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Black Canary Writer Misha Green Offered An Update That’ll Please DC Purists

The above message from Misha Green comes to us from her personal Twitter, and will likely be a relief to the hardcore DC fans out there. Every time a comic book movie is produced, purists judge how accurate the adaptation is based on the comics. It remains to be seen how they will ultimately factor into the Black Canary movie.

Just like Batgirl and Blue Beetle, the Black Canary movie is expected to be a HBO Max exclusive. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Venom 2: That Time Woody Harrelson And Company Tried To Get Andy Serkis To Voice Carnage

It was great. I really enjoyed it…It’s wild, because in a way, you’re playing two characters in one. So there was a lot of discussion about the voice and also discussions with Tom, but obviously with Andy [Serkis], who directed it. And I just kept messing with the voice, and I was thinking to myself, ‘Who’s going to know the difference, if Andy Serkis did the voice, who’s a master of voices? Why don’t you do it, Andy?’ And no, he was insistent that I do it, but I really… I like how it turned. Obviously, effects are put on the voice, but I really like how it all turned out.

Rihanna Does Not Consult A$AP Rocky About Her Fashion Designs: ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’

By late November, sources tell People that the pair are officially dating

December 2020: Nearly one month later, they are spotted kissing in Barbados, where they reportedly are spending the holidays with her family. “Spending Christmas together was an obvious step for Rihanna and A$AP,” a source tells E.T. “They’ve known each other for so long as friends and in a work setting, which makes it so easy for them to get along, travel together, and be involved in each other’s lives to the full extent. They always have such a good time together and definitely seem in love.”

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky sit front row at Paris Fashion Week in 2018.


May 2021: In GQ’s June cover story (published in May), the “Fuckin Problems” rapper confirms his relationship with Rihanna, calling her “the love of my life” and “my lady.”

He also referred to Rihanna as “the One” while discussing why he favors monogamy to being single. “So much better when you got the One,” he says. “[Rihanna] amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones. I think when you know, you know. She’s the One.”

June 2021: While A$AP Rocky confirmed the relationship in May, Rihanna has yet to make an official statement. However, that did not keep her from engaging in more PDA with the rapper in New York City. Click here for photos.

July 2021: By July 11, these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other while filming a project together in New York City. Once again, click here for photos.

August 2021: Rumors begin to swirl that an engagement could be imminent. “These two are so madly in love, and it’s true there’s a lot of buzz in their circle about an engagement being in the works,” a source tells Us Weekly in a new report. “Going by the hints Rocky’s been dropping, [it] may well happen soon, but there’s no pressure and what matters most to both of them is to keep building on this truly beautiful thing they’ve got going.”

September 2021: Rihanna and A$AP hit the red carpet together at the 2021 Met gala in a very “opposites attract” moment. Rihanna opted for an all-black ensemble by Balenciaga, while he went for a multicolored number by Eli Russell Linnetz. 

Arturo Holmes/MG21/Getty Images

Later in the month, the Fenty mogul revealed that she has no interest in consulting her boyfriend regarding her men’s fashion designs. “Are you kidding me? Do you know who I am? I’m a control freak,” Rihanna told People at the premiere of the Savage x Fenty Vol. 3 show. “Listen, he’s proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish and all of my designs.”

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This Viral Rihanna Doppelgänger Is Confusing TikTok

Celebrity doppelgänger TikTok keeps growing—and this time, we’ve got another Rihanna look-a-like on our hands. 

Earlier this month, TikTok user @notavrey posted a video that’s now going viral over her Bad Gal RiRi vibes. “You’re so used to your own features you don’t realize what you look like to others,” the video reads as Avery lip-syncs to “Feels” by Kehlani while utilizing the Long Face filter. By the time she hits the lyric, “you give me feels,” the filter goes away and BAM: you’re looking at baby Rihanna with blonde hair.

Currently, the video has 3.4 million views and over 500,000 likes. One user commented, “I ran to the comments knowing y’all calling her Rihanna.” They were absolutely right. 

“Rihanna…sorry…Rihanna…sorry,” another user wrote, while one superfan chose to treat the TikToker just like the  Savage x Fenty mogul, writing, “you’re not slick Rih, give us an album.” 

Who knows how long it will take for the real Rihanna to find this long-lost twin, considering the “Love on the Brain” singer definitely caught wind of her last viral look-a-like. Just over a year ago, TikTok user Priscila Beatrice uploaded a viral video of herself impersonating the singer that led everyone—including Rihanna—to question everything.

In the clip, Beatrice is seen with her back toward the camera as Dej Loaf’s “Back Up” plays in the background. The words “OMG [is that] Rihanna” then pop up before she turns around and reveals her face, with her makeup and hair styled exactly like Rihanna did when she won her first-ever fashion award for Fenty at the Fashion Awards 2019.

“Where the album sis? #R9,” the actual Rihanna replied to The Shade Room’s Instagram upload, as seen in this post by Comments By Celebs. 

Funny she should ask. Rihanna recently revealed that her upcoming album is on its way, and it’s going to be “different” than anything we’ve heard from her before. “You’re not going to expect what you hear. Just put that in your mind,” Rihanna said recently before the taping of her Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 event, per Billboard. The special will airs in full on September 24 on Amazon Prime Video.

She continued, “Whatever you know of Rihanna is not going to be what you hear…I’m really experimenting. Music is like fashion. You should be able to play. I should be able to wear whatever I want. I treat music the same way. So I’m having fun and it’s going to be completely different.”


39 Classic Halloween Movies That Will Put You in a Spooky Mood

We’re just gonna say it: There is no October tradition better than watching classic Halloween movies. Pumpkin picking? Meh. Trick-or-treating? Buy your own candy! Costume parties? Too much effort. Truly, the best way to celebrate the spooky season is to chill on the couch with a bottle of hard cider and a movie with Scorpio vibes that never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it.

 Luckily Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more streaming services are easily available, and Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween has a full lineup of options. Whether you’re in the mood for scary horror movies or looking for more family-friendly fare, there are plenty of classic Halloween movies to keep you entertained all October long. 

See our picks, below. And if you still need more options, check out our guide to the best Halloween movies and TV shows.

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Dear Evan Hansen’s Director Stephen Chbosky On Challenges Of Adapting The Musical For Film

The Dear Evan Hansen movie also takes steps to make the story a more inclusive one. On top of Alana being an expanded character, the Murphy family is now a blended one featuring Cuban American actor Danny Pino as Larry. Evan’s friend Jared, played by Nik Dodani, is also queer in this adaptation. This change happened organically when Stephen Chbosky was working with the Atypical actor. Chbosky enjoyed flipping the typical sex-crazed teenager archtype on its head, and spoke to his colalboration with Dodani, saying:

Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Pleads To Fans To Stop Showing Up At His Home In Honest Video

Zachary Levi’s account of the encounter may have ended innocently, but not all of them end that way. As Levi pointed out, the incident didn’t just happen unexpectedly. The two fans had to search for his address and find his exact location to arrive on his doorstep. While the two women just wanted to meet the actor, he could’ve been in real danger if their plot was more nefarious. It’s not only scary for the celebrity, but also potentially for the fans. If the Shazam! star had a different demeanor, it could’ve ended terribly for them if things turned violent. Thankfully, all parties involved were able to walk away from the situation unharmed.

Black Widow And Zack Snyder’s Justice League Duking It Out On Blu-ray Charts, But I’m More Shocked About Another Top 5 Movie

Marvel’s Black Widow just dropped on Blu-ray, so it’s little surprise that the first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in two years is topping the Blu-ray charts. People who still want to be sure they own a copy of their favorite films need to keep that collection intact. Widow dethroned the number one movie from the previous week, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, though that film is still holding steady at number two, showing just how big the Snyder Cut fandom really is. But there is one surprise on the current charts, which shows that another film still has a pretty impressive fanbase, even more than 25 years later, The Shawshank Redemption.

Ashley Olsen Just Made Her Red Carpet Debut With Her Boyfriend

Ashley Olsen is back on the red carpet scene, with her boyfriend in tow. 

On Thursday, September 23, the 35-year-old fashion designer and former Full House actor attended the YES 20th Anniversary Celebration at The Maybourne Beverly Hills in California. The event paid tribute to Young Eisner Scholars—a nonprofit that, according to their website, “identifies promising students from underserved communities and equips them with the resources, support, and academic skills required for success through high school, college, and career.”

Eric Eisner, founder of YES, is also the father of Olsen’s boyfriend, Louis Eisner. The two made for a chic pair on the red carpet. Olsen opted for an all-black outfit, composed of a black coat and black floor-length gown. Louis kept his outfit classic: black suit jacket and white shirt. 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

After a childhood in the public eye, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen now have a tendency to keep things private. In June, they gave a rare interview to i-D  about their lives.

“We were raised to be discreet people,” Mary-Kate Olsen explained in the interview. 

“I think that potentially that’s just our aesthetic, our design preference,” Ashley added about their brand The Row’s modest style. “But that doesn’t mean that we don’t also appreciate something truly ornate or maximal. Sometimes a collection even starts quite like that, and then gets pared down. It doesn’t always start from that simplistic place.”

In the interview, Ashley also talked about  how she and Mary-Kate were hesitant to attach their names to fashion projects. “We didn’t want to be in front of it, we didn’t necessarily even want to let people know it was us,” she said. “It was really about the product, to the point where we were like: Who could we get to front this so that we don’t have to?”

Halloween Kills’ Jamie Lee Curtis Praises Anthony Michael Hall’s Performance In The Blumhouse Slasher

In Halloween Kills Anthony Michael Hall will be playing the adult version of Tommy Doyle– the little boy Jamie Lee Curtis was babysitting in the original movie. Their characters obviously share a bond of trauma, and longtime fans are eager to see how their relationship plays out on screen. Curtis makes Hall’s performance sound captivating, as she posted a photo of him in character: