Ferrari, the Italian racing and sports car legend, whose only crimes after 71 years in business are building fabulous cars, winning Formula One championships and printing money in all the world’s great currencies. Along the way, Maranello’s emblem has become one of the world’s most powerful commercial marks and a luxury-lifestyle…wait for it…icon.

But the car and the hat, matchy-matchy? No. Hell no. That’s obnoxious. Maybe at a Ferrari Club meeting with all the other prats in hats. Otherwise just have “Ask me about my Ferrari” tattooed on your tongue and get on with it.

Ferrari-brimmed ballers will want to know: What about the other guy, who drives a Honda Accord and dresses like one of Ferrari’s pit crew? That’s OK, because he is a tifosi, a fan of the Formula One team. Ferrari only builds about 9,000 cars a year but the race team claims more than a billion fans globally. They are permitted to wear awful branded sportswear as a gesture of their love.

By the way, if hats aren’t your thing, the company store offers a full line of Ferrari-labeled jackets, sunglasses, watches, handbags, luggage and team (Scuderia) shirts. These and other items are available at Ferrari stores in airports, and the gift shop at Ferrari World amusement park in Abu Dhabi.

I’m sure it’s all top-quality merch. The important point is that swag is for fans, people who don’t actually own Ferraris. It’s aspirational, in other words. Should you ever acquire the actual car you should donate all of it to the Salvation Army of Monaco or something.

From deep in my reporter’s notebook: In August 1993 I interviewed Luca di Montezemolo, then chairman and CEO of Ferrari and Enzo Ferrari’s protégé. This was just a few years after the old man’s death in 1988 and there was still a holy reverence for all things Enzo. Mr. Montezemolo swore he would never sully the good name of Ferrari merely to move merch. Pfft.

Should you ever acquire an actual Ferrari, you must donate your merch to the Salvation Army of Monaco or something.

You can’t fully deconstruct the Ferrari hat without considering the semiotics of the message-bearing baseball cap a priori. In the era of MAGA, the forehead has become a site of sociocultural contestation. So if you think the guy in the Tesla hat is virtue-signalling, what is the fund-bro in the Ferrari hat doing, vice-signalling? You betcha. The Ferrari hat is like an “I HEART Mammon” bumper sticker.

Hats are the windows to the soul. Be mindful of what the Ferrari hat says about yours.

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No, The Flash Movie’s Directors Haven’t Dropped The Project

The big screen Flash movie has had a history of trouble holding onto to directors. However, earlier this year the team of Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein signed on to helm the upcoming project, and it appears that the pair are hard at work, which debunks recent rumors that they are the most recent directors to leave the film.

The word comes from Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap who says that any rumors that the directors behind Vacation and Game Night have left the film are simply untrue, citing an apparent meeting between them and Warner Bros. as recently as last week. He also says that, while nobody has seen a script for the film, he confirms it will apparently not be a Flashpoint movie as previously announced. Even though nobody has seen a script, there seems to be one, or there is very nearly one, as the film is looking to go into production in 2019, no later than May.

It’s certainly good news that Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein haven’t left The Flash, as they would just be the most recent directors to exit a project that has had serious trouble getting up to speed. Originally Seth Grahame-Smith was put in the director’s chair, but he left and was eventually replaced by Rick Famuyiwa. Then Famuyiwa left the film himself in October of 2016. While many names were rumored for the project since then, it remained a ship without a captain until Daley and Goldstein came along.

The confirmation that The Flash is apparently moving along as expected is good news for a DC universe that saw things get a little crazy when a report emerged claiming Henry Cavill was leaving the role of Superman. While it’s now less clear how accurate that report actually was, it still leaves a lot of people scratching their heads about just what the plan is for DC’s film universe. However, the short-term actually looks pretty good. Aquaman is ready to go at the end of the year and Shazam! and Wonder Woman ’84 are scheduled for 2019. If The Flash is looking at an early 2019 production start it could be the next movie in the franchise coming out in the spring or summer of 2020. There are also rumblings we could see one of the multitude Harley Quinn projects in development go before cameras soon.

While we may not know when we’re going to see Superman on the big screen, it looks like everything is working out when it comes to getting The Flash there.

The Walking Dead TV Universe May Exist Longer Without Rick Than With Him

Because at this point, The Walking Dead is far bigger as a pop culture entity now than it was when the TV show first started. As Frank Darabont and comic co-creator Robert Kirkman were working together on the AMC adaptation, The Walking Dead was merely a bestselling zombie book that comic fans loved to talk about, and there were no guarantees about how successful it might be in other formats. But thanks in part to Andrew Lincoln’s portrayal of Rick Grimes, on top of all the other qualities that make the TV series stand out, The Walking Dead is now a global phenomenon that produces video games, board games, clothing, toys, tie-in novels, glassware, and everything else in the marketing spectrum.

Mark Hamill Trolls Star Wars Fans Over Episode IX Title

There is arguably no movie franchise quite as beloved and iconic as Star Wars. An epic space opera spanning decades of filmmaking, there are entire generations of moviegoers who’d give life and limb to see each installment in the galaxy far, far away. And with Solo: A Star Wars Story in the rear view, the time has come to look forward to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming trilogy-ending threequel Episode IX. The project is filming now, so it’s likely going to take a long time for any information to become public– including the movie’s title. Franchise star Mark Hamill isn’t shy about teasing the fandom, which is exactly what he recently did on Twitter related to Episode IX‘s title. Check it out.

And that’s why he’s the Jedi Master of trolling. Sensing the fandom’s rabid thirst for any information about Episode IX, Mark Hamill was sure to rub some salt in the wound, while he no doubt works on the upcoming mysterious project.

Mark Hamill’s Tweet highlights how little the general public knows about Episode IX. The franchise is switching it up by not releasing a new installment this December. Episode IX is in the midst of filming, so it’s unlikely that more information will be released anytime soon. Lucasfilm recently announced the film’s cast, as well as its plan to bring Carrie Fisher’s General Leia into the project through unused footage from the previous films. Director J.J. Abrams and the team are currently making sure the movie is in the can, and will likely worry about marketing later.

While anticipation for Star Wars movies are always sky high, there’s a particular pressure associated with Episode IX. In addition to bringing a new story to the franchise, it will also essentially wrap up the Skywalker Saga forever. Decades of movies will boil down to J.J. Abrams’ upcoming sequel, before the property begins exploring new and different stories. Abrams will also get to complete the narrative for the new characters he created, including Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and Poe.

Many fans had mixed feelings about Luke’s role in The Last Jedi. While it gave Mark Hamill the chance to act and show his range, Luke was dark AF. And after Force Projecting to Crait in order to give The Resistance a way out, the character vanished into thin air a la Obi-Wan in A New Hope. Luke has died, but he’ll still have a role in Episode IX. Smart money says this is done through the use of a Force Ghost, a common trope in the franchise. Any Luke will be appreciated, as he was all but absent in The Force Awakens.

All will be revealed when Episode IX arrives on December 20th, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Why Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Isn’t A Monster Movie, According To The Director

When you think about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the term “monster movie” certainly comes to mind. The Indoraptor is such a terrifying character that you wouldn’t be mistaken for feeling as if its stalking of human prey through a gothic mansion is something straight out of the Universal Monsters playbook, and visually, that’s extremely accurate. But in the opinion of director J.A. Bayona, the story isn’t about a monster, so much as it’s about an animal that’s not having it’s best day. Bayona explained this further to CinemaBlend during a recent press day, elaborating:

This discussion was prompted by a question we asked J.A. Bayona during Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s recent home video press day, as I was curious if he felt that the Indoraptor was an inherently evil creation. It’s an interpretation that could definitely work on the surface, as there’s definitely an adversarial quality to the creature’s behavior. But looking deeper into the makeup of the film’s story, and the inspiration drawn from Frankenstein’s creation, you see how the malfunctioning Indoraptor is more of a victim to its faulty genetic programming rather than a dinosaur with an agenda of malice.

As the rest of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sees the human figures acting as the true villains, with their intent on selling the dinosaurs for profit and personal gain taking up a good part of the film’s story, we ultimately see the dinosaurs in a light so different than the previous Jurassic films have allowed. Through that lens, we get some of the most emotional, character-driven moments we’ve ever seen involving dinosaurs, from the introduction of Blue and her Velociraptor sisters as likable versions of a dinosaur once made out to be the ultimate hunter to the sad final appearance of the first Brachiosaurus we’d ever seen in the series. This all culminates in the ultimate statement of humanity’s folly in creating these creatures, as the Indoraptor is a fearsome creature by design, but can still be pitied in its existence.

Ultimately, J.A. Bayona’s treatment of the Indoraptor storyline in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is one of the reasons the film stands as a superior entry in the series’ canon. Visually, he gives us what he feels is the dragon stalking the princess through the castle grounds, trying to get into her bedroom to gobble her up. Thematically though, he’s able to show us that much like any creature that exists, be it in real life or in our outlandish imaginations, it’s doing what its nature dictates that it should do. It’s not personal, it’s just the natural order for the Indoraptor, a creature bred for combat, and nothing else, which is ultimately why it has to be put down.

You can take a look at our discussion with J.A. Bayona, in the clip from our interview below:

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Reportedly Went to the Marriage License Courthouse

Set your countdown clocks and Google alerts, because there’s a very good chance that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might be getting married sometime between now and November 13, somewhere in the state of New York. According to TMZ, Bieber and Baldwin were spotted yesterday at New York City Clerk’s Office ,which contains the city’s Marriage Bureau (the distributor of marriage licenses.

Eyewitnesses inside the office reportedly told TMZ that the couple appeared emotional over the trip, with Bieber reportedly even shedding a few tears while picking up the (alleged) license with his fiancée. “I can’t wait to marry you, baby,” he reportedly told Baldwin at one point.

According to the Clerk’s Office, once obtained, a marriage license can’t be signed for at least 24 hours and stays valid for only 60 days. Additionally, it can only be used for weddings that take place within New York state, meaning the Biebwin nuptials would likely occur in the vicinity of New York City, sometime between Friday afternoon and midnight on November 13. That narrows things down. Of course, take all this with a grain of salt. It’s possible Baldiwn and Bieber didn’t pick up their license at all.

Just this week, Baldwin spilled some details about her upcoming wedding. “I just picture lights strung everywhere,” she told The Cut on Thursday. “I think having it in the woods would be so beautiful.” At the time, the 21-year-old also hinted that the wedding would be on the West Coast in 2019, making the errand she ran with her husband-to-be later that day all the more confusing.

“My sister was 24 when she got married, and my parents also got married when they were young, too,” she also told The Cut. “I see no reason to wait. When you know it’s right, it’s right.”

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7 Fall 2018 Color Trends That Aren’t Burgundy

No matter what shade Pantone decrees the color of the year, burgundy somehow manages to be the most-worn color each fall. It has obvious seasonal appeal—nothing else matches quite as closely with changing foliage and seasonal activities—and it’s an easy swap for classic neutrals. But in the throes of all-burgundy-everything, alternative fall hues can go unnoticed… until this year, that is.

Muted pinks, burnt orange, and mustard yellows are among the colors permeating the fashion landscape this September—and whether in the form of a long-sleeve dress or a cozy sweater, they pair just as well with a pumpkin spice latte. Here, we’ve rounded up seven shades that are in the running to replace (or at the very least, offer an alternative to) burgundy as the go-to fall color for fall 2018. You can thank us later.

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New Movie Releases: 2019 Movie Release Date Schedule

It’s never too early, or too late, to take a look at a yearly release schedule. Knowing what came before, as well as what’s up ahead, is always useful when deciding what’s going to be of particular importance to the movie-going public. Though, as with any year’s box office line-up, the release dates below are still subject to change. So if you want to stay in the know, you should bookmark this list and come back often to see if there’s been any updates.

Without further delay, here’s 2019’s box office lineup, as it currently stands:

EliFriday, January 4th

Ad AstraFriday, January 11th
A Dog’s Way HomeFriday, January 11th
HellboyFriday, January 11th

The HeiressesWednesday, January 16th

GlassFriday, January 18th

Miss BalaFriday, January 25th
Untitled STX Action/ThrillerFriday, January 25th

Escape RoomFriday, February 1st
Jacob’s LadderFriday, February 1st
Three SecondsFriday, February 1st

Hard PowderFriday, February 8th
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second PartFriday, February 8th
The ProdigyFriday, February 8th
What Men WantFriday, February 8th

Birds of PassageWednesday, February 13th

X-Men: Dark PhoenixThursday, February 14th
Isn’t It RomanticThursday, February 14th
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IIIThursday, February 14th

Rhythm SectionFriday, February 22nd
The TurningFriday, February 22nd

Chaos WalkingFriday, March 1st
Fighting with My FamilyFriday, March 1st
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldFriday, March 1st
The Kid Who Would be KingFriday, March 1st
My SonFriday, March 1st
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family FuneralFriday, March 1st

_Captain Marvel _- Friday, March 8th

UsFriday, March 15th
Wonder ParkFriday, March 15th

The Beach BumFriday, March 22nd
Five Feet ApartFriday, March 22nd
GreyhoundFriday, March 22nd
Where’d You Go, BernadetteFriday, March 22nd

Captive StateFriday, March 29th
DumboFriday, March 29th

Pet SemataryFriday, April 5th
Shazam!Friday, April 5th

AfterFriday, April 12th
BreakthroughFriday, April 12th
The Voyage of Doctor DolittleFriday, April 12th

The Curse of La LloronaFriday, April 19th
Missing LinkFriday, April 19th
PenguinsFriday, April 19th

The AftermathFriday, April 26th

Avengers 4Friday, May 3rd

Detective PikachuFriday, May 10th
The HustleFriday, May 10th
The Rosie ProjectFriday, May 10th
UglydollsFriday, May 10th

A Dog’s JourneyFriday, May 17th
John Wick 3: ParabellumFriday, May 17th
The Sun Is Also a StarFriday, May 17th

AladdinFriday, May 24th
StuberFriday, May 24th

Godzilla: King of the MonstersFriday, May 31st
RocketmanFriday, May 31st
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IVFriday, May 31st

FlarskyFriday, June 7th
The Secret Life of Pets 2Friday, June 7th
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film IFriday, June 7th

Men in Black UntitledFriday, June 14th
ShaftFriday, June 14th

Toy Story 4Friday, June 21st

Limited PartnersFriday, June 28th
Untitled Entertainment StudiosFriday, June 28th
Untitled James MangoldFriday, June 28th

Untitled Conjuring Universe FilmWednesday, July 3rd

Spider-Man: Far from HomeFriday, July 5th

17 BridgesFriday, July 12th

The Lion KingFriday, July 19th

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodFriday, July 26th

Dora the ExplorerFriday, August 2nd
New MutantsFriday, August 2nd
Untitled Fast & Furious Spin-OffFriday, August 2nd
Untitled WB Event Film IFriday, August 2nd

Artemis FowlFriday, August 9th

Good BoysFriday, August 16th
GrudgeFriday, August 16th
PLAYMOBILFriday, August 16th

OvercomerFriday, August 23rd

The Angry Birds Movie 2Friday, September 6th
It: Chapter 2Friday, September 6th

Spies in DisguiseFriday, September 13th
Untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis ComedyFriday, September 13th

The KitchenFriday, September 20th
LittleFriday, September 20th

AbominableFriday, September 27th
Charlie’s AngelsFriday, September 27th
The HuntFriday, September 27th

Gemini ManFriday, October 4th
JokerFriday, October 4th
The Woman in the WindowFriday, October 4th

The Addams FamilyFriday, October 11th
Are You Afraid of the Dark?Friday, October 11th
The GoldfinchFriday, October 11th
Jungle CruiseFriday, October 11th
Zombieland 2Friday, October 11th

Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IFriday, October 18th
You Are My FriendFriday, October 18th

Untitled Aviron HorrorFriday, October 25th

Wonder Woman 1984Friday, November 1st

James Bond 25Friday, November 8th
MidwayFriday, November 8th
Sonic The HedgehogFriday, November 8th

Margie ClausFriday, November 15th
Untitled Terminator ProjectFriday, November 15th
Will Packer Comedy IFriday, November 15th

Frozen 2Friday, November 27th
Queen & SlimFriday, November 27th

Jumanji SequelFriday, December 13th
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IIFriday, December 13th

CatsFriday, December 20th
Death on the NileFriday, December 20th
Star Wars: Episode IXFriday, December 20th

The Call of the WildWednesday, December 25th
Little WomenWednesday, December 25th
SuperintelligenceWednesday, December 25th

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