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The Mandalorian’s Bryce Dallas Howard Is Heading Back To Disney+ To Reboot A Sci-Fi Classic

While Disney is the king of the movie franchise, there was a time, back in the 1980s, where the studio was much more hit-or-miss when it came to theatrical endeavors. Some of them would be successful, others would not. Certain projects would become cult hits, while others would be forgotten. But no movie idea is so dead that it might not live again, and such is apparently the case with 1986’s Flight of the Navigator. The family friendly sci-fi road trip movie is apparently set to get the reboot treatment on Disney+ and Bryce Dallas Howard is set to direct it.

Dear Evan Hansen’s Ben Platt Explains ‘Scary’ Process Of Returning To His Emotional Role

Ben Platt originated the role of Evan Hansen on Broadway and the musical’s pre-Broadway run. But despite this intimate knowledge of the material, Dear Evan Hansen still deals with some emotionally grueling material. Ahead of its release, I had the privilege of speaking with Platt about the process of returning to the difficult emotions of the piece. As you can see in the video above, he spoke about the challenges of this, calling it:

Octavia Spencer Responds to the Drama Over Her Comment That Britney Spears Needs a Prenup

As Kanye West and Jamie Foxx once said on their song “Gold Digger,” “We want prenup!” 

This humorous spirit was no doubt what Octavia Spencer intended when she wrote, “Make him sign a prenup” on Britney Spears’s Instagram post announcing her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. Given Spears’s conservatorship situation, the joke had a ring of truth to it. But now that Spears has deactivated her Instagram profile to enjoy her engagement, Spencer wants to make it crystal clear: She means the couple no harm.

“Y’all, a few days ago Sam and Britney announced their engagement and me being me I made a joke. My intention was to make them laugh not cause pain,” wrote Spencer in her own Instagram post on Wednesday, September 15, alongside a nice picture of Spears and Asghari dressed up for a date night.

“I’ve reached out to this lovely couple privately to apologize and now want to restore just a smidge of happiness they were robbed of. Britney’s fans have seen her through a lot of pain and she’s found happiness. We’re thrilled for her,” she continued, directing fans and followers to leave their own well wishes in the comments: “So let’s show them love. 👇🏽 #nonegativity”

See Octavia Spencer’s post for yourself, below. 

Asghari took the joke in stride. Shortly after the engagement news broke, he posted to Instagram Stories, “My phone exploded today! Thank you for the overwhelming love and congratulations! We both love every single one of you! Thank you for your concern about the prenup! Of course we’re getting iron clad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day.” 

He’s got jokes! Congrats to Britney Spears for getting a man with a Jeep, a shoe collection, and most importantly, a sense of humor. 

Courtney Shields Is Literally Making Your Next Desert Island Beauty Product

Taking your makeup off before you go to bed. That is the number one thing. It’s almost like an anti-beauty rule, but I think that’s key because if you wake up the next day and still have all that in your face, no matter what you put on, it’s not going to look good. You got to stay strong, even if you’re tired, and always take that makeup off.

And what about a beauty rule that you think is BS?

I think what’s BS is this need to look like someone else. There’s always someone that sets this beauty standard, or like a group of people that set a beauty standard. For me it’s more about finding out what flatters you and feeling like the best version of yourself, rather than trying to look like someone else. 

I also think you don’t need a hundred products. You can use products that are super versatile, you can use products a bunch of different ways. The beauty industry has also always told us, “This is bronzer; it’s for your face.” I always disagreed with that. For me it’s like, I want to take the bronzer and use it as an eye shadow, or to contour around my lips, or whatever it may be. You can have fun with products. Just because someone says this is a blush doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your eyes or lips or wherever else you might want to.

You’re stranded on a deserted island and can only bring three products with you. What are they and why? 

So DIBS is actually short for Desert Island Beauty Status, and the idea came from this concept that we all try a million products. You’ve tried everything under the sun, but when it really comes down to it, if you were going to a desert island, what would you actually bring with you?  We would love to be the products that you put in that bag.

So I’m going to cheat a little—but not really—on this one. Definitely the Desert Island Duo because I put two products in one. Technically this counts as one spot in my makeup bag, but I get the bronzer and the blush, which is the intended goal. It’s very versatile. And then, obviously, the Status Stick. You can put it all over for the glowy face and body. And then I would probably say either the Tula glowy SPF, or a really good chapstick because my lips always get chapped.

DIBS Beauty Desert Island Duo


DIBS Beauty

DIBS Status Stick


DIBS Beauty

Tula Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30

What’s your go-to getting ready music?

I really like Olivia Rodrigo. I’m very into her album right now; it’s so good. But if I’m in more of like a chill getting ready mode, then I’ll go for oldies like the Eagles or a little Aretha or something like that. If I’m having a glass of wine and getting ready, we’re going to go for like a Counting Crows moment. It depends on the vibe. 

What’s your favorite way to take a moment for yourself?

My morning walks. Back in the beginning of COVID and quarantine I found this really beautiful secluded trail by my house. It’s three miles, and I like to go every morning if I can. I do have a daughter, so I can’t go every morning, depending on her schedule. But I try and go like five times a week. I walk three miles, and it’s been good not only for my body but for my mental health in so many ways. I take a couple of deep breaths, I walk down by the lake, and I get ready for the day. 

