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8 Marvel Heroes We Want To See Team-Up With Shang-Chi After The Legend Of Ten Rings

Captain Marvel

The other hero Shang-Chi met in his movie, thanks to Wong, was Captain Marvel. This hero would be a great one for him to team up with for a few reasons. For one, she’s another recent hero we’ve seen get an origin story. Interestingly enough, Carol Danvers now one of the older Avengers, so she’d have a lot of wisdom to throw the way of a newbie hero like Shang-Chi. Additionally, behind the scenes, Shang-Chi‘s director, Destin Daniel Cretton, has worked with Brie Larson on two other projects: Short Term 12 and The Glass Castle. They’ve created some awe-inspiring work together, and seeing how they work in the MCU, perhaps in a Shang-Chi sequel would be killer and full circle for Larson.

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