What’s your power perfume?

I’ll give you a two-part answer. I love Gucci Flora if I’m feeling more feminine. If I’m feeling more of an actual power perfume, I really like Amber oil. It’s super affordable. You can order it online or get it at Whole Foods. I love that it smells different on everyone, and I feel like it’s sexy and powerful.

Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum

Nemat Amber Fragrance Oil

Screw, marry, kill: lipstick, mascara, highlighter?

Speaking of sexy, we’re going to screw the highlighter because I feel like you got to. We are going to marry the mascara because I can’t live without a good lash, and we’re going to kill the lipsticks. We’ll have better solutions.

What’s the last Instagram or TikTok rabbit hole you got stuck in?

Cry Macho Reviews Are Up, See What Critics Are Saying About Clint Eastwood’s Latest

Clint Eastwood is 91-years-old but the Academy Award winner certainly isn’t letting age slow him down. He continues to make new movies, and spend time both in front of the camera and behind it, and frequently both. Such is the case with Eastwood’s newest effort Cry Macho. In the film, Eastwood plays a former rodeo rider who takes a job from a former boss to bring home the man’s young son from Mexico. It’s the sort of dramatic tale we’ve largely come to expect from Eastwood in his later years, and perhaps that’s why the movie is falling largely flat with critics.

The Marvels’ Nia DaCosta Reveals Alternate Pitches To Marvel, And I’ve Got FOMO

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Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently in full swing, both on the silver and small screens. Following Shang-Chi’s record-breaking performance, all eyes are on the future installments of the beloved franchise. This includes Nia DaCosta’s The Marvels, although the Candyman filmmaker recently revealed her alternate pitches to the studio. And I’ve definitely got a case of FOMO.

Sugar Blonde Hair Is the Sweetest Shade for Transitioning From Summer to Fall

Blondes, pay attention: Sugar blonde hair is the summer-to-fall transitional color you need right now. 

Although it’s not the holiday season yet, it will be in the blink of an eye, so visions of sugar blonde are dancing through our heads. While we wait for The Princess Switch 3, starring three Vanessa Hudgenses, to drop on Netflix in our cozy knits, sugar blonde hair is the perfect way to cool down your blonde for the fall and winter months—without getting rid of the blonde you worked so hard to maintain all summer. 

“This beautiful blonde carries from summer to fall,” says Karissa Shaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon. “Keep the face-framing fresh and bright while adding fine lowlights throughout the nape. These lowlights will add dimension back into the hair from hair that’s been over-exposed from summer sun. This shade works great on natural blondes. Be sure to use a blue shampoo to keep this bright blonde maintained.”

Sugar blonde hair is the best, sweetest way to embrace what you had all summer but in a way that suits the current season. The bright face-framing will also accentuate your favorite features, whether it’s your eyes, cheekbones, lips, or brows. And the sugar blonde lowlights will add some volume.

Curating our transitional wardrobes is already hard enough. What do you wear when it’s 50 degrees in the morning but 80 degrees by lunchtime, anyway? We ask this every year, and we still haven’t quite figured it out, so the last thing we need to think about is how to transition our hair color. Bright but cool, sugar blonde goes with all the muted tones synonymous with autumn. It will pop amongst a fall foliage Instagram opportunity, but it will also let the bold, bright colors that are on trend this upcoming season sing. 

Jessica Chastain Addresses That Red Carpet Moment With Oscar Isaac That Sparked Romance Rumors

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Having potent chemistry between co-stars has always been important in selling a story to viewers. Sometimes onscreen chemistry has even tricked the viewers into thinking the actors are involved in real life. That ended up happening to Scenes of a Marriage co-stars Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. Of course, this misunderstanding didn’t come from their limited series, but an awkward red carpet moment. After the co-stars got swept up in romance rumors, Chastain finally decided to address the viral moment.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Appeared on Their First Magazine Cover Together

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on the cover of Time

Yes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made Time‘s most influential people list, and to honor the recognition, they appeared on the cover. See it here.

This is, shockingly, the first time the world-famous couple has formally posed for a magazine cover shoot together.

The portrait–shot by photographer Pari Dukovic–is gorgeous. For the photo, Markle wore a white button-front jumpsuit with her hair down in soft, luscious waves. Meanwhile, Prince Harry is dressed in all black, because he knows when to let Markle have the spotlight.

In other photos from the spread, the couple walks amongst trees in the most magical lighting you could imagine. For these photos, they’re wearing monochromatic forest green looks; Prince Harry in a suit and white shirt, and Markle in a turtleneck, wide-legged trousers, and long coat. This has already inspired my entire winter wardrobe.   

The feature accompanying the photos was written by World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés, who’s worked with the Sussexes in the past on relief efforts. World Central Kitchen recently partnered with Markle and Prince Harry’s Archewell Foundation—named after their son, Archie—to help with recovery efforts amid the earthquake in Haiti. 

“In a world where everyone has an opinion about people they don’t know, the duke and duchess have compassion for the people they don’t know,” Andrés wrote for Time. “They don’t just opine. They run toward the struggle.”

The Time cover also marks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first significant press moment since the Oprah Winfrey interview in March. During the primetime special, the couple opened up about their departure from royal life, the dynamics of the royal family, and their lives today. In June, the couple welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor; she’s named after Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